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Avatar m tn The spot got red after a few months then the bumps appeared over the last week or so - they seem to be getting worse every week. Does this sound like an STD or HIV Rash? I have had a cold and sore throat but so does everyone at home and work? I thought HIV was not spread through oral and I thought the PEP and 6 month test was conclusive?? I'm going to get tested again - test hiv rash take months to spread or appear?
Avatar f tn FROM THE HIV EXPERTS HERE AT MEDHELP: "As you know from other posts about oral sex, our stance is that giving or receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Some others suggest that there is an appreciable risk of HIV from oral sex however, there are no convincing scientific reports which support these statements. The presence of a burn in your mouth, or a sore, or ingestion of blood does not change this. Still no risk an no reason for testing.
Avatar f tn I also jumped in a freezing cold pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, im thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried? Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent.
Avatar n tn Was my 6 week test incorrect and does the rash grow each day sporadic or all in one day and in clusters. Mine are spread not really clusters. Please any information that is factual is help.
Avatar m tn what are the chance of HIV to spread through a rash. i had sex with csw and at that time i had rash due to jock itch. her vaginal fluid had come to contact with the rash. if she is hiv positive wat are d chances for me to get infected.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are not used to identify HIV if you had one of the following risks: Unprotected vaginal/anal sex Shared needles Then you need to test at 12 weeks for a conclusive result (you can test at 6 weeks and be fairly certain that the result will not change) If you did not have any of the above mentioned risks, you are safe from HIV and can move on
Avatar n tn I had vaginal and anal sex with both of them, using a condom, and my gf gave and received oral, vag/rimming to/from her. Yesterday, my gf noticed a red rash on both of her *** cheeks. Checking online medical/std sites it says everything from irritation from new jeans or new detergent to HIV. If it doesnt clear up, we'll get it checked out at by a doc, but has anyone else had this happen to them? What was the diagnosis?
Avatar n tn They are about less than a centimeter in size, but one of them (under my breast where the underwire of my bra irritates it) has grown to about 1 inch. Does this rash sound like the ARS rash? i've never had a rash before and it's really strange and i'm freaking out. i've had all the ARS symptoms: sore throat, diarrhea, night sweats, swollen lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn If the face is affected, there is a danger that the infection can spread to the eye or mouth. A rash that follows the side of the nose is a warning that the cornea of the eye is in danger. Outbreaks of shingles often follow the distribution of nerves in the skin. ..... The active infection is typically marked by the following sequence: A rash appears, starting as well-defined, small, red, clear spots. Within 12 - 24 hours, these pimples develop into small fluid-filled blisters.
Avatar n tn this rash wasent very severe, but it scared the hell out of me. so my queston is what does an hiv rash look like ??? where in the body does it apper ???
Avatar m tn Does the onset of hiv rash after initial infection occur all over the body at one time or does it start in one place and then spread to other places over time? I have a rash that appeared on my arm and now has spread to places on the side of my thorax and later to my legs. As the rash spreads the other areas seem to be getting better. Can it be HIV? I did have an encounter with a person of unknown status and had a condom failure about 4 weeks ago.
Avatar n tn u did not mention your risk! Rash due to HIV never comes alone but with a fever.
Avatar m tn hiv is NOT transmitted through oral sex. if you are having health concerns...see your's not hiv related.
Avatar n tn It does not matter in the least in your case what an ARS rash looks like, because you do not have ARS, and you do not have HIV. I second Teak's thoughts on this one. If you do have a rash, and it has been present for a bit of time, it may be time to visit with your doctor and get the thing looked at. But, whatever is causing it, it doesn't have anything to do with HIV.
Avatar f tn Please what does an hiv patient go through within 4 years do any symptoms show up, I heard of first week if infected mostly people get bad flue but aside that do they see any signs within some few years
Avatar m tn everything was clearing up felt great, went to facility 3 days later to see if was all cleared up they said the test results were negative, anxiety came back need to know what wrong that night is it someting major hiv or? took another hiv test at 6 weeks was negative...have flu cold symptoms now couple days blowing nose and mild cough need help is my mind playing tricks or what?
Avatar f tn You tested negative so if the test was past the 4 week window, then you do not have HIV. HIV doctors can't diagnose from symptoms so neither you nor I can either so it is time to stop trying to link your symptoms with a diagnosis of HIV. SInce you work in a clinic I hope you can get more info on HIV there, so you will accept your negative tests.
Avatar m tn thanks because im currently living in malaysia, i have symptoms like sinus, prickly heat rash, dry lips for nearly 3 weeks now.
Avatar f tn Well, two weeks ago, I was injured by a pin, at a cloth store while taking measurements. It went reaaly deep, in a stupid accident. I though it was not a problem, since it's not a hollow needle, and the virus is very unstable out of the body. 8 days ago, i've a sexual contact with a friend, which involved me receiving 10 seconds of oral sex, and me rubbling and pushing my penis against his anus. At some point, i've pressed a little harder, and he asked me to stop.
Avatar f tn HIV does not spread through objects, toilets, barber shops, dentist clinic etc etc
Avatar m tn Does ARS rash continue to spread over a weeks time or all show up at once?
936016 tn?1332769204 Both of these will allow us to make an early diagnosis with the option then of stopping a severe seroconversion illness early and preventing early immune damage and also allowing the newly infected HIV positive patient to limit the accidental further spread of HIV.
Avatar n tn I know i wore a condom but i was highly drunk and can't recall if there was a failure. 1) does chicken pox ressembles the accute hiv rash? 2) 62 days after exposure still under window to develop accure hiv rash or is it too late? thanks for the reply.
Avatar m tn they are on my right hand on the top, wrist and arm. they don't itch and they look slightly white. Does this sound like hiv rash? i have also started a mee dish washing job in the last three days so it may be a reaction to that. But i would like to be sure. if you need more information just ask. also another note is that the bumps are only on hair folicals on my arm.
Avatar m tn It is now almost two weeks and it has spread to the center of my chest and basically small red ichy bumps on my legs and arms mostly the lower parts. I have NO other symptoms. This rash is wide spread and I think it might be HIV. The only thing keeping me sane is no other problems with it and its itchy. Any thoughts or advise?
Avatar m tn 2. Does it seem like other STD? No. The description does not sound like another STD and, in general, this would be too long a period for another STD to appear. 3. Should I believe my 5.5 weeks Combo test as, if not conclusive, at least very encouraging? Yes, these results are reliable. 4. What are my chances of it being herpes? I know it is difficult to you to make a consultation online but i am so scared of it. See above- this is unlikely to be HSV. I hope my comments are helpful.
936016 tn?1332769204 Why does it matter? There is good evidence from population studies of people infected with both HIV1 and also HSV2 that infection with Herpes Simplex 2 virus will both increase the amount of HIV1 which is shed in gental secretions and also it increases the rate at which HIV 1 is transmitted. Treatment designed to suppress Herpes simplex 2 (HSV2) is established to reduce the amount of HIV1 RNA in blood and also genital secretions such as semen and vaginal secretions.
Avatar m tn 1. ARS rash would almost always be accompanied with a high fever and night sweats 2. ARS rash are macopapular rash which would have macules and papules at the same time. Hence it would be a little raised and spread over the affected area of your body (usually the torso) 3. What you've mentioned is too unspecific to be an ARS rash. What was your exposure ?
Avatar m tn your "rash" is not indicative of early hiv infection. ars rash is dark reddish brown...raised and flat...does not itch...and mainly located on the trunk of the body.