Does hiv rash go away

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Avatar m tn A poor family of 6 have been kicked out of their home in malaysia because 4 of them are HIV+ and the wife is pregnant and was attacked by neighbours and ended up in hospital.They have been living on the streets for last 20 days--whats happening to the world?
Avatar f tn in late may i had to go to the bathroom really badly and the toilets in my school don't work properly i flushed the toilet a couple of times but there was still some urine in the toilet i couldn't wait any longer and i went to the bathroom even though there was some urine left in the toilet when i was going to the bathroom some of the leftover urine splashed upward onto me is it possible that could've entered my bloodstream?
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar m tn Reason is because of my nose congestion that does not go away. It worries me a lot.
Avatar f tn Night sweats Loss of appetite Weight loss Peeling skin Itchy skin Cut easily Rash on chest Scalp oily w flakes Acne all over face Feel like a needle pricks me on my body from time to time Nightmares I NEVER had any of that before I was with that man! SO what is it?
Avatar f tn The fever was low grade every day during this time. Finally the rash went away and I went on Doxy for approx 4 weeks. The symptoms went away, does this mean I am cured of this. Last summer I had another rash went to the Dr., developed a real bad stiff neck, couldn't turn my head, went to a rheumi Dr. had the MRI's, went through rehab. That now is fine. Could I have been re-infected or is it the same reactions from the original diagnosis. I am so confused.
Avatar m tn I just noticed on the Doctors forum mention of Aciclovir. I saw a bottle of that in my contact's bathroom cupboard. I thought it was mouthwash. It's for Herpes I presume. The rash in the photo (day 63 one) in my profile has re-emerged today in the same place (looks like shingles) and a scaly rash on my feet. I spoke with someone at the HIV charity today, the senior worker wasn't in.
Avatar f tn Hiya, well you said it yourself, no risk from Oral.
Avatar m tn t go away. It was initially accompanied by a burning rash that covered my elbows and stomach area. I saw a dermatologist and she preformed a culture that came back negative. Ive now developed what seems to be folliculitis pimples on my forehead. I haven't had unprotected sex besides with my boyfriend. Ive had oral encounters, but none that completed in my mouth. Im wondering if this sounds like a std or Hiv.
Avatar m tn Grace or anyone I guess- I am going to the Dermatologist on Tuesday next week. They could finally fit me in. I'm nervous to find out what is wrong with me, but want to run by you one last time my symptoms to see if you have any clue as I have another odd thing down there that I had not mentioned cause I didn't really think about it I guess. I also have a scar like stretch mark starting at the very crease of my right upper leg near the testicles/thing meeting point.
Avatar f tn I am a boy who had unprotected sex on sept 17 2015 and on day 10 after sex encounter started deep tiredness, on day 14 started numb all over my body and itchy inside penis tube with clear discharge ( look like rain water) and itchy around anus, and on day 17 started severe headache and fever, on day 19 started itchy rash on my torso( face, chest, back, shoulder, arm) and blood test on day 19 for HIV came back negative ( also my partner tested for HIV one day before sex and his result came back
936016 tn?1332765604 Many of the questions we answer on this Forum and also the Freedomhealth Sexual Health Forum relate to anxiety about HIV and also possible early HIV symptoms. One of the main problems in relying on HIV symtoms themselves is that they are notoriously vague and almost all the symptoms may in fact be symptoms of a different disease. The best method always of diagnosing HIV is to have a modern HIV test.
Avatar m tn I cant understand why are you guys doing that.HIV living with forum is the worst place for anxious people waiting for gettting you mentioned he tested positive 2years his symptoms can be symptoms of new HIV infection not ars.dont punish ur self by going to poz forum.go and get tested on friday and stop searching net for scary information.
Avatar m tn I agree with the advice provided at the STD Clinic. The rash you describe really does not suggest an STD. The rash you describe sounds most like a fungal skin infection but the fact that Lotramin did not help makes this somewhat less likely. There are many other dermatological processes which can take this appearance. My advice is to not examine yourself too often, leave the rash alone (i.e.
936016 tn?1332765604 Genital Herpes (HSV2) and HIV disease: Why does it matter? There is good evidence from population studies of people infected with both HIV1 and also HSV2 that infection with Herpes Simplex 2 virus will both increase the amount of HIV1 which is shed in gental secretions and also it increases the rate at which HIV 1 is transmitted.
Avatar m tn It is only the chest rash that comes and go's the palm rash stays? Is this common in hiv?
Avatar n tn Hmm...I know who this is!...I saw you finally got Dr. HHH to answer a question for you today. Nice. I do not believe an HIV rash would come and go as you described in your post.
1538599 tn?1292955376 i been using the treatment for hiv one pill a day and its been almost 3 months, my specialist said it might go away with those medication if not, they they will appear for live! FOR LIFE! U GOTTA BE KIDDING ME... can you please suggest me anything that i can tell or inform my doctor to give me??? thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/242400'>Possible HIV Rash? Red Rash on Chest, Arms, Back</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi Peace; I just wanted to say I am so very sorry to hear of your tragic loss. I know exactly how you feel... My son was also. he was murdered July 14th, 2006. I too have been diagnosed with PTSD, Panic Disorder, Clinical Depression, Anxiety, also Major Depressive Disorder. I have taken various drugs for such as Prozac which I took for a couple of years and then weaned myself off when I felt I no longer needed it. Sometimes I begin to get so depressed, for I miss my son so much!
Avatar f tn i have this rash on my chest its not painful its just flat,am wondering if its HIV infection symptoms i have chlymidia which am treating so i think am exposed with HIV, am so scared t get tested cos i dont want to hear my result