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Avatar f tn t know whether it looks anything like hiv related rash or is it just some irritation on my skin?i have uploaded picture on my profile of the rash, if you could have a look and tell me your opinion, i would highly appreciate it.
6577846 tn?1382608488 Dear teak, I can see from your posts that you have wide knowledge about the disease. Please tell me, does the rash in the picture look like an hiv rash? Also, i did have the flu and sore throat for 4 days, no fever though, the flu cleared up in 4 days using a medicine, to treat the nasal congestion, and strepsils lozenges for the throat. No antibiotics involved. Do these symptoms sound like ARS symptoms? And if they are, would a test come positive 3 weeks post exposure?
Avatar m tn Hi, I have a question related to HIV rash, and HIV in general. In the period of last four months, I had unprotected oral sex twice with two partners (I was the one giving oral sex). First one was before 4 months, and the second 4 weeks ago. Im not sure how long after the first sex I had fever 39´C and throat problems, I went to see my doctor, he said I had strong sinuses problems and otitis media and gave me penicillin shots.
Avatar n tn 6,7) The appearance of HIV related skin rash and the timing of your symptoms don't matter. Your negative test at 7 weeks proves HIV isn't the cause. 8) Self-diagnosis of enlarged lymph nodes by medically untrained persons rarely is reliable. Anyway, just as with the other symptoms, among all people with enlarged lymph nodes, the large majority have causes other than HIV. Should you be worried about HIV? No, not with your negative test results.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctors, I cannot remember any particular exposure to HIV but I am worried because on the internet I saw a picture of ARS rash that looks alot like a rash I have had for quite a while. I realise that symptoms are never a reliable indicator of HIV but nonetheless, I would REALLY appreciate it if you would kindly answer the following questions: 1) Is it possible for ARS rash to persist for say, 6 months and then go and come back? Or is it ALWAYS just a two thing that goes away?
Avatar f tn typical time for such symptoms is between 2 to 4 weeks of exposure and the symptoms always come in a package. Having said that, symptoms do not mean much because HIV related symptoms are similar to those, sue to other illnesses / infections, and also, many actually infected persons remain 100% asymptomatic, therefore symptoms are almost always misleading. Trust your test report and move on with your life normally.
Avatar m tn // Please disregard the big red bump on the left side of the picture, as that is an ingrown hair I've had for ages already. I'm really hoping you could help me, since I've been in such an anxiety funk lately. Thank you.
Avatar m tn 1-HIV symptoms do you show all at once at the same time or consecutively (eg, sore throat, sneezing, and diarrhea after days and then two days after the pain joints etc ...)? 2. Can the initial symptoms to appear after 26 days (3 weeks and five days) from the time of the relationship? 3. How is the shape and color intensity and the size of the rash and place in detail when you see the initial symptoms? Is it like the picture attached in one place? 4.
Avatar n tn Hand-to-genital (or hand-to-anal) contact does not transmit HIV. Your symptoms do not sound like those of HIV. But in any case, enough time has passed to have a reliable HIV test. Do it for reassurance. The results will be negative. At the same time you visit a health care provider for the test, ask him/her to evaluate your rash and other symptoms. But don't worry about HIV.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 21 yr old male I have had strange symptoms since I had sex once for a few minutes 4 years ago with a girl I didn't know. 2 weeks on from the intercourse I remember getting a fungal rash on my feet, hands and back the doctor said my feet was tinea and my back was lichen planus. About a week later I remember having a heavy/blocked feeling in my urethra and my penis head went red and was sensitive/tingling.
Avatar m tn I last had an hiv exam in 2008, since then I have had one sexual partner(unprotected sex 3 times). I have no reason to conclude she is in a high risk group such as bi-sexual or a drug user. About 2-3 months after the last encounter I had a very harsh surgery which involved breaking some bones and being out of action for over a month. During this time I remember having a sore throat( I thought it was from the tube the doctors used down my throat), and I remember running a fever for a while.
