Does hiv rash burn

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Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my face and 3 spots on my legs. at first i thought it was dry skin, but the dermotoligist gave me all sorts of creams and none of them worked. They think i am alergic to something. being food or other. they think i should do tests. they did test me for lupis, but my blood work was fine and that isnt it. i am in menopause and my hair used to be totally straight. when i went to get my hair cut, it turned curly. really curly. i think its due to my hormones changing.
Avatar m tn how does a hiv rash look and where would it be? i something that looks like a rash on my chest but really looks like goosebumps but a little darker than the rest of my skin.
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar f tn I am a boy who had unprotected sex on sept 17 2015 and on day 10 after sex encounter started deep tiredness, on day 14 started numb all over my body and itchy inside penis tube with clear discharge ( look like rain water) and itchy around anus, and on day 17 started severe headache and fever, on day 19 started itchy rash on my torso( face, chest, back, shoulder, arm) and blood test on day 19 for HIV came back negative ( also my partner tested for HIV one day before sex and his result came back
Avatar m tn Hello. I have recently posted on the HIV forum because I feared I may have contracted HIV. I was told that my symptoms were not that of HIV. My symptoms slunded very similar to acute HIV. I had flu like symptoms (which, in typical cases, last for one to two weeks.
Avatar m tn The rash is about 4 inches by 2 inches that started off with mostly red area with a couple pimples for about 4 days on each armpit and now it has turned into a light brown color for about 3 days. This rash does not itch or burn. Also if this rash was associated with HIV would a person test positive for an HIV anti body test during this period that the rash is present???
936016 tn?1332765604 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar f tn i have this rash on my chest its not painful its just flat,am wondering if its HIV infection symptoms i have chlymidia which am treating so i think am exposed with HIV, am so scared t get tested cos i dont want to hear my result
Avatar m tn I just noticed on the Doctors forum mention of Aciclovir. I saw a bottle of that in my contact's bathroom cupboard. I thought it was mouthwash. It's for Herpes I presume. The rash in the photo (day 63 one) in my profile has re-emerged today in the same place (looks like shingles) and a scaly rash on my feet. I spoke with someone at the HIV charity today, the senior worker wasn't in.
Avatar f tn I am concerned I have early symptoms of HIV , sometimes if groin is not itchy or slight burn, feel like sharp pain on stomach. Does anyone have any thoughts on my HIV question?
653419 tn?1226780635 HIV doesn't cause any of those symptoms. It doesn't cause sores. If you have a discharge with odor, I'd suspect bacterial vaginosis or yeast. I don't know what is causing the lip burning (assuming you are talking about mouth lips) unless its an allergy to something you are eating or drinking, or toothpaste, etc. Any other questions about HIV need to be posted in the HIV prevention forum. See above for a link.
Avatar f tn s 1 big patch and 1 small one about 4 inches away from each other and it does not itch I also have a rash on my palms I looks like the skin is pelling off when I put them on water i start breaking out with what I believe is hives it starts to burn can this be related to hiv irs?? Please help!!
Avatar n tn Hi everyone and thank-you Is there any correlation with neck pain and stiffness and sinus infections with HIV infection. Also what does an HIV rash on the face look like? I have had a reddish rash on my upper cheek area for about 6-8 weeks now. It sort of looks like wind burn, but it obviously isn't. Could this be some type of HIV rash? It doesn't itch at all. I am sorry if these questions sound silly, but I have found stuff online saying these could be signs of HIV.
Avatar f tn As you have been advised in your previous threads, you did not have an exposure in which the HIV virus could have been transmitted. Please see your doctor for the source of your rash as it is not HIV related. We are sorry that you are so anxious and anxiety would also be good to talk to your doctor about. We wish you the best and are closing this thread.
Avatar n tn what does the HIV rash look like. What is its appearance? does it itch, burn, or anything of the sort? where does it appear? (all over the body or one general area?) could it look like a regular heat/sweat rash? The reason i am asking is because the other day i developed a rash on both sides of my neck by my hair line and just under my ear. It looks sorta like a sweat rash, but im unsure. It itches when i have my T-shirt on or if something is rubbing on it.
Avatar m tn but am not sure what it is since there is no pain and the rash does not itch..the open cuts do not even burn..
Avatar m tn ars symptoms appear between 2-4 weeks after exposure and you tested negative at 6 weeks and that is fantastic dont mess with your head it must be just a simple rash due to some allergy test again at 3 mths for a conclusive result
Avatar f tn I had a rash on my upper left leg that looked like a raised burn in a large area. went away but came back exactly 2 weeks later in same spot. never came back again. could this be a rash from being exposed to hiv?
Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. Your detailed description does not raise any concerns about being at risk for HIV from the encounter you describe. HIV is not spread by oral sex. The quoted figure for HIV risk, if one has oral sex with an infected partner is less than 1 in 10,000 and, in my estimation that is too high. Some experts state there is no risk at all from oral sex.
Avatar m tn I've had a rash on my penis for awhile. It doesn't hurt, burn or anything. The last time I had any sexual intercourse was probably over two years ago. I've had this rash since last november, roughly a year. I went to my doctor, and asked if it looked like anything from an STD, and he said "no" he did not think it looked like the side effect of an STD.
Avatar f tn They appear all over my body including face. This has been happening for two months now. Would hiv rash do this? Could it be herpes? I have been to both my doctor and dermatologist who have both said it is chronic hives. Could it really be chronic hives or does this sound like std? Please help. I'm scared.
Avatar f tn I get PM's alot from people asking me about anxiety and HIV and the primary question is wanting to know how to get over the anxiety and how I did it. So I decided to write about it so that you guys can see that it CAN be done. A number of years ago I cheated on my boyfriend with somebody else, I foolishly thought that this other guy really liked me blah blah blah!! I got drunk one night and had unprotected sex with him (lesson number one is that casual sex and alcohol do not mix well!!).