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Avatar f tn I brought home one of the day care kittens today. He is an orange tabby named Tucker and seems to be in the same situation as Good Humor Man was a week or so ago. Tucker suddenly and drastically started losing weight. He is back down to about the same size as Good Humor Man is now. We gave him some subcutaneous fluid for his dehydration and antibiotics for a probable intestinal infection. Haven't gotten any photos of him yet, but will try to take some tomorrow.
Avatar n tn My cat was prescribed doxycycline tablets for mycoplasma felis: but was unable to complete the whole course owing to difficulty of swallowing loss of appetite and occasional sickness. Is there a suitable injectable antibiotic that could be given: and how successful are antibiotics in this case,.? Also how can I alleviate the catarrhal and throat symptoms present?
Avatar f tn The adult cats are now all on Doxycycline but I was told there's nothing else I can treat the kittens with since they are so young. Now here is my problem... One vet told me that the Doxycycline will cure the Mycoplasma and everyone will be fine. The other vet said that the cats will all become permanent carriers and I should spay/neuter all of my breeders and rehome them if I want to keep breeding.
Avatar n tn 54 Possible Diagnoses o Babesiosis, babesia, in dogs and cats o Bacterial, vegetative, infective, endocarditis in dogs and cats o Blastomycosis, blastomyces dermatitidis, in dogs and cats- zoonosis o Blood transfusion reaction in dogs and cats o Bromethalin toxicity in dogs and cats o Cerebellar or pericerebellar abscess o Cerebellar or pericerebellar brain neoplasia, tumor, cyst o Cerebellar trauma, hematoma, or ischemia o Cerebral or pericerebral brain neoplasia, tumor, cyst o Ch
Avatar m tn It took me 20 docs to find out I had Lyme and a co-infection, babesiosis (similar to malaria). I had been ill too long for the standard doxycycline to work -- and many of us don't know exactly when we got infected ... I never saw on me a tick or the circular red rash often mentioned. After getting the correct diagnosis and different antibiotics for each infections, I have been well now for some 7 years. I wish the same for you! Let us know how you do, and also how we can help, okay?