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Avatar n tn I don't know if this applies to Enbrel. However Wyeth is the manufacturer and there was an assistance program to provide this medication for free, again to those that qualify. I don't have the number of that manufacturer but your physician's office should be able to assist you. You may also find it on line. I encourage you to do some research as there have been some serious infections reported with the use of this medication. There are also reports of great results. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn I have rheumatoid arthritis and am taking enbrel. Even with the enbrel, my c reactives and other immune response markers are very high. Without the enbrel, every joint in my body swells, gets hot, has extreme pain and locks up to a point where I cannot get out of bed, get dressed or go to the bathroom without help. It took 3 months for the enbrel to work for me. Now, my gallbladder needs to be removed.
Avatar f tn I'm convinced that there is a correlation between these things and the Enbrel. Have any other Enbrel users been diagnosed with any of these inflammatory diseases? My gut feeling is that the Enbrel truly is the cause, but it has worked so well on my joints, I'm hesitant to try anything else. My Rheumatologist is going to argue with me about my hypothesis, but I know my body. Can anyone give some insight?
Avatar n tn You might be eligibile to get those free or at low cost if you qualify for goverment and other type of prescription assistance (try from manufacturer of those meds as well).
475555 tn?1469307939 Date VL Jan 25-08 - 41,540 after Enbrel Feb 6-08 - 3,730,000 before Enbrel Feb 26-08 - 677,000 after Enbrel Mar 27-08 - 2,240,000 before Enbrel Started tx April 5th April 17-08 - 203 after Enbrel April 29th - probably UND - waiting results - but day before Enbrel Question for you - The Tagman that they use at UCI only goes to the low end (200) Should I be concerned with getting one more sensitive with the numbers I have so far?
723660 tn?1247167111 Many of the first-line prescription meds are generic now, so they aren't as expensive. For the newer drugs, pretty much every manufacturer offers a patient assistance program that may get you what you need at greatly reduced cost, or even free. Also check with your local health department for state assistance programs. If it comes down to it - and it may not - your state's bureau of vocational rehabilitation may be helpful for you to get retraining in another field.
Avatar f tn I exercise the same eat the same but have managed to gain 24 pounds, I am also in menopause, have RA and take methotrexate and enbrel. Now on Tirosint 13mg after day 4 extreme neck pain, low back pain and headaces, why cna't I seem to take these meds, is this normal? What else can I take?
Avatar n tn The cost of this drug should not keep you from getting this treatment - the way our medical care is paid for in this country is another rant for a different day. My mother uses Enbrel for arthritis and it has made a world of difference, but it is expensive and she pays about $350 out of pocket each month too - and she is 85 years old!
439539 tn?1233469415 or were the other, you do realize that the winner invariably have that trial funded by the respective manufacturer. That said, I did take the possibility of such an event into consideration in the per post dosing scheme.
Avatar n tn I found out I had Hep C about two years ago and decided to under go tx in January with pegalated interferon and ribavarin, wich the manufacturer provided free, due to my income and lack of insurance. The tx was tolerable but after 7 weeks my WBC count and neutrophils where dangerously low. My options where to start weekly getting injections from a hematologist or discontinue tx. I felt fine before tx, but wanted to beat the virus, for many reasons.