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422104 tn?1209767504 So how severe is your AS? Is the Enbrel working? Did you get sore throat after the first injection? I have sever pain everyday for 11 months straight now,low back down right leg and ankle also my throat always feels swelled and I wheez alot like my lungs are inflamed. Been on pain and inflamation meds and nothing has seemed to work. How soon could you tell a diff. with Enbrel and are you pain free now?
679575 tn?1245119050 I am currently not working but that sort of came about on its own. I was working part time because I have 3 young kids (2 yr, 4 yr, 6yr). I felt continually like the energy was drained out of me but figured that was just the work (long hours) and 3 kids. Turns out it may be the lupus. I had elbow pain which I assumed was from leaning on the hard computer desk so much. Then I had sharp chest pain which brought me to my doctor. ECG was normal so she ran bloodwork.
Avatar m tn Prior to joining this forum, I read some of the past posts, and yours came forward as a real success story. I'm glad the Enbrel is working for you. It took about two months for me. Are you doing exercises? I do about 20 minutes a days of kinda an eclectic mix, but they seem to work for me. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn wouldn't that be bad during surgery? It takes a good 3 months for the Enbrel to start working again if I get off. Is it really necessary to turn me into a complete invalid for 3 months if the makers of enbrel do not even suggest getting off of it for surgery?...especially since my immune system seems to be in hyperdrive even with the enbrel.... I am sincerely thinking about just keeping my gallbladder even though it is giving me alot of pain.
Avatar f tn I am going to try a trial of Enbrel, which modifies immune reaction (shuts down your body's immune reactions in a specific way) in a few weeks. Has anyone else tried this? I have such pain I am pretty much on the sidelines of life, so pretty much ready to try any new treatment at this point. Yes, I realize the side effects of Enbrel.
Avatar n tn I thought well maybe it wasn't the enbrel. Her husband swore up and down it was from the enbrel. I got a severe case of psoriasis head to toe. 50 to 60 sores. My dermatologists put me on enbrel. I was lerie. I started getting extreme migraines. I felt I was going to get an anorism they were so bad. I quit taking the enbrel. My Severe migraines went away. Take heed you to can end up in diapers in a nursing home too. I have learned my lesson. I am going to play it safe.
Avatar n tn I've been on Enbrel for 4 or 5 years and yes I have migrains and I often get swollen glands in my neck - it has always worked pretty well for me - (except have had a lot of surgeries) but was rarely sick until I ended up with Hep C last year and have had the horror trip of my life getting the chemo tx for it - I finally had to stop due to the extreme RA - Fibro flare - could not move the pain was so bad.
1544019 tn?1318508126 The reason I'm posting this here is because my OB says it's okay to give myself a shot of Enbrel, but my Rheumatologist says it's not. I don't know why there is a discrepency in their opinions and what I should do. Anyone out there have RA and gone through a pregnancy? What did you do? Thanks so much, everyone!
Avatar f tn Thi may not be the drug for you; consider talking about using a biologic drug (Humira, Enbrel, Simponi or Remicade) when this drug fails to help you. Your comment is over two years old, but hopefully this can help someone else. Dr.
Avatar f tn I take Enbrel for my disease ( AS), my last rheumy gave me a RX for Lyrica which I did not even bother filling, not interested in gaining weight thank you! If you've been on Mobic for a long time it is entirely possible your body is no longer responding to it. Ask your Dr. about a drug called Arthrotec, again because I don't know an absolute on you it's hard to give you too much advice.
419309 tn?1326506891 But leaving those two issues out -- and speaking very generally because of the limited information about your husband available, not to mention that we're not doctors -- there are a number of considerations in the decision-making process. Some objective. Some subjective. Stage and genotype are two of the most important facts to know, and I didn't see you mention "genotype" which is the type of Hepaptis C your husband has.
511671 tn?1214151700 I can't tell you if it is working or not, but I am tolerating it well. Couple months after that I had some dental work done and had to be numbed. It wasn't until the novocaine wore off that I realized how much numbness there still was. Ended up with another MRI - 7 lesions. Another spinal... positive for protein also. I am just not one to start meds easily.. took yet another 3 months to decide on starting copaxone. I started in Feb 2008. Hate it. hate having shots every day.
Avatar f tn I have had moderate to severe RA for 5 years. Take Enbrel once a week and am supposed to take 5mg. injectible of methotrexate weekly. I had gone without the methotrexate for at least six months and have not noticed any difference at all. I am scared to death of the methotrexate. Can anyone explain why my doctor wants me to continue it if it does not seem to make a difference? I do great on the Enbrel by itself, but am sure there are reasons, I just don't understand!
Avatar m tn Some ongoing pins and needles in arms and legs still (not idiopathic, happens all the time, standing, sitting lying down, ) Ongoing pain at back of knees. Also on spine I get 'hot spots' around T9-T12. I can feel they are bright ultraviolet to purple.(No I'm not hallucinating when I feel the bit of my spine hot I see purple / violet - very odd. If I run my thumb down my spine there is a dimple there which I can't recall being there before.
