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422104 tn?1209767504 HI There! I took my 3rd injection yesterday and the pain and stiffness in my hands has subsided a lot. In the mornings it takes me almost 2 hours before I can stand up straight, or use my hands. My back and leg pain is still there but now I am being tested for MS and possible Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease. All my problems started because of the RA, and as my back pain and leg pain got worse they dx me with the AS as well.
Avatar f tn I have rheumatoid arthritis and am taking enbrel. Even with the enbrel, my c reactives and other immune response markers are very high. Without the enbrel, every joint in my body swells, gets hot, has extreme pain and locks up to a point where I cannot get out of bed, get dressed or go to the bathroom without help. It took 3 months for the enbrel to work for me. Now, my gallbladder needs to be removed.
Avatar n tn Enbrel is not a steroidal anti-inflammatory medication like prednisone and such. Enbrel is a TNF-inhibitor (TNF = tumor necrosis factor, a soluble inflammatory cytokine) and works by suppressing TNF-alpha which triggers an inflammatory response in many auto-immune diseases, including RA. Enbrel differs from other TNF-inhibitors in that it's a circulating receptor fusion protein opposed to a monoclonal antibody, like Humira, Remicade, or Cimzia.
1544019 tn?1318508126 Thanks, Justice! You should look into Enbrel when you're done with your pregnancy. It is seriously a MIRACLE drug for people with RA! At least it has been for me! About taking it during pregnancy, I have had to do a TON of research about the subject myself since there are discrepencies in the doctors viewpoints. The problem is that Enbrel is a relatively "new" drug. I have been taking it basically since it came out (since 2001).
1544019 tn?1318508126 And THEN they added the part about the insurance deductible needing to be met and how it's going to cost $900. SIGH. I used to have better insurance and the copay for Enbrel was only $25. I guess I should be GRATEFUL that all those years of taking it (10+) it only cost me $25 per month when it retails for over $3000 a month. Just sad that I have to be "making up for it" now. Okay, I'm done ranting. And whining. It's just hard when I'm in so much pain.
Avatar n tn I thought well maybe it wasn't the enbrel. Her husband swore up and down it was from the enbrel. I got a severe case of psoriasis head to toe. 50 to 60 sores. My dermatologists put me on enbrel. I was lerie. I started getting extreme migraines. I felt I was going to get an anorism they were so bad. I quit taking the enbrel. My Severe migraines went away. Take heed you to can end up in diapers in a nursing home too. I have learned my lesson. I am going to play it safe.
Avatar f tn My problem is that when I get off Enbrel, every joint in my body swells, turns red, hurts unbearably and locks up. I become completely bedridden and cannot get dressed or go to the bathroom without help. My blood tests show that, even with the Enbrel, my c reactives and other immune response numbers are very high. They tell me that they will give me prednisone to help with the reaction.
Avatar f tn I have had two shots of Humira, I constantly have sinus issues, pain pressure, teeth hurt and hedaches. I got them on enbrel and after 9 years it quit working, so tired remicade but after 4 infusions I had such a bad insus probelm I quit it also raised my blood pressrue a lot. I don't seem to be able to handle hard core antibidoics so I can take zpack, and it helps, but I always seem to be back on it alteast every two months.
Avatar f tn Several ground glass opacities in my right lung showed up on a CT scan in July 2011. Enbrel was discontinued and coincidentally I took a regime of prednisone for an allergy problem - 60 mg for one week, then with a weekly taper. A repeat CT scan was performed in December 2011 and one ground glass opacity remained (15 mm), with a small focus of sold component within the ground glass density. A percutaneous biopsy was performed to rule out bronchogenic carcinoma.
Avatar n tn Relapsing Polychondritis, I have been pretty sick now for over 11 months, I am up to 60 MG on the Prednisone and I am on Dapsone and Enbrel Shoots, I never had heart involvment till now, My Echo on 12-1-99 is now showing Tricuspid insufficiency.
Avatar f tn Several ground glass opacities in my right lung showed up on a CT scan in July 2011. Enbrel was discontinued and coincidentally I took a regime of prednisone for an allergy problem - 60 mg for one week, then with a weekly taper. A repeat CT scan was performed in December 2011 and one ground glass opacity remained (15 mm), with a small focus of sold component within the ground glass density. A percutaneous biopsy was performed to rule out bronchogenic carcinoma.
Avatar n tn You are the first one I've ever found that knows what I'm talking about. Most of the time you can rearrange your neck and make it better. It will take ALL of your air if you don't do something. Feels like someone blew up a little ball inside the back of your throat around the tonsil area. Is that the same you have? I'm anxious to hear what your doctor had to say about this. Please keep me posted. Glad to hear your levels are better.
89592 tn?1391278022 My platelets were 93 but I always run a low platelet count since I have medicine inducted neutropenia being that I am on meds for rheumatoid arthritis....enbrel and prednisone (5 mg). My platelets have run in the 100-120 range for about three years. All other lab values were very good.....and he saw no problem anywhere else. I am a 60 yr old female....with r/a since 1983. Post menopause. Could you give me an idea of what could have caused this?
Avatar n tn But both have come down to almost normal since receiving the Solumedrol. I am on Plaqenil and just started Enbrel, I do know some of the side effects of Enbrel are MS symptoms. BUT this was going way BEFORE I started the Enbrel. The tingling goes on during the day some in my hands, feet and legs, especially if I'm sitting.Sometime my foot and toes will go numb during the day. But this is ALWAYS worse at night.
Avatar n tn Can she take Enbrel? It might help with relieving the symptoms of inflammation. I currently take Enbrel and methotrexate as well as Naproxen (the lattrer is for OA). Also, there is a new med just approved by the FDA which my arthritis group is looking into and it is Retuximab.I believe it has good success wth RA.
