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Avatar f tn Hi, the causes could be tension headache, cluster headache or neuropathic pain. Toothache can also lead to similar kind of pain. Try antibiotic cover (cephalaxine, doxycycline etc) for 5 days along with anti inflammatory drugs. If apin persist even after consuming antibiotics, consultation with doctor is must to rule out of diagnose the cause. ”A tension headache is the most common headache, and yet it's not well understood.
Avatar f tn edu) Treatment * Four weeks of the oral antibiotic doxycycline will usually clear up mild cases of Lyme carditis. * Intravenous antibiotics may be needed for more serious problems such as heart block. * A small percentage of patients require temporary or permanent pacemakers to stabilize their heart's electrical activity. Source: The Harvard Heart Letter (
Avatar f tn About week after DVT was discovered (2 wks after birth) I came down with flu-like symptoms, achiness, fever etc and a bad toothache. Saw my dentist for tooth---sent me to a specailist, put me on Amoxil 500mg for 1 week. Specialist said nothing on xray but felt extraction was indicated. INR from coumadin was high so extraction was delayed but tooth began to feel better after 5 days on antibiotic) Meanwhile muscle pain began. Initially it was in my neck -- felt like stiff neck.
1737943 tn?1310703750 here i am again! has anyone with chiari had any toothache and tongue tingling swellin on face. im fed up i want to pull my teeth out. and its only one side to my right side of face. myneck hurts, my mouth hurts, my throat is very tight that everytime i ttalk eat or move my mouth to swallow saliva it hurts, tingles all the over my right side of face to my temple and thoat. im not sched for another mri till 10/10/11. but i want to run to the ER!
Avatar m tn I made it home and made an appointment with my doctors surgery but to be honest I don't think they have a clue what to make of it but put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics (doxycycline) and after taking them for a week the only effect they have had is to make me even more familiar with the smallest room in my flat.
Avatar f tn first a dull ache that feels like a toothache; by the time you feel it, the pain is becoming so significant as to be disabling. Your nose starts to run, and within a minute or two (no joke, no exaggeration), it feels like someone has shoved a live electrical wire into the middle of your eyeball and is ramping up the electricity.
Avatar n tn After being on this for a week and my throat getting worse, my doctor switched me to a 'cycline' (Doxycycline Hyclate) and about four days into the prescription I developed the "Orange coated tongue". I use a tongue scraper daily (for years now) and never had this before. My tonge has returned to normal (white, sometimes a trace yellow). What I HAVE changed drastically is my diet, I am suffering from acid reflux so bad that I have been eating very little and lots of yoghurt.
Avatar f tn I am now on the fourth antibiotic. First Doxycycline 30 days in November, then Penicillin 10 days in January, then Doxycycline 30 days in Feb-March, and now Doxycycline will be 30 days... I don't know what the infective organism is. Borrelia tests were analyzed recently with Elispot LTT. The tests were slightly positive, but I don't know what it means. Maybe I have sometimes had a contact with Borrelia. It seems that the antibiotics first help but then the ear symptom restarts.
Avatar m tn I went to see my doctor, where after a negative urinalysis; I was given Doxycycline for Epidytimitis. Didn't help. I was then told it was Prostatitis. After having my prostate checked for normal results, I was still put on Levaquin and Flomax just in case. Didn't help.
1545464 tn?1376707758 Hi there Thank you for the wishes and wish you the same too. I have been having a very bad toothache and i called up the hospital and taking tylenol extra strength now; wish you all a good weekend.