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Avatar m tn what are the chance of HIV to spread through a rash. i had sex with csw and at that time i had rash due to jock itch. her vaginal fluid had come to contact with the rash. if she is hiv positive wat are d chances for me to get infected.
Avatar m tn The spot got red after a few months then the bumps appeared over the last week or so - they seem to be getting worse every week. Does this sound like an STD or HIV Rash? I have had a cold and sore throat but so does everyone at home and work? I thought HIV was not spread through oral and I thought the PEP and 6 month test was conclusive?? I'm going to get tested again - test hiv rash take months to spread or appear?
Avatar n tn Symptoms are not used to identify HIV if you had one of the following risks: Unprotected vaginal/anal sex Shared needles Then you need to test at 12 weeks for a conclusive result (you can test at 6 weeks and be fairly certain that the result will not change) If you did not have any of the above mentioned risks, you are safe from HIV and can move on
Avatar f tn After my eyes adjusted to the dark, I notice her upper torso (chest and upper back) had a light but wide-spread maculopapular rash. The back was slightly more severe. I stopped cunnilingus but I was uncomfortable asking about the rash because I hardly knew her. This was today. In the event that she was indeed experiencing ARS, would this encounter warrant testing in a couple of months?
Avatar m tn How does HIV initial Rash look like? How is high is fever to symptoms come at the 10th day????
Avatar m tn Thanks GoodGuy43789, This helps. So what your saying is HIV can't be spread from leaving bodily fluids on surfaces and objects and coming into contact with other people?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 19 year old male who has recently started to develop a series of pimple looking growths in my genital region. At first i thought that it was just an ingrown hair but it has started to spread down my thighs. I do not recall having any un protected sex, but about 6-8 months ago i did wake up after a very long night of drinking with a girl naked (possibly had unprotected sex). I was wondering if this "rash" could be some sort of STD/HIV.
Avatar m tn Does the onset of hiv rash after initial infection occur all over the body at one time or does it start in one place and then spread to other places over time? I have a rash that appeared on my arm and now has spread to places on the side of my thorax and later to my legs. As the rash spreads the other areas seem to be getting better. Can it be HIV? I did have an encounter with a person of unknown status and had a condom failure about 4 weeks ago.
Avatar m tn Hi, syphilis is spread by direct contact with a chancre or with 2nd stage syphilis which are the rash on the feet or hands.
Avatar m tn It is now almost two weeks and it has spread to the center of my chest and basically small red ichy bumps on my legs and arms mostly the lower parts. I have NO other symptoms. This rash is wide spread and I think it might be HIV. The only thing keeping me sane is no other problems with it and its itchy. Any thoughts or advise?
Avatar n tn is there any chance that the infection spread?
Avatar m tn How much blood is required to get HIV infected.And does getting rash after two weeks mean something?Can hiv spread through small scratches?should I get tested.?or Am I being paranoid .. ?Please reply to put my mind at peace!Thanks!
Avatar n tn 1. Does this rash sound like it could be HIV related? I know with only one exposure, the odds are in my favor. I've heard that the rash is usually more on the trunk as well as the face and neck, is not unilateral, and isn't itchy..but I've also read that it can be. 2. If it were an ARS related rash, would it respond to hydrocortisone? 3. How likely is it to have acute HIV and have a rash as the only symptom?
Avatar f tn i understand that the rash related to early HIV infection could be a number of different rashes, my questions is how spread out the rash would be? i have on my foot 9 dots that dont itch or anything, they are just there. up above them on my ankle is a reddish brown patch that had itched at first, but doesnt anymore. (it may have only itched because i was thinking about it). thats all i have for the rash, its nowhere else on my body, and it appeared about 10 days after my exposure.
Avatar m tn If the rash is a symptom of HIV it will usually come earlier than 6th week and I don't think it's a single red bump. The test at 6th week, they say is 98 % conclusive, at 3 months 100 %.
Avatar m tn secondly if the fluids are completely dry or at best slightly sticky what difference does this make. finally can hiv cause something similar to a rash or pimple or something on those line to bleed if pinched(half an inch apart from the anus towards the left side). If someone knows the answer please take each question as a seperate entity.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend has not been having same symptoms at same time minus any rash. Does this sound like hiv?? Should i be freaking out as much as i am?? Please help. Im told i need to wait two more months for a test to truly telle if i got it. How sould i feel?? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV-Prevention/ARS-RASH/show/1358986">ARS RASH?</a>.
Avatar f tn could this diaper rash be the acute hiv rash? I had yeast before but never round that far or that bad.. If it was the hiv rash then would it have cleraed up so quickly with the bacteria cream or not? I have had no fever at the same time.Am I being paranoid and has anyone had this kind of vaginal yeast spread that much?
Avatar f tn After my 14 week exposure today i notice some lil bumps next to my knee and get itchy when i itch them it spread to be a big red spot ,could that be hiv related ?or is it too late to show hiv rash?and does the rash get warm because my rash is warm.