Hiv rash how long does it last

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Avatar n tn If one gets a rash from ARS it will last from 1-2 weeks and it is not a puss field rash nor do you get any type of fluid from it. If you haven't tested for HIV and other STDs from your unprotected sex you should. You can test now and get a conclusive test result.
Avatar n tn I can't find any concrete information. Does the rash itch? How does it look? Where is it on the body? Is it intense or just a simply rash thats not at all painful and barely noticeable, just itchy? In my case its all over my body, especially on my legs. It would be my first symptom 14 weeks after my possible exposure along with diarrhea. Does that sound like it could possibly be HIV? Also, does diarrhea usually come with it?
Avatar n tn like back pain or leg pain of HIV/ARS or anything related last for 8 months since exposure? I'm thinking not, but wanted to make sure to ease my mind. Should I be checking for something else (like disc problems)? Would depression/stress be related to any of this? Thanks again.
Avatar n tn I have had 2 doctors look at it and the both say it is jock itch. Does jock itch take that long to heal? I have had soreness in my right leg accompanied by muscle spasms. The pain in my scrotum feels like someone pinching me. I have been using topicals and recently was put on fluconazole (for yeast/ fungal infections). I have seen no lesions of any sort and these symptoms have never gone away entirely. I first had irratation within a day of the sex.
Avatar n tn My question 2 weeks ago was what does the HIV rash look like? does it itch? is it light like a heat rash? is it raised? how long does it last? does it appear and disappear or is constant? Although its reassuring to hear no risk it would educate me and others to know what the hiv rash looks like.. I have had test for everyother std bar hiv and been negative so you can understand my concern with passing it on.. I just am not educated enough to know what other std can have these symptoms ..
Avatar f tn What does the rash look like? Where is it usually found? How soon does it start? I am really stressing so do you think this could be stress related instead?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a question related to HIV rash, and HIV in general. In the period of last four months, I had unprotected oral sex twice with two partners (I was the one giving oral sex). First one was before 4 months, and the second 4 weeks ago. Im not sure how long after the first sex I had fever 39´C and throat problems, I went to see my doctor, he said I had strong sinuses problems and otitis media and gave me penicillin shots.
Avatar m tn no matter how high the risk of an HIV exposure, and no matter how typical the symptoms, the test result rules, as long as it was done long enough after the last possible exposure. Contrary to your doctor's advice, a negative 4th generation test at 6 weeks is absolutely 100% accurate. The 3 months standard applies when only an standard antibody test is done (and even then, usually 6-8 weeks is sufficient). See this thread, as well as the other link you will find there: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn How long does hiv rash last? I still have the rash until now .its been 1 month and 1 week. I have been stressed out since sept 25. I never experienced high fever only the rash.
Avatar n tn it is unclaer how long one last. but here are some of the thing s you can do to help contol it. wear cotton underwear, do not wear nylon or any other kind but cotton because allows your genitals to breathe while t6he other fabrics trap moisture and that cntributes to the growth of the yeast. avoid using soaps that arent pH balanced. you may want to use johnson & johnson baby soap. sleep naked to let air circulate around the afected area.
18954 tn?1314301717 Could this be the rash they say you get when you show symptoms of hiv or is it just egzema? We have only been together for two years so it worries me.
Avatar f tn It itches severely if I don't take the Hydroxyzine. The only rash associated pain was if I scratched it too much and it got raw. The meds can cause neurological problems. Many of us have bizarre pains like a bug biting us. Some people feel like they are sleeping on steel wool. Sort of a burning, picky sensation. It could be shingles. Shingles are extremely painful and it is very severe and distinct. When I had shingles while on steroids for systemic vasculitis, the pain was searing and deep.
Avatar m tn How long does it take for the symptoms to go away? I recieved my injection of Biclin 4 days ago. I like to exercise. When will I be back to my old energetic self?
Avatar m tn 2. This is probably an odd question to you all, but when and HIV rash starts, how long does it take to reach it's peak typically?
Avatar n tn after exposure when does the rash happen? 2. how long would the rash be? 3. does the rash come on by its self or does it come with a fever? 4 does it leave any scars like acne?
936016 tn?1332769204 Why does it matter? There is good evidence from population studies of people infected with both HIV1 and also HSV2 that infection with Herpes Simplex 2 virus will both increase the amount of HIV1 which is shed in gental secretions and also it increases the rate at which HIV 1 is transmitted. Treatment designed to suppress Herpes simplex 2 (HSV2) is established to reduce the amount of HIV1 RNA in blood and also genital secretions such as semen and vaginal secretions.
Avatar n tn Understand Dr, but just for self knowledge, how long does HIV rash last on a person if they get it on average and also when you say probablility is small do you mean close to none?, thanks again?, just asking for peace of mind although will get the test done.
Avatar n tn Hello Can anybody please tell me how long does an HIV related rash during ARS normally last?
Avatar m tn there always a first time for everything, go to the DR. if the rash continues it might just be a rash depending on how long you had it, if you have had sex recently with a condom some condom can cause a allergic reaction just a guess but do go to the doctor for the rash, BUT its not HIV as you were never at risk!
Avatar m tn Can ars rash appear after 6 weeks 2. Can ars disappear only after 2days or does it last long 3.
Avatar n tn "the urethra and if you're uncircumsized the inner foreskin" The urethra route is speculated not proven anywhere at least as far as I have been able to find. Other STD's / inflammation has been studied in terms of hiv transmisison and the results are clear. Certain cells that HIV needs access to come to surface with the presence of other STD's such as herpes. The circumsision issue though has been studied several times and with very similar results.
Avatar m tn Ok and if it would how long would the rash last...
Avatar m tn Hi I wanted to know if Hep C has ever been transfered through a nail cutter or any other STDS....and long does hep c last on the surface of a fiance has hep c and I used her nail cutter...but wasnt sure if there was blood on it and my mom used the same one..and its got me really worried...