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1961313 tn?1326293964 I have problems with my knees,just general stiffness-but one day I had to get down on my right knee and the pain was extreme,it wasn't necessarily in the knee but to the right side of the knee,it felt like the skin was splitting into,I look and the skin looked fine,so I don't know if it's the tendon or the muscle what ever it is,is very painful,in fact I can't get down on my knees any longer
Avatar n tn I experience pain in my left leg muscle below the knee and above the ankle, mainly the outer part of the leg. It hurts most at night and wake me up constantly. This is not a pain I experience everyday but lately it seems to have gotten worse and happen more frequently. I had test done for blood clot and everything was ok. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years ago and was wondering if this could possibly be one of the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Sudden onset knee pain can be due to ligament tear, bursitis, meniscus injury or due to dislocation of patella. The pain can be severe enough to be felt throughout the leg. The location of the knee pain can be a useful guide. Pain in the front portion of the knee can be caused by bursitis (inflammation of the lining of the joint, possible due to injury while playing), arthritis (have already explained), or injury to the patella cartilage (front portion of the knee).
Avatar f tn For the past several days I have been suffering with severe knee pain that begins when I go to sleep. I wake up in the middle of the night multiple times with shooting pains throughout my legs, but mostly in my knees, and keep having to readjust my position until I can fall asleep for another half an hour. When I do finally wake up in the morning, my knees are incredibly stiff and painful (usually one is worse than the other, but it's not the same one each day.
Avatar f tn within the last 3 weeks i have been getting short but extremely intense stabs of pain in my left knee. The pain originates just to the right of the place where docs usually tap to check reflex action. The pain feels like a jolt of lightning almost and last from 5 to 30 secs. It comes on very suddenly and stops the same way. went to the doctor twice. First he gave me Voltarin forte to take as he could not cause the pain himself during his examination of me knee.
Avatar f tn it'll usually last a few days and go away. sometimes it is accompanied by knee pain (i dislocated my knee cap in high school about 17 yrs ago) And sometimes there is a radiating feeling in my inner thigh. sometimes I have all these symptoms at once or sometimes 1 or 2. a bit before it all started happening I noticed the veins behind my need were getting darker but not bulging. none of the areas feel warm and no redness. on the inside of both knees I have a large cluster of spider veins.
785373 tn?1236332003 And I am REALLY worried about this issue with my shin, it seems to be softening, and it radiates pain all through my leg even to be pressed on by regular sitting if my shin is at ALL pressed against something. I'm just so tired of being told I'm in pain because I am depressed. I'm depressed because I am CONSTANTLY in pain, regardless of meds. I don't sleep, I don't want to eat because my appetite is gone, and I feel like just crying constantly from the pain.
Avatar f tn Mobility is excellent but I am still in a lot of pain. If I am on my feet during the day, I have increased pain and the knee is hot and slightly swollen. I was faithful to rehab and am now anxious to be more active. It's so discouraging.
Avatar f tn You don't have any of these symptoms which signify you are not having advanced stage of disease. You don't have hip pain or knee pain that rules out any nerve involvement. I think it might be due to result of a collateral ligament or meniscus problem (or both) until proven otherwise. I recommend you to see an orthopaedician at earliest and get imaging studies done for further evaluation. X-rays study including AP weight-bearing, AP in 45° extension, lateral, and sunrise views.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what exactly can be causing my leg pain ONLY on the left leg. When I extend my leg that's when it hurts the pain starts at my buttocks and travels down the back side of my leg, the pain stops right behind the knee.
Avatar f tn I have been having pain in the upper outer part of my thigh that runs from the hip to the back part of my knee and lower back pain on the same side. It feels like the tissue/muscle is where the pain is. But duren the night it seems the pain goes all the way to the bone. Plus there is pain when the area is touched-sensitivity. I want to scream because the pain is so bad. I notice that the pain begins when i sit longer then 2 minuts. or lay on that side too long.
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement surgery 10 weeks ago and am still experiencing significant knee pain, consisting of stiffness and alot of pain in the knee. The pain wakes me up at night. I am going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week and I still do alot of therapy myself at home. I walk, and try to go about my daily routine, but the pain is still there,, some days worse than others. I also had a three disc fusion done in January,, 2007.
Avatar f tn I get this and it wakes me, and I have to keep turning over all nite to relieve the pressure. During the day the pain in my leg from the knee down on the outside of my knee and shin is painful which causes me to limp alot...going up stairs is very painful.This is only in my left leg...a couple of months ago I had stabbing pains in my right shin which for some strange reason has gone away . I am getting to wonder if this is all part of MS or something else...waiting forv MRI in Oct.
Avatar f tn I always have pain an pretty sure its not in my head i can do nothing at all an be stiff cuz sat to long or from standing to long i can work all day an usually ill come home feeling like i got hit by a train or something leg knee pain hip pain always back pain i also have anxiety an depression i no. Someone that has fibro but never really thought it coold be something i had aswell so not sure.
