How long does acute hiv rash last

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Avatar n tn If one gets a rash from ARS it will last from 1-2 weeks and it is not a puss field rash nor do you get any type of fluid from it. If you haven't tested for HIV and other STDs from your unprotected sex you should. You can test now and get a conclusive test result.
Avatar n tn What is an acute HIV rash? does it look like a sunburn rash, pimples outbreak rash, does it have some kind of guidelines? Any information regarding this would greatly be appreciated. how long after exposure does symptons come and how long do they general stay?
Avatar m tn Hi how long did you have your rashes? I have my rashes for 5 weeks now.
Avatar f tn how does acute infection hiv rash looks like? does it appears in round shape or long rod like scratches? the main thing i want to know is how it appears? is it transient or stays for a long time. once it appears how long it stays. means for minutes, hours ,days ,weeks. how? once it appears does it disappears in minutes after itching ? once i got rash on hand and it disaapeared in 5 minute after i itched it. it again appeared next day and disappeared in 5 mins. then again i never got it.
Avatar m tn Does a typical acute rash improve dramatically in one day? Does the rash come and go over the course of the entire seroconversion period?
Avatar f tn HIV rash does not itch
Avatar n tn How long does the headache last with Acute HIV and does it come and go? Mine has lasted approximately a week and a half on and off throughout the day however I can't find much information on it.
2214843 tn?1339322426 What does the acute HIV infection rash look? Are they a cluster of small bumps or apart? Two days ago, I got about 8 red rashes on my left arm. They are red spots, sparsely distributed, about 2 inches away from each other. Now, they are fading away. Are these possibly caused by HIV infection? What do the acute HIV infection rash look? They they appear in big amount and multiple areas? Do they keep growing and spreading out? How long do they last?
2060683 tn?1330770657 1. HIV has not specific symptoms 2. ARS never lasts 10 weeks. if one has ARS symptoms last 1-2 weeks 3. Lympadenopthy doesn't happen during ARS.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, it has been a while since I last posted on this forum. I have had an episode with CSW on Feb 6th 2011. For as much as I can recall, I think I have used condom during any sexual intercourse. But since, I was on recreational drugs at the time, I can only be 90% sure. The problem starts 3 weeks after the encounter. I began to have rashes on my hands, legs, and chest. And 2 days later (which is today) I began to have a sore throat.
Avatar m tn how does a hiv rash look and where would it be? i something that looks like a rash on my chest but really looks like goosebumps but a little darker than the rest of my skin.
Avatar m tn It began more on my upper thigh yesterday and today there is another rash on the skin-fold. Is groin rash common for acute HIV infection?
Avatar m tn 3) In the unlikely event your tonsillitis was HIV related, I cannot say how long it might take to clear up or how long tonsillar enlargement might persist. That often happens after any acute tonsillitis. 4) HIV related lymphadenopathy (inflamed lymph nodes) is generally systemic, i.e. involves several body areas, not only the neck. This sounds typical for regional lymphadenopathy due to your tonsillitis.
Avatar f tn May I have another question? How long does HIV rash take to appear during Seroconversion? Is it always accompanied by fever?
Avatar m tn Rockoff, I just wanted to make sure (second opinion) that typical Perioral Dermatitis does not look like a acute HIV rash. I take that you are saying perioral dermatitis does not look like an acute HIV rash. This has reassured me and put my mind to ease. I now see why I was told no hiv testing was necessary. Thanks and keep up the good work Dr.
Avatar f tn My question is, what does an HIV rash look like? After a week or two I broke out with three raised red bumps on my chest. Didn't look like acne that I usually have. No itch to them. They just looked weird. I took a test weeks later but it came out negative. Now after research I'm thinking that it might not have showed up on the test. How soon will it show up on a test after all the symptoms (bumps, headache, fatigue, etc.) have passed?
Avatar n tn 1) Does this rash sound like the typical symptoms of acute HIV? Is it normal for it to disappear and reappear over a 4 - 5 week period? 2) Are other symptoms normally present? I think I had a headache for two hours once during this entire 4 week period. No other symptoms are / were really present. I know, I know... i really need to be tested, and will. I am just so nervous that I am curious what your experience is with this rash and if this sounds like acute HIV or likely something else.