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Avatar n tn I was sitting in my recliner last night watching tv and started to feel a buzzing in my left foot toward the outer area below my "pinkie toe". I had just put the dishwasher on and my chair is just off the kitchen in a sunken living room so I thought it may be from that - although I did think it was strange that I could only feel it in one foot. Although it is not an intense sensation, it is still very annoying. I went out this afternoon and it began to happen as I was shopping.
Avatar n tn Sometimes neurodermatitis affects genital areas, such as the vulva or scrotum. The itchiness tends to come and go. It may be most noticeable when you're at rest — watching TV or sleeping, for example — and disappear when you're active. Anxiety or stress can make the itchiness worse. Eventually you may scratch simply out of habit. The affected patches of skin often have a leathery or scaly texture. The patches may be raw, red or darker than the rest of your skin.