How long does the hiv rash last

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Avatar n tn If one gets a rash from ARS it will last from 1-2 weeks and it is not a puss field rash nor do you get any type of fluid from it. If you haven't tested for HIV and other STDs from your unprotected sex you should. You can test now and get a conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn They did give me an all diseases std blood test 6 days after I had protected sex with the escort but it came up negative in all tests. My question is did I wait long enough for the test to come back with some kind of result and do Herpes symptoms such and the aches and weakness last almost 2 months without taking antiviral drugs.
Avatar n tn I took the 1 dose of Azithromycin given by the doctor and its been 2 days and i still feel a bit of the itchiness and uneasiness. So my question is how long does it usually take to cure and could there be only complications? What are the complications. Is it possible that I can get HIV because I am infected with STD? I have not had sex since.
Avatar m tn Hello, can you tell me about AIDS window period rash style and quantity, and how long will it last? I am an unprotected intercourse on the back skin rash, in the arm, leg, back, buttocks, has lasted for a month, but no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn How long the sore throat due to hiv infection lasts? And how painful it be? Whether the sore throat is constant through uot the day or going after some time and reappearing? How to identify a sore throat due to hiv infection?
Avatar m tn If a person has sex with a HIV+ person how long would it take before the other person can pass the virus over to a thrid person. Example if a man had sex with a women tonight who is HIV+. If that same man has sex with his wife the next day is it to early for him to pass the virus over to his wife, being that himself only been exspoused to the virus only one day.
Avatar m tn I was wondering how long secondary syphilis rash/lesions last? How long do they stay on the skin or in the mouth? Like if it were a secondary syphilis lesion on the roof of mouth. How long would they stay?
Avatar m tn it would be my first outbreak if it is indeed herpes. so how long does a normal outbreak last for? how long does it normally take for the red dots to turn into sores? or maybe i don't have herpes? i'm praying i don't have herpes and think some of my symptoms might be psychosematic. but if not herpes, what else could little read dots with white heads be on the underside of my penis be? pls help!
Avatar n tn is it light like a heat rash? is it raised? how long does it last? does it appear and disappear or is constant? Although its reassuring to hear no risk it would educate me and others to know what the hiv rash looks like.. I have had test for everyother std bar hiv and been negative so you can understand my concern with passing it on.. I just am not educated enough to know what other std can have these symptoms ..please please enlighten all about the HIV rash..
Avatar f tn How long does a toddlers yeast infection last? She's in pain when it's time to change and doesn't want to be cleaned. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
1058261 tn?1256057540 I want to wake up every morning and that not be the first thing I think of. So here goes my question how long does the leg pain last going through W/D? How long will my energy level be zapped? I feel like even walking a short distance is a struggle. thanks for any advice you can give me.