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Avatar m tn If the person had, say, a headache while taking it, it'll be documented on the package insert that headaches are a possibility. Taking her off everything all at once could be almost as bad as keeping her on them. You don't want to add to her pain and discomfort unnecessarily. Speak calmly with her primary care physician about her meds.
394687 tn?1290924440 First sentence should have read in part "Here's a case for administering Procrit other than the magic number "10". I also believe I read similar on one of the Procrit package insert materials although could not find it today. As to members here, FLGuy sticks out as someone who I believe started Procrit in the 11's but there were a number of others as well.
Avatar n tn They have a web site. I rented a package which included the daytimer chair, the nightimer face down bed insert, a mirror to be able to see whomever you are talking to, which I did not use. I would just sit up with my head down to talk to someone. I bought a small tv and placed it below the chair(propped up). I really watched the TV most of the time because it wasn't easy to read with one eye. Although I did go to the library ahead of time and checked out some LARGE print books.
Avatar n tn There are a few things that have been helping me - I take the Biogenetic Rituxan infusions every 6 months (Enbrel use to work) I take a gambet of vitamins and brain food (Q-10, amenio acids, enzymes, omegas, lipids etc) They seem to help...but the best thing for the fatigue by far is Consortea (an ADHD drug) I split a 36 mg 4 ways and take every 4 hrs. I also take 1/2 darvacet several times a day and 5mg prednisone.