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Avatar m tn once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom. I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms. See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned.
Avatar n tn 1) Can having all of these symptoms in combination be explained by something other than HIV? I got tested a few days ago and it came back negative but that would mean nothing if I'm still in the window. 2) Would HIV rash come and go like this over weeks? Or would you get it once for a sustained period? Thank you so much.
Avatar m tn ll know whether you have it with an appropriate HIV test. If HIV is diagnosed by symptoms alone then most people on earth have HIV, that simple.
1325789 tn?1276881639 32 year old healthy male overall. 7 weeks ago received unprotected oral but never ejaculated. 6 weeks ago received unprotected oral and had protected vaginal. 5 weeks ago gave and received unprotected oral and ejaculated. 2 weeks ago gave and received unprotected oral but never ejaculated. 3 weeks after having the protected vaginal I went to local health department for HIV test for peace of mind. I know 3 weeks is early but I need to relieve the anxiety I was feeling.
Avatar n tn A rash if present during acute HIV infection would appear with other ARS symptoms which would be flu-like (e.g. fever). ARS symptoms appear 2-4 weeks after exposure and last 1-2 weeks. Your rash is not HIV-related.
Avatar n tn Finally, most people with ARS-like symptoms do not have HIV but have some other, usually non-STD viral illness. Only about 1% of persons with "typical" ARS have HIV. 3 – Other STD’s. I read you can catch other STD’s through receiving oral sex. Is this as common / carries the same risk as acquiring an STD through penetration or less likely? I have had no symptoms. Compared to genital-genital contact, oral sex is an inefficient way to transmit STDs.
Avatar f tn About a month after having sex I got a small red, macular rash on my chest that went away within a day, I had no other symptoms that I can recall. However, ever since then i have been getting small, circular red rashes on my thighs and underarms that come about every two weeks, I do not have any other symptoms with these rashes they come and go on there own. My only other suggestion is from Yaz birth control ( but i have been on that for 7 months).
Avatar m tn I am not sure if that is because of my HIV fear....Could this stuffs be a HIV rash? Does HIV rash appears within 9 days of encounter?? What could be the time frame? --> Symptoms are NEVER reliable to detect the presence of HIV. Only an HIV test can tell whether or not you are infected. All the best!
Avatar n tn yes.....
Avatar m tn I have not changed anything in my diet or soap. One DR. said folliculitis from trimming, the other heat induced folliculiits - no rash or bumps - does get alittle red after I have my shirt on from rubbing - and only happens when my shirt is on as well. Any thoughts? I just want to make sure its not due to HIV even though all my Dr.s say no way after 9 months. I am just running out of ideas.
Avatar f tn And all I have now is a rash no other symptoms , I goolged it and it says you habe symptoms all at once. I think its a bit to late to start having symptoms now isn't it ?
Avatar f tn This is a hiv rash? Does hiv rash show up without other symptoms? Thank you. I hope answer my question. Because when i think that it is a symptoms for hiv my body become itchy and irritating and when i scratched it they become red then disappear but there a some remain small dots. I have no fever and no other symptoms. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Had you acquired HIV and your symptoms due to HIV, I would expect your symptoms to be more severe than what you report. 2. Would PEP delay (26 days) and reduce severity (short fever/other symptoms) of ARS? I know knowledge is limited but your experience? Same answer as for 1 above. I have never had PEP fail in a patient who took their medications. 3. Abdominal pain common in ARS? No. 4. Could rash be caused by something else (rash followed fever by 1-2 days but did not overlap) Sure.
Avatar n tn No, NO, NO....You had no risk.
Avatar f tn No. You're totally fine. HIV is not and has not ever been transmitted via oral sex. That rash is something else.
Avatar n tn .Welcome to the forum. I will try to help. While I agree with your doctor that the risk of HIV from the exposures you mention is low (most women, even those with multiple sex partners, do not have HIV and even if they did, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection), following three broken condoms with three different partners, testing for STDs, including HIV is a good idea.
Avatar m tn * ARS rash is not itchy. So now you have NO symptom consistent with ARS :) * See a doctor if the rash persists.
Avatar f tn You are correct, we do not discuss symptoms because HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn no itch - no other symptons other than cough and sneezing stuffy nose