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Avatar n tn The first symptoms of HIV infection, acute HIV infection, occur about 1 to 4 weeks after the virus was transmitted. Signs and symptoms are not reliable indications of HIV infection and the occurrence will vary from one to another. Some people with HIV infection have no recollection of an acute infection stage. Acute HIV infection can last from one to three weeks.
Avatar m tn your question is confusing hiv has acute symptoms not aids.if you are asking about hiv acute symptoms usually dont go more than 4-8weeks.
Avatar m tn I know because of the unprotected sