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Avatar m tn People with shortness of breath and rashes ARE known to not have HIV. If you got tested and it came out negative, you shouldn't obsess about it.
Avatar n tn Ive done some research on the internet and the only rash my rash resembles is the maculopapular rash. I posted in the HIV forum and they told me I had no risk of contracting hiv. But This rash appeared 3 weeks after My incident. I am quite stressed out and I am not sure if that could be causing this rash. I have never had a rash like this before, or at least did not noticed it if I did.
518970 tn?1235870419 It does not matter what your rash looks like - you were never at risk for HIV from the situations you have described here.
Avatar m tn i have to say that i search the forum but i can not find any topic that describe the rash of HIV , i wanted to ask if you can provide me with information a bout rash or the picture of primary rashes since it worries me every time i see them on my chest.i have read one of the topic that a guy had said that i had got HIV even when he used condom,how do see the possibility or it is just a feke person or comment.
Avatar m tn thanks you all in advanced.
Avatar f tn man, my rash didnt go away after 2 days, in fact it worsen or got better according to the temperature. here is the image.. i know you cannot give solid assesment with picture, but considering my number of exposure was so many in history of hiv transmission, what is my risk. sex alyways protected... here is the link to my rash picture ... https://ibb.
Avatar m tn doc, can i know what type of rash on any hiv infected person especially around the thigh, back ,and chest..if posible i hope u'll post me some picture regarding this rash.
Avatar m tn Please, please be aware that these are publicly accessible forums. You have provided a lot of personal information about your brother to the entire world. You can describe the contents of reports or edit out personal details without posting them in their entirety. In fact, I would recommend you contact a moderator to help you have the image removed. It's just not good practice in our modern world to be quite so open. We are not medical professionals here, just patients.
Avatar f tn As in the image that is located on the right example to illustrate and to you I see is my penis and she rubs her vagina was far from I'm sorry to put this picture and I did it require that .
Avatar f tn your testing already proves you are hiv negative, that is a certainty!!!!
Avatar f tn t think much of it and went back to sleep, occasionally scratching it throughout the night. When I woke up, there was a bright red rash surrounding a bite mark and I assumed a spider got me in my sleep. I don't have health insurance so I waited it out. Over a week, the rash faded and stopped itching. Thinking it was infected, I used a ton of OTC antibiotic cream and itch spray. It went away. Now, almost 6 weeks later, it has returned.
Avatar n tn I will first apologize for the length of this post. I just wanted for someone to get the whole picture which I don't think has happened yet. THere are probably many irrelevant points but I'm not a doc so I'm not sure what is relevant and what isn't. I am a 34 year old female with the following medical history...
Avatar f tn HIV related rashes are maculopapular rash. They don't itch. Your rash is unspecific to HIV. You have conclusively tested negative and the last incident you have described didn't posses risk as long as your urethera was protected.
4444857 tn?1383325813 Today I had another ultrasound and I got a better 3d picture of my little one. Her nose looked sort of flat.. do all babies have flat noses and they take shape as they get older? If so, why do they have flat noses?
Avatar f tn About two days ago I had a small rash appear on my leg (shin area). It reminds me almost of a hemangioma birthmark because of the cherry like color and pattern. Underneath at the top there is also a bump; it doesn't itch but it is uncomfortable to touch around the bump area. There is also one small red dot that is above the affected area and one small dot that appeared on the top of my foot. The "rash" is about 1/2 an inch to 3/4 of an inch.
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Avatar f tn I have no symptoms such as weight liss olcers etc but ha e had for some time a rash under my arm opits which i tell myself is hiv rash. Can you tell me chances of solid results at 4 to 6 weeks and if the ear ghing could be cinnected.
Avatar m tn I don't know if this will come through. The big picture has the two red lines like mine but I DID NOT have all the additional redness only 4 bright red pimples with those two stripes. Also the DR that were on this site were some of the leading experts in HIV in the country. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem.
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Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago i was involved in a fight, and blood from the person i was fighting with got on my hands. I had a small cut on my hand which i got about 3 days before the fight and it was not open and paritally healed but the blood from the person i was fighting with got on the cut.
Avatar m tn t alarmed because i work in a dusty environment then i remember maybe 2-3 days later my arms and chest is really itchy that i develop so many wound around arm and my chest with a field with red scratch mark still I didnt alarmed and, weeks and weeks the itchiness spreads to my back, neck, thigh, legs and even in the ears i cant sleep at night due to itching and i panic a little bit when a little i notice a little swell between my jaw then i think maybe because i been itching too much that to ca