Avatar m tn The hand pain sounds like fibromyalgia. Celiac disease can cause a cascade of autoimmune diseases, so you might want to get tested for that with the blood tests. If you have that, it's kind of good because completely stopping gluten should turn around all your other problems. I will send a link about the cause of fibromyalgia, which they just discovered.
Avatar f tn Still cannot straighten knee when I walk. Going to pt for 8 wks now. Still have pain. I also was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by my OS. He touched a muscle going down from knee to ankle on both legs which was tender to the touch and said I have fm. My muscles are sore to the touch on my lower legs, hips, arms. I was a couch potato for about 2 years because of my hurting knees. I'm thinking my muscles are just sore from no activity. I did notice this morning that the outside of my leg was red.
996946 tn?1503252712 I was only diagnosed 1 year ago but all these symptoms as well as severe deep hip pain,upper leg pain and burning sensations as well as prickly and insects all over me sensations, unable to regulate body temperature and of course the extreme tiredness and waking feeling like I've been hit by a bus. I could go on but my symptoms filled 20 pages front and back.
Avatar n tn I have a similar problem with awful pain in my right leg leading right up to my bum. It's so bad I'm in tears with pain sometimes. I also get bad mood swings and exhaustion - am trying the pill for these symptons, has anyone found this worked?
Avatar f tn Hi My doctor tells me I have fibromyalgia. I have so many of the symptoms eg pain in back,hips,thighs kness,neck.shoulders so on, burning,aching. numbness, itching, muscles weakness. poor sleep pattern. Symptoms are worse with stress, monthly cycle and activity. I also have eye pain and intraocular pressure of 26 in my left eye, and foot pain. I could continue. There is one thing which greatly puzzles me and this is that I have painful lumps in my fatty tissue.
1442701 tn?1286387587 Thanks for your comments. . I don't hurt everyday - the pain varies. Today my right leg is really bothering me. It feels real stiff on the front of the lower leg & hurts when I walk. It also feel stiff across the top of my foot. Honestly, I still don't think I have fibromyalgia & am VERY uneasy about taking another drug especially an anti-depressant. Lyrica & Cymbalta don't cure the problem, they truly only MASK the pain!
Avatar f tn Major confusion Virtually no short term memory burning/electric pain down back and in left arm and leg (I've don't the 240 shuffle before and it's pretty darn close) on/off tremors (some mild some body wracking) numbness in the face (mostly just the nose and upper lip) horrible fatigue in the afternoon I fall asleep no matter what (not the drained feeling I used to be) chest tight pain that makes it nearly unable to breath major constipation/bladder issues in addition to the pain, headaches,
Avatar n tn I did no testing because I could still function in normal life but I had to stop jogging because of severe pain on my inner ankles (post-tibial tendonitis). My right nevicular bone fractured and it feels better(not treated for the fx). My left one is still very painful but not all the time. I now have more S/S of fibro: some fatigue, most every tener spot, IBS (dx as Chronn's in 2000), dry eyes, weird skin sensations and numbness and tingling in the bottom of my feet.
Avatar f tn Some of your symptoms are listed under syringomyelia such as the leg pain and back pain. In most cases syringomyelia is related to Chiari 1 malformation. The second major form of syringomyelia occurs as a complication of trauma, meningitis, haemorrhage, tumour, or arachnoiditis. There is quite a good list of symptoms on the Chiari One website - symptoms list. The list includes quite a few of your symptoms including burning shoulders.
Avatar n tn I had OS on March 16, 2010 and still to this day my right leg swells, causing me so much pain and my right leg goes numb. I have tried everything from pain pills to ice, heat, biking nothing has helped. Any ideas on what I should do?
Avatar f tn How can you tell the diffference between fibromyalgia and arthritis? I had 2 knee replacements and now have terrible pain in my knee, neck and hands. My doctor tells me it is arthritis and nerve damage. Could this be fibromyalgia?
Avatar n tn I have this terrible burning feeliing and PAIN in my upper right leg and I can hardly walk without squeezing my leg with my right hand on the burning spot. Now it has went into my groin and knee. I had Guillan-Barre-Syndrome which is the nerves attacking the imune system. Is this related? HURTING BIG TIME!
Avatar n tn I have pain in my Groin, Hip bone, sides of stomach, middle of stomach left leg, left knee, chest, ribs lower and top of back shoulders sometines. What could it be.
Avatar n tn I've been having left leg pain - only at night. The pain is dull, nagging pain throughout my entire leg that doesn't go away with a massage or moving around. This pain has been bothering me after I had a baby. However, before I was pregnant, my legs falls asleep while I'm asleep. When I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, I would fall flat on my face. I'm not sure if these two correlated, but thought I should mention it. Any info would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn Since about 6 months I started to have paresthesia in my right leg and foot. It seems like more nerves or branches are affected because it is sometime present in the toes, sometimes in heel, sometimes calf, sometimes on right outer part, sometimes behind the knee. Some days are better some worse and it seems it gets worse after effort. I've seen neurologist and orthopedist, they didn't seem very concerned and gave me B vitamins and antiinflamatories which did not help.