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Avatar n tn Also, what is the recommended dosage for the Zantac? I am still having some breakthrough with my current regimen (i.e., one 30 mg Prevacid in the a.m., and one 150 mg Zantac in the p.m. Thanks so much and I look forward to your answer.
Avatar n tn but im thinking of trying zantac for her the least doisage possible just to cjeck if it will reduce the spitting and the crankiness after feeds, but i also don't want her tummy to get used to it since my self i have been on omeprazole for years and can't live without it.. it's only during my pregnancy that I have changed to zantac and in severe cases pariet or lanzor.
Avatar n tn Tylenol. It may help, it may not, but it is safe for dogs as long as there is no underlying liver problem. Ask your vet about dosage. I've also had good results adding chondroitin and MSM. If you look in the vitamin aisle at your pet store, you'll find many arthritis supplements with these ingredients, so keep trying one until you hit on the right combination. I know some vets will advise giving plain aspirin, but in some dogs that can prove fatal by eating through the stomach wall.
Avatar n tn As far as I'm aware, benadry is safe for quite a long time in dogs. The general doggy dosage is 1 mg/ per pound, so that's what your vet has prescribed - most people tend to go too low on the dosage. Using it for only the summer months should be no problem at all. I had a dog who needed it a good 8 months or more of every year and it never caused any trouble. Hope it works well for your Bostie!
Avatar m tn My 13 year old husky is suffering from horrible allergies. I took her to the vet today and she suggested I try claritin or benedryl. I have used benedryl and it just puts her to sleep. I would like to try the claritin, but I'm not sure what the dosage for a 55lbs dog is. I assume since my vet told me to try it that it would be safe.
Avatar f tn For sure. Cats are at least 10 times smaller than a SMALL adult human female. What is given to us is too much for such a small animal. For example: The amount of Zyrtec I was told to give to Akira is only 1/4 of the adult human dosage. This is much smaller than the children's dosage, which is 1/2 of the adult human dosage. I would never ever give medications to Akira without her first seeing her doctor. I do know that no one should ever give Tylenol to their pets.
776572 tn?1360290739 was sooo sick last night so took one 75mg pill last night and another pill again this am on recommendation from motherrisk morning sickness helpline. seems to be helping, however i plan to stop taking the pills and change my diet, concentrating on consuming more alkaline foods instead of taking meds. nausea was remarkably reduced this am and in fact, i didn't wake during the night with the urge to vomit -- first time in weeks.
Avatar n tn So, the GI md sent me back to the ENT and had me try prilosec it made me sick to my stomach, aciphex gave me bad headaches, then went on protonix for nearly 2 yrs.. symptom was the same so I switched to Zantac because I dont want to be on PPI's long term. Ive been on zantac for 5 months, still no change. The one thing I do know is that the ENT does see swelling on my larnyx, that is why I feel the lump sensation. I hate it. I want the feeling gone.
612551 tn?1450022175 The label provides advice for dogs as well as general farm animals. It prescribed 1 teaspoon per day for dogs over 10 pounds. Any experience/opinions about this approach to increase Pro Biotics in a dog's diet? It may be tasteless and could be sprinkled along with some water on dry kibble I will guess.
Avatar n tn Hello I agree with deadgamegrll. I would not recommend taking him off the medications without consulting the Vet because abruptly stopping any medications can be detrimental to his health. It does sound like he is on too high of a dosage. I'm sure examination and testing by his Vet will give the information needed to get his dosage regulated properly.
Avatar n tn I seem to notice less hives when I take two Zantac daily plus my daily Zyrtec. In fact, my hives are very much improved since I added Zantac to my routine. Also, when my face is red and burning, I use petroleum jelly to soothe. I also use Mary Kay products, like their creamy cleanser. I switched from Avon products, which were too harsh. For my scalp, I use prescription Nizoral. That does the trick. My swelling is much improved since my medication was bumped.
Avatar n tn Your dog could have anything from lactose intolerance to food allergies, to a touch of a gastrointestinal bug (stomach virus), to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Keep a food diary and try to determine if there is a correlation between something that she has eaten and vomiting. It can take up to 12 hours or more for her to show symptoms. So something that she has eaten the day before could also be the culprit.
1656454 tn?1302497320 stop taking zantac
Avatar f tn stopping zantac for a week to see if it is has an effect on stomach problems
11278126 tn?1419304633 Tums or Zantac. I exceeded the daily dosage on Tums so my doctor told me to take Zantac Maximum Strenghth.
1398693 tn?1343684738 Apparently I have to take zantac and prilosec to stop the acid. So for now until I run out of prilosec I'll take a prilosec at night with a zantac and in the morning I'll take another zantac.
Avatar f tn So my 2 1/2 month old is on soy based formula due to milk allergy, he's been on it since he was a day old.. he has acid reflux. So he's on zantac. But 3 weeks ago he got to the point where he cries while he's eating. He seems miserable. I don't know if I need to call tomorrow and ask to see if they need to up his dosage on zantac? Or something. He eats the bottle but he cries like he's in pain the entire time. And he cries literally all day .
Avatar f tn I have a dog with this condition as well. The dose all depends on the size and what level his thyroid is needed at. I would get a copy of the last thyroid test you had done on him and see what is correct, you can always ask another vet. My dog is on the same amount as your dog, yes, twice a day. He is 7 and around 50 pounds. I try ever so much to give him his medication 12 hour apart, like at 7 am and 7 pm...
Avatar m tn I feel this is dangerous but the doctor thinks its fine. Oh I also take up to 300 miligrams of zantac for acute acid attacks.
Avatar n tn Ive been told coconut oil is very good for dogs. Can you also give to kitties also? If so what would be the "dosage" and how often?
Avatar n tn Hi. Pure coconut oil (must be pure, for dogs) is a useful supplement for dogs. It can be given with food or (warmed slightly) rubbed into skin, particularly where there are patches of irritated skin or hair loss areas. A small amount goes a long way, so be cautious with it. Too much can lead to diarrhea. It is not particularly useful for fleas, though it will help with any irritated skin caused by fleas.