Avatar m tn During this time I have had uveitis (lasted for about 4 months) followed by gastritis (8 months), followed by strep throat leading to chronic tonsilitis and re-occuring bronchitis flares for 6 months that triggered asthma and now back to uveitis... Additional meds have been added to treat this, Pred Forte and Prednisone taper (uveitis), Prilosec and various other pump blockers (gastritis), 20days amoxicillin (strep) 10 weeks on amoxicillin (bronchitis), singulair and dulera for asthma.
Avatar n tn In addition to the HBP meds mentioned I also take nexium (stll refluxing) twice daily, zelnorm twice daily, miralax twice daily, bentyl 4x daily, prednisone 3x daily, and weekly injections with MTX and enbrel...Last week I was hosp. for IVs of antibiotics as my WCC as been very high....I have been becoming very SOB and it sems to be getting worse...This had not been a problem until recently and i find I cant climb one flight of stairs without having to sit and concentrate on breathing....
Avatar f tn The ASO titter came back high, above 600, which meant she had had a strep infection sometime, and thinking with the prednisone (steroids) she was on 60 mg daily, had hid it from us. no other treatments were prescribed to treat it. he said in a few months it would subside and it did. But after that visit her rheumy decided to have her receive bi-cillin injections monthly.
Avatar f tn i dont know my next appt with him is in 1 week and i wanted to ask about enbrel but its sooo expensive.. does it sound like i have RA based on my test? he told me my RA was neg but when i look online it says normal is below 14. i think maybe its seronegative RA cuz i have all this joint swelling and tendonitis. im so worried about this im only 28 i used to be an athlete now i cant even move. i dont wanna have a ton of joint replacements.
89592 tn?1391278022 I seem to collect specialists like other people collect stamps. I've been on prednisone, hydrocodone and also took injectable Enbrel for 10 yrs till it turned on me so now I'm using Orencia. I'm wondering if some of these "torturous" varices is just the way my body looks inside going every which way. I dont feel like I have any of the cirrhosis symptoms at all. CBC are all in normal range. Platelets are at 142 and rising since I got off the enbrel.
Avatar f tn Heat is wonderful and so can aspercream or that capsicam cream too for some relief. Control the arthritis and you control the pain level. Celebrex, methotrexate, enbrel, humira..... many NSAIDS just to mention a few RA drugs out there. Prednisone does seem like the miriacle cure for a while, I know, been there done that, but can cause the endrocan (sp) system to not function normally since it starts to depend on the steroids, prednisone, instead.
Avatar f tn I had mentioned it n passing to my GP and she said she wanted to see them the next time it happened but I went off the methotrexate and prednisone, I could not tolerate either. 4 years later I am now on Enbrel and so far so good, wish I had done it sooner.
Avatar m tn Over the years I've been on all (at least 11) the NSAIDS, DMARDS, steroids, muscle relaxers, COX 2, and Enbrel. With each one, I have no side effects, but no benefits either, with the exception of Prednisone. That really helps. But it never helps my neck. Nothing EVER touches my neck. MRI's, Xrays show absolutely nothing. Nothing surgical to go in and correct. Now I am uninsured as I was denied coverage due to pre-existing condition of RA.
Avatar n tn I went to the ER around 0400hrs one morning. They put me on an IV with moraphine and Px with more Prednisone and Lortab. I did a little research on Prednisone and it states that if you have had a history of malaria then your dosage should be reduced or you should be tested first. None of these things happened. I'm thinking law-suit. Do Docs know what they are doing anymore? I have an appt. tomorrow, we'll see.
Avatar n tn Bleeding stopped using endoscopy. Endoscopy last week shows lesion healed. Was on prednisone for Rheumatoid Arthritis and physicians feel it was cause of bleed. I occasionally took Ibuprofen for pain. I'm having severe pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis using Enbrel injections. Anything stronger than Tylenol I can take for pain w/o risking another bleed.? On Protonix, Enbrel and Tylenol. Was given Dilaudid in hospital for severe R.A. pain have a few tablets left, too strong.
Avatar f tn If you had pain, stiffness and swelling and the prednisone took it away, clearly there is some kind of inflammation going on in your body. There are over 100 different types of arthritis. A person can test positive for the RA factor and never get it and can also test negative and have the disease. Also check the labs to see if they tested you for a gene marker HLA-B27.
Avatar m tn You were giving updated reports on your viral load and alt ast numbers. Its been awhile and just curious as to where you stand now.
394687 tn?1290924440 The Biogenetic TNF blocker for Rheumatoid Arthritis And the following in the AM Prednisone 5-7 mg for RA pain and inflamation Sulindac - anti-inflamitory 1/2 tab Prilosec - for IBS Protien drink - with probiotics and oatmeal with flax seed every morning Calcium - magnesium - RA Centrum Silver 1/2 tab Stress Tab 1/2 tab - energy Vit C 500 - antiox Biotin 1000 - hair/skin Q-10 for migrans/heart Mid day - when lots of pain - Darvacette or more prednisone PM - with dinner - Hylaronic Acid - joint
Avatar m tn my knees sometimes swelll for no reason to the point whrre i cant bend them. i take methotrexate and enbrel but this past summer ive had to get two cortisone shots in my left knee and then two weeks ago did a prednisone taper cuz it swellimg again. now ive been taking 5mg per day of prednisone but im feeling it swelling up again. i feel like theres no hope.
89592 tn?1391278022 I just learned about bios maybe reactivating hep. I have been on so many of them..enbrel, humira for a short short time and lastly orencia. But I didnt think they were helping my lungs either though drs in england say rituxan may help r/a lung. I dont even know what other damage its caused me but wanted to stop them. My hands and feet are deformed..hands clawlike and so cant imagine what its going inside..or can I? My BMI is about 21, 22.