Doxycycline for diverticulitis

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Avatar m tn Marien Hospital in Cologne who confirmed the diagnosis and prescribed 200mg of doxycycline per day for 10 days. At the end of the 2nd day, I developed a full body rash. Smallish, flattish red bumps almost connected. I was in the sun that day with 50 sunscreen, fully covered skin and hat. We will be in the port of Miltenberg, Germany at 2 pm for 4 hours. Tomorrow I will be in Wertheim. What should I do?
Avatar n tn My dermatologist injected corisone directly into the boils/bumps and put me on doxycycline, then oracea for about six months total. I've had no recurrences since then, so I sometimes wonder if I actually had HS or if maybe it was a MRSA infection (I was substitute teaching in the NYC public schools during the whole MRSA scare at the time).
Avatar n tn I have a desk job, and poor posture(which may figure into my story) About 7 weeks ago, I was on doxycycline for a sinus issue. Several days afterward I noticed lower back pain, that spread into my left buttock and down my leg. Over the next couple weeks, it seemed to stay about the same, mostly aggravated by bending, or when in the process of sitting down. I started to notice however, that the pain would be lessened if I passed gas.
Avatar f tn I have taken doxycycline, twice a day for a week. I have been in a fully faithful relationship for 2 years, but I have not been very careful in my past. My fiancé, has no symptoms, but went in for a urine test (Oct 2008), which came back negative. HOW? We have had a lot of semi-protected sex and a whole lot of oral sex, so how is it possible that I have it and he doesn't?? This situation has ripped our relationship apart, as now he feels he cannot get past the impossibly of the situation.
Avatar n tn I mean if take all 28 pills over 14 days along with the Flagyl, that should work, right? Also, I have some doxycycline at home that I usually take with me for my trips to India to prevent malaria. Should I take this when I get home just in case I actually have chlamydia? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated. I truly can't sleep over this. And yes, I will get tested for HIV when I get home.
Avatar n tn This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case. Kevin, M.D.
Avatar n tn 10 positive , i still have a stinging aching pain in the tip of my penis last doctor told me it could be epiditimtis - because he felt any std's could be ruled out - i have taken cirpo and doxycycline for a month now and it feels like its doing nothing - i have basically been in pain for 5 months now this has been very frustrating for me as it has taken an enormoius tole on my social life - any help would be great
Avatar m tn Now since she knew I was bite by a tick and had various symptoms she felt it best to immediately start me on doxycycline hyclate 100mg twice daily for 14 days even before the Lyme test results came back since it has a better chance of being more effective the sooner you take it. (still waiting for Lyme test results). I have been taking the doxycycline for 5 days now and while I still feel much more tired than I should, it is not as extreme as those first few days when it first hit.
Avatar f tn Glad that at least they know what you have so that you can now get the appropriate treatment. Doxycycline is the first line of treatment for this illness. In the meantime keep drinking plenty of fluids and taken pain relief as recommend on the packet. As you are seeing the disease specialist tomorrow, but your throat is bad now, perhaps you should see your doctor today. wishing you a speeding recovery.
489867 tn?1209210894 Igm total 6 are Reactive. I am being treated by Dr for the past 10 years for over 40 different reason and since Nov testing no one has told me anything and I see my Dr on Tue. I read the results and as everyone SCARED and tired of being sick and taking 23 pills a day. Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn I had to endure a CT and ultrasound before I was properly diagnosed. I was placed on doxycycline for four weeks, and although the pain receded, the inflammation remained. Discomfort returned almost immediately after the drugs had run their course. The doctor then put my on Cipro for another four weeks. I just ended my regimen and the pain is starting to creep back again. The swelling never went away.
Avatar n tn Long story short- I found a doctor who finally treated me for Lymes with Doxycycline and I low and behold, I got better and consequently--no more orange tongue (it's been a year since treatment). The orange, I believe to likely have been from one of one of the bacteria I had contracted from a tick bite. As I grew more and more ill, my skin under tones also changed to orangish/copper like color (enough to have had to change the colors of my makeup).
Avatar f tn I've had severe Vitamin D (25-Hydroxy) deficiency many times in the last few years and have always been prescribed the big green 50,000IU pills which bring the number up for a couple of weeks and then it drops again...same goes for most of my other vitamins/minerals/iron etc and this has always been attributed to GI malabsorption problems. BUT... I just received labs from 3 years ago. Turns out my 1,25 was checked then and was 51mg/mL.
Avatar n tn When I have symptoms, I take Uristat, an over the counter medicine for the UTI symptoms. They go away for a few weeks or a month. But at least I am not taking the antibiotics all the time now. That worried me becasue you do not want to get immune to the antibiotics. So maybe try the Uristat instead of the Cipro next time. I would LOVE to find the answer to this problem too.
940391 tn?1255758976 Had ct scan last week for diverticulitis, which turned out just inflamed and not infected. Of course, they find something else. A 5mm nodule lower right, non calcified. Had a new Ct scan today...Dr. called tonight, said I have 3 nodules in right lung...two are 4mm and one 5mm, all non calcified. I'm 43, never smoked, but lived with HEAVY smokers first 20 years of life. My husband smokes, outside, but have always worried about his second hand smoke, we've been together for 7years.
298579 tn?1192250448 Occasionally I will also feel the cramping when I get sexually excited. It doesn't last for too long, a few minutes at most but I was curious if anyone else had experienced something like this. Thank you for your feedback.
Avatar n tn For me its like bad gas in my lower abdomen except for my left testicle is hurting too when I urinate. It feels like someone is grabbing it and pulling down hard.
Avatar n tn Hi, for about a year now i have had this fizzing sound in my neck that occurs randomly, usually when i am just laying down. It doesnt occur when i am moving my head or anything, its usually just when i sitting still or laying down. It sounds like it is coming directly from the back of my neck and is starting to worry me. I also experience these weird pains in my head that come for about a second and then go and come back again every 10minutes or so.
Avatar n tn i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?