Avatar n tn it does not really flare as long as I keep with the Enbrel. I switched from the 50mg doses to two 25's per week but find myself not taking the second one most weeks. No sense in overwhelming the body with chemicals it doesn't need IMO. Once you start to get your life back with Enbrel, I highly encourage you to seek out physical fitness to help keep it that way.
Avatar n tn They tried cortisone with my finger but it didn't work. The NSAIDs are not working either, except as pain reliefs. I thought of alternative medicine and I started taking homeopathic remedies but they didn't work either. My questions are: 1. The doctor was encouraging me to start taking Enbrel, but I'm too scared because of its side effects and because of the risk of getting Multiple Sclerosis. How risky is it? Is it really the only solution I have right now? 2.
Avatar f tn One dermatologist recommended Enbrel, but in the end I decided not to take it as one liver specialist suggested that adding another immunosuppresant drug (Enbrel) to the mix might interfere with the interferon. However, looking back, I can certainly see why the recommendation was made, and hopefully you've had, or will have this discussion both with your treating doctor and a dermatologist who is familiar with both psoriasis and interferon therapy. I hope it works out for the both of you.
Avatar f tn So I am left with a delima. Should I risk changing and risk it not working or the migraines still being there or stick with what I've got and suffer the migraines. Has anyone had this experience and can offer any light? Anyone tried both?
Avatar f tn I have been on Enbrel and leflunamide for about 4 months. Just discontinued Enbrel because it is not working. This bump has been there for months.
Avatar f tn Wishing you better luck than I had! Naproxen did not seem to help me. I was diagnosed 8/07 and am now on Plaquenil and Methotrexate. It can take up to 3 months to know if these drugs help. Still trying to get the dosages and combination of drugs right and may be going to Enbrel or Humira soon.
Avatar f tn The first thing that came to mind for you is to contact the company that makes Enbrel.. Not sure how differently things work in Canada but here the drug company is paying the co-pay for the first year so I have no out of pocket expense at all. I completely understand your concern, I have been on it for only 4 months and am concerned that the 3 or 4 weeks I won't have will take me back to square one. I'm going to do some research for you this morning and see if I can help you.
Avatar f tn Several ground glass opacities in my right lung showed up on a CT scan in July 2011. Enbrel was discontinued and coincidentally I took a regime of prednisone for an allergy problem - 60 mg for one week, then with a weekly taper. A repeat CT scan was performed in December 2011 and one ground glass opacity remained (15 mm), with a small focus of sold component within the ground glass density. A percutaneous biopsy was performed to rule out bronchogenic carcinoma.
394687 tn?1290924440 Every other day an extra 1/2 of the ribasphere (the blue ones that break in half) - so 600 one day 700 the next. Shot # 7 was 140 peg (not 180) and decreased the Enbrel a smidge. The RA is not brutal because I don't move enough to get sore. My heart palpitations are better - started taking atenenol - 25 mg (1/2) Still taking 1/2 Zoloft and full lorazipam at bed - sometimes 1/2 soma if pain. My glands in my throat and neck are very swollen. Getting another lab Friday - doc next week..
Avatar f tn As a matter of fact Remicade as of right now is not working for me so he wants me to increase it. I am very nervous to do this and am hoping someone has some input for me. Any information would be so greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn I have had two shots of Humira, I constantly have sinus issues, pain pressure, teeth hurt and hedaches. I got them on enbrel and after 9 years it quit working, so tired remicade but after 4 infusions I had such a bad insus probelm I quit it also raised my blood pressrue a lot. I don't seem to be able to handle hard core antibidoics so I can take zpack, and it helps, but I always seem to be back on it alteast every two months.
Avatar f tn I was tried on Humira and Enbrel. They discontinued the Humira because it was not helping. They discontinued the Enbrel because of side effects. Now I am on Plaquenil. I also get Rituxan infusions.I am on 15 mg of Prednisone but being tapered because I have been on it since 2009 and they want me off it because of the problems it is causing me.I have been diagnosed with Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Fibrosis. Also Traction Bronchiectasis. I am on 5 ltrs of oxygen 24/7 for the Fibrosis.
Avatar n tn sorry,i know it's not a really question;i'm taking salazopyrin en-pfizer for 3 years,but now,i cannot find it..only sulfasalazin en-krka...i'm skared about it,but it's necessary to change it...what can you tell me about that?pfizer it's a name...krka should be?
Avatar f tn He looked me in the eye, and said that he was sticking to his guns ,and I only had 1 choice in getting better, ENBREL...what??? I said that the risk of cancer from that drug was not worth it to me, so he said, but your quality of life is poor, your crippled, "disabled." We clearly disagreed on treatment, but I tried to keep level-headed and said that I would see how I would do after physical therapy and decide from there..
Avatar n tn Every doc has their own theory on how to deal with these diseases, I know they work for me. How is the Enbrel working for you? I thought I was doing great ( week 12 ) but this last week I am hurting a lot again. Will be seeing a new rheumy soon and decide if we should switch to the Remicade, Let me know how you are. Take care.