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Avatar n tn Also, what is the recommended dosage for the Zantac? I am still having some breakthrough with my current regimen (i.e., one 30 mg Prevacid in the a.m., and one 150 mg Zantac in the p.m. Thanks so much and I look forward to your answer.
99627 tn?1301270952 Both of my kids had acid reflux. Both were on Zantac. No side effects at all and both were on for long periods of time (over a year). My daughter finally outgrew it at 13 months- she was in the hospital for a week at 2 weeks old when they diagnosed her as they wanted to do a PH study. My little guy had severe acid reflux and was on Zantac for about 4 months- it wasn't working so they started him on Prilosec.
Avatar f tn So my 2 1/2 month old is on soy based formula due to milk allergy, he's been on it since he was a day old.. he has acid reflux. So he's on zantac. But 3 weeks ago he got to the point where he cries while he's eating. He seems miserable. I don't know if I need to call tomorrow and ask to see if they need to up his dosage on zantac? Or something. He eats the bottle but he cries like he's in pain the entire time. And he cries literally all day .
Avatar f tn Hi, my son who is now 3 also had reflux, though not as severe as your grandson's seems to be. Zantac worked for my son; however, it doesn't work for everyone. There is alot more that can be done for him. Take him to a pediatrician, or call the GP you saw and ask him for a referral to a gastroenterologist (tummy doc) for your grandson. If you can get the GP to give a referral then you can save money since a pediatrician may just refer you to the tummy doc anyway.
Avatar n tn but im thinking of trying zantac for her the least doisage possible just to cjeck if it will reduce the spitting and the crankiness after feeds, but i also don't want her tummy to get used to it since my self i have been on omeprazole for years and can't live without it.. it's only during my pregnancy that I have changed to zantac and in severe cases pariet or lanzor.
334926 tn?1436811523 I am in the process of looking for a new Ped, their ped I feel doesnt really care about my concerns for the boys. They have been home now for a month and Ive taken them to see her twice already for the same issues and all she says is its normal and meds dont really work and neither does rice cereal. And its not a concern cause they are gaining weight. I feel like she isnt listening to me, that it is a concern to me when my boys choke on their food! That they are in pain from the reflux!
776572 tn?1360290739 seems to be helping, however i plan to stop taking the pills and change my diet, concentrating on consuming more alkaline foods instead of taking meds. nausea was remarkably reduced this am and in fact, i didn't wake during the night with the urge to vomit -- first time in weeks.
220217 tn?1209679677 s the question - both babies scream at the top of their lungs for no reason and are fighting us when we try to feed them. I am worried that they might not be getting enough to eat. I believe they are starting to teethe so we are giving them Hyland tablets and some Tylenol but it doesn't seem to help. They are also on Zantac for their heartburn/reflux. Any other ideas or suggestions? I hate to keep giving them Tylenol as DH doesn't like them to be "drugged".
1398693 tn?1343684738 Apparently I have to take zantac and prilosec to stop the acid. So for now until I run out of prilosec I'll take a prilosec at night with a zantac and in the morning I'll take another zantac.
171768 tn?1324230099 s feeds this weekend. He is almost 4 months old now. I have been increasing the dosage of the zantac on my own. DH is a veterinarian so I have him calculate the dosage range for me but lately it seems like I am having to up the dose so much to get it to work it is starting to concern me. The original script was for .4ml 3x a day. As of today we are at about 1.5 mls 2x a day. For us the higher amount at 2x works better than a lower dosage 3x.
Avatar f tn one of my 3 month old boys has these nights when he's up all night (i'm talking he starts at 9 pm and doesn't stop till 6 or 7 the next morning) screaming his head off. it's not every night. in fact he hadn't done it in a good 2-3 weeks. but when he does do it there's no stopping him. he just cannot be consoled and it just makes me feel horrible and so sorry for him that he's so upset. i don't know if he's in pain or just....being a booger but.
Avatar n tn And, where would we get this - trying to give him something natural over the drugs for reflux - zantac. Desperate to help him so he can relax more and get his sleep without waking up crying in pain.
Avatar n tn t need up (or something like that). Is there a test to do for reflux for babies and how safe is it to prescribe Zantac for a baby? She said she will see us Oct. 20th (which is suppose to be his 6 mo. well child check, but he is getting in late, 7months exactly) is there something I can do besides giving him Zantac?
11278126 tn?1419304633 Tums or Zantac. I exceeded the daily dosage on Tums so my doctor told me to take Zantac Maximum Strenghth.
1656454 tn?1302497320 stop taking zantac
Avatar f tn How are you giving the prevacid? It must be on a completely empty stomach, so you cannot give it in milk or formula. This makes it hard to administer to stubborn babies like my little one! Our gastro said ideally, it should be about 30 minutes before a feed as well. Did you stop the Zantac cold turkey? That could be part of the problem. It does take up to 2 weeks to see the full benefits of the prevacid, and in the mean time it is recommended you continue some Zantac.
Avatar f tn stopping zantac for a week to see if it is has an effect on stomach problems
Avatar f tn I take the Walmart brand of Zantac sometimes twice a day. I took it for the last 3 to 4 months Of my first pregnancy and it never went away and so when I got pregnant again I took it and get bad and the Dr said 2 a day was safe and so here I am baby 3 and taking it and all my babies are fine :-D take a Zantac don't struggle.
Avatar f tn Beta blockers should not inhibit milk supply, but can readily cross and enter the milk supply. Infants of mothers who are breastfeeding and taking BB's must be monitored for growth, development, and cardiac/respiratory issues. There are so many things that could affect milk supply that its almost impossible to address them all. Sometimes you can do everything *right*, yet still have poor supply. Not commonly,, but it does happen.
1398693 tn?1343684738 It would seem that taking Zantac and Prilosec at the same time is working for me, and my doctor hasn't told me that it wasn't ok to take together so I'll keep taking them until I run out of the Prilosec.
Avatar m tn I feel this is dangerous but the doctor thinks its fine. Oh I also take up to 300 miligrams of zantac for acute acid attacks.
1398693 tn?1343684738 Apparently I was worse than I thought I was really bloated and didn’t realize it so I was more constipated than I thought. Since I was in a lot of pain I used a little more water than I usually do for my enema and that did the trick there was a lot of substance so now that that is gone I am not bloated anymore and I do feel better, I still have a little cramping but it’s no more than usual since I’ve had this unknown problem for years.
175662 tn?1282213656 s digestive tract is still developing for months after birth and the valve between the opening of the stomach and the end of the esophagus often takes time to learn to close completely. Baby's will and do spit up, but reflulx is not as common as some believe. A huge red flag is the numbers of babies put on meds that don't work for months and then suddenly around their 6 month birthday it "works" it wasn't the med, it was the maturation of the GI tract.
164914 tn?1269573907 Zantac did nothing for us whereas Prevacid worked wonders. I would strongly suggest (like I do to any mommy who has a child with a reflux) checking out There is a ton of info on different medications and options of treating reflux. Good luck and let us know if we can be of any further help. Hope your little one gets better soon.
2006603 tn?1331329327 they probably saved my sons life. He also was on zantac daily. Dairy is really bad for babies and us too but in moderation everythings OK..
Avatar n tn First of all, is he uncomfortable with all this? Does he sleep well at naps/nights? In my experience (and believe me, I went through hell and back with DD's reflux), Zantac doesn't work on a lot of babies. A lot of people go with Prevacid solutabs (they worked for us and like i mentioned before, Zantac didn't). Also, soy formula helped us a little but not a whole lot. Did you see a pediatric GI? Feel free to PM me if you want to talk about it.