Avatar m tn I used cortizone just once and it went away but it came back today. At the same time of scrotum burning a line of rash(does not hurt) appear below my shaft. Also, my tip looked like if I had lips (literally). I don't have pain urinating, or any other pains/symptoms related to herpes. Psychologically I'm very distress and even dreaming that I wake up with holes and things like that on my penis. I came to the US for the summer and don't have insurance.
Avatar f tn In addition if your symptoms had anything to do with HIV your test would be showing as positive or indeterminant not non reactive (negative) which is what you got. So your symptoms are not related to exposure to HIV, if you had one.
Avatar m tn During the fever i got night sweats really bad, now i am still waking up sweating not as bad, but everytime i do it scares me and i cant get back to sleep. I have what i am assuming is razor burn on my legs but in my mind it is a hiv rash. I always have small pimples on my body but now am thinking their due to hiv. I had the guy in question go get tested. He hasnt used anything in needle form since june 1st, and got tested october 1st, he tested negative with the oral rapid test.
797148 tn?1239192906 I have all the classic HIV symptoms but do not have HIV or AIDS... any suggestions?
Avatar m tn If your rash had been due to HIV, your PCR taken any time after the appearance of the rash would have been positive. Finally, while symptoms of early HIV may include a rash, they are typically are accompanied by a number of other symptoms including fever, sore throat, and muscle and joint aches. You need not worry. I hope my comment help you in that direction.
Avatar f tn this rash came on 2 years ago . I brushed it off as nothing until I saw a picture of a rash in hiv rashes that looked exactly like the one I had.
Avatar m tn I don't know if this will come through. The big picture has the two red lines like mine but I DID NOT have all the additional redness only 4 bright red pimples with those two stripes. Also the DR that were on this site were some of the leading experts in HIV in the country. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem.
Avatar n tn The Dr, still told me to get HIV test done though, why?. makes me think he is not so sure then. Can an HIV rash look like seborrohoeic dermatitis?
Avatar m tn Dears, I've had sex with a sex worker (female) 2 months ago Sex was protected (vaginal) however I wasn't always erected through the intercourse so I'm not really sure if condom is really effective in this case or not After 4 days I felt that the tip of my tongue is burning and 2 days after that I found my tongue has red spots on it and covered with white coat I was totally freaked out and paranoid and later on I felt all of the symptomps of HIV except for fever and skin rash On the 17th day af
518970 tn?1235874019 I know a person should not categorize themselves as having HIV based on symptoms. I'd like to go to the doctor but I'm too terrified. Here’s my story in short. I have had received several unprotected oral sex over the past six months and I also had vaginal sex with female of known status. Each encounter of vaginal sex was protected but the oral sex was not. The rash I’m worried about comes and gos. I first noticed it about two months ago.
Avatar m tn It is not the purpose of this or any other online forum to provide firm diagnoses or other kinds of direct medical care -- just general advice. But I'm still sure your rash isn't due to HIV, for several reasons. HIV never causes rash as the only symptom; there would always be other symptoms, especially fever and sore throat. From yrour description, this doesn't sound like the right kind of rash.
Avatar m tn But the symptoms of HIV Publications which I do not know why this is happening. For this decrease in lymphocytes and platelets.
518970 tn?1235874019 I haven’t experienced any other symptoms or fevers. Could this mysterious rash be related to HIV in your opinion? A recent picture of my forehead maybe viewed by copying and pasting this link: Thank you.
Avatar m tn However, from what I read, the HIV rash is supposed to generally spread. I only got some rashes (not too much) on my neck. I also have sore throat and slight diaherra, but no fever. I am wondering whether this picture in the blog looks like typical ARS rash? I also read somewhere saying that fever is always accompanies with rash or sore throat, is it correct? I know symptoms are meaningless, but please forgive the upset heart.
Avatar m tn Here is a better picture, does it look like a rash that could be caused by HIV?
Avatar f tn // . The result for the hiv test i took at 6.5 weeks was negative, and i was ready to take your advice and take it as conclusive until the cankersore and mouth sores in my mouth that started growing around 6 weeks remained until just a few days ago, which is around more than 3 weeks.