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Avatar m tn If you are JUST active orally, you dont need to worry about HIV. As the symptoms go, fever (101+) sore throat, and body rash are the most common symptoms and they tend to happen around the same time. You having just dry cough is not a primary symptom for HIV. You can get tested at 3 month mark (after your last sexual exposure, not including oral sex), and the result would be accurate.
Avatar n tn however... i would just like to know the very first primary symptoms of hiv. would you link these symptoms with hiv infection ( the above mentioned)?
Avatar m tn My doctor told me today after the X-Ray of my lungs that he can see some problems with bronchi and that my symptoms could relate to it. Do you think these could be symptoms of primary infection or rather it is some kind of flue like illness? Thank you for your answer.
Avatar n tn I watched a crime special today about a Ugandan man that intentionally infected female victims with HIV. For the first time I heard about primary hiv infection as one of the woman got a severe rash and had weight loss 4 weeks after infection. This horrified me as I was date raped 6 weeks ago, he did not use a condom but did withdraw. He is hetro-sexual and 23 years old, he is not a intrevenous drug user.
Avatar m tn Does my exanthem look like the Primary HIV Infection rash? Is it possible to have this rash without fever? Could my exanthem just be caused by my actual high-stress situation? And, for last, could somebody tell me how to find detailed pictures or descriptions of the Primary HIV Infection rash on the net? Thank you very much for your help and informations, thank you. Take care.
Avatar f tn Symptoms of primary HIV infection occur at 2-4 weeks post exposure, and last for 1-2 weeks. Please kindly move on if you have already received an assessment of your risk of HIV.
Avatar m tn ARS if one has it at all comes 2-4 weeks post exposure and lasts 1-2 weeks.
Avatar f tn -85 days after exposure i got a rash on my face and neck that looked like a macropapular rash that is associated with primary hiv lasted for a day or less...i also had red hands and slightly red shins. - i got a rapid hiv test 86 days after exposure and it was negative. i thought i was in the clear but now im freaking out.
Avatar m tn i have read that rash is a primary indicator of hiv. i have not had fever/night sweats/swollen glands/flu like symptoms, but i am extremely worried because i have read that HPV is more likely to show itself visually in HIV infected people and i also have the rash issue. I had been tested before the encounter and my results were negative, but have not been tested since.
Avatar m tn Do all the symptoms of early or primary hiv infection happen at once or one after the other? ? Wat will be the amount of viral load at the time primary hiv infection? Is that more than 500 copies/ml? Does seroconversion happen after 9 months of exposure?
893188 tn?1243543142 soo far i been researchin like crazy almost everyday, so i pretty much know what side affects come with the disease based on the internet for primary hiv, i tested my self for hiv syphilis gonorrhea and hepatitis b 9 days after the incident and the results all came negitive, but i knew it was too early for hiv even for the other ones too but i needed somthing too eez the mind. soo far the only symptoms i have had is ..
Avatar m tn Hello Vance. I understand that and my primary concern is HIV. I have spent $600 in HIV tests and am still concerned. I know you are a regular here and respect your knowledge. So in your opinion would a PCR at 70 days and HIV antibody at 75 days both negative be a reaffirming conclusive result to no HIV.
Avatar n tn The main question is the tingling sensation on my feet and hand and the rash on my forehead are symptoms of primary herpes outbreak and if not should I get tested again for HIV? Can Hiv cause a primary herpes outbreak? Thank you for your advise.
Avatar m tn i got a test at exactly 85 days and i had the rash that was identicle to the primary hiv infection at 83 days. my test was negative. can i move on with my life or should i get tested again. the reason im worried is because all of these symptoms happened around the time i got tested.
Avatar m tn I was also told Syphllis and HIV go together, and if you had canker sores (multiple) and the rash first this could indicate HIV infection yet at 95 days the HIV test was negative..., I am extremely worried ,stressed and cant even sleep anymore. I would appreciate any advise you can give me..
Avatar f tn Some people never show symptoms. HIV has no specific symptoms and HIV cannot be diagnosed by symptoms.
Avatar f tn Please post somewhere else. You can not get an hiv like that! Go worry about something else.
Avatar m tn Now I understand that the exposure I had is generally considered no risk with no testing needed and symptoms are not reliable for diagnosing HIV risk but still I need to know if the symptoms that I experienced are known to happen in primary HIV infection. Should I be worried. Incidentally I got myself tested few days back (in fifth-sixth week) for HIV antibody test which came back negative.
Avatar f tn The chances are low that you were infected as you went in protected-test only for peace of mind @ 3 months if you need to, otherwise you should be fine.
Avatar n tn I heard the fever and rash are the leading symptoms for anyone going through acute hiv symptoms so i had home access HIV test a week ago which came negative. It has been about a month or more since my last exposure and scared that the hiv antibody has not shown up in my body. The main question is the tingling sensation on my feet and hand and the rash on my forehead are symptoms of primary herpes outbreak and if not should I get tested again for HIV? Can Hiv cause a primary herpes outbreak?
Avatar m tn I did develop about 2 1/2 days into the illnes many ulcers on my tongue and mouth, quite painful, which does scare me since many websites list them as primary ARS symptoms, even go so far as to advise physicians their presence can point away from other viral infections and more towards HIV. There was never any rash. I do not live in the USA, I work abroad but live in country with a prevalence rate of .2 percent. of 18,000,000.
Avatar n tn sinus problems have nothing to do with primary hiv infection. hiv symptoms are usually similar to those of meningitis symptoms. anyway, anyone on this sight or any other sight will tell you that symptoms mean nothing when it comes to actually being infected with hiv. so, do yourself a favor and don't look to deeply into it or you will definitely feel every single symptom that you research online. sounds like you have an allergic reaction to something or the common cold.