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Avatar f tn actually a rash showing up a few weeks after being kissed on the neck isn't likely to be just from being kissed there. bottom line - if you are concerned about your rash, go and be seen.
Avatar m tn Now I have skin rash in my stomach but not red dot rash like I search on the internet about HIV skin rash, itchy a bit. But I am very worry now it is a same rash with HIV symptoms. Can someone give me a clue what does Skin Rash of HIV looks like?
Avatar n tn No your rash does not sound like an ARS rash.
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Avatar f tn I never saw a rash on myself, but this indeed looks like many of the fotos I have seen of Lyme. I understand that if doxycycline is started very soon after the bite, it can stop the infection. (Most docs agree about that, from what I read.
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Avatar m tn im scared if thats anything related to HIV because i had a encounter a week ago..Is hiv rash always blochy and does it look like a purple or red?
Avatar m tn Hello, I am a 19 year old male who has recently started to develop a series of pimple looking growths in my genital region. At first i thought that it was just an ingrown hair but it has started to spread down my thighs. I do not recall having any un protected sex, but about 6-8 months ago i did wake up after a very long night of drinking with a girl naked (possibly had unprotected sex). I was wondering if this "rash" could be some sort of STD/HIV.
Avatar m tn I still have had no relief. The rash can look almost look shiny at times. My first thought was it was herpes but there was no blistering. I have also experienced intermittent pelvic pains and what feels like swollen lymph nodes in the thigh area. I was tested again for herpes on may 24 as the rash has gotten more irritating and test resutls came back negative. The skin looks shiny and there looks to be striations in the skin when stretched.
Avatar f tn Terrified that I now have HIV as I experienced light flu symptoms two weeks after for around 5 days, then a light non-itchy rash on my stomach 3 weeks after for about 3 days. I had no fever, chills, night sweats, ulcers, joint/muscle pain etc. Just a runny nose/sneezing and the rash. I will get tested anyway but does this sound bad or am I just being overly anxious? It was flu season around the time I got the flu symptoms.
Avatar f tn Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and itching. Topical and oral steroids are needed. Water, sweat, and soap may cause irritation and should be avoided in the disease. Topical zinc oxide and calamine lotion are useful for pruritus.
Avatar m tn Hi ,I had a rash on my left arm four days ago it look like insect bite and know it spread all over my arms , my legs the sides of my back, and my chest. It’s itchy too.. What could it be?
Avatar n tn but mam HIV rash is concern for this forum..I just wanted to know that HOW does hiv rash look like..thats all..
Avatar f tn Went ahead and made an appt for tomorrow afternoon. It seems to look more like a bullseye now maybe?
Avatar n tn Your rash came to late. If it had been related to HIV you would have got the rash 2-4 weeks post exposure and you would have had alot of other symptoms with it. Get your conclusive test result at 3 months and USE CONDOMS.
Avatar f tn Does the hiv rash disappear as quickly as a bed bug bite would? Can a hiv rash be easily mistaken for a bed bug bite?
Avatar n tn im just wondering about what a hiv related rash loks like because i have been getting this tiny very tiny little dots that look like an acne pinple in my belly (very few, about 4 o so) im also getting what looks like little tiny blood dots that is under the skin and i cant feel them, only see. and im also getting what looks like pimples on my legs but dont know if the are really pimples. please can any one here tell me what this is if it could be hiv or not.
Avatar n tn fingering with peeled skin cant transmit rash is not due to hiv.. go and see a doctor and get treatment for your skin condition..
Avatar f tn I've recently got checked for trich , syphilis , herpes all negative I'm waiting on my gonno and chlymedia test I take my HIV test monday . should I look further than the test I've already taking ?
Avatar m tn I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a hooker and it's been about a month since. About 4 days ago I started to develope hives on my arm. They came out one night and were gone by the morning. One day I had two small hives on my arm during the day and I scratched and one of them became bigger. Now they both went down but one looks like it is a rash now. It looks as big as a nickel and colored like a hickey. Can this be an HIV rash? I'm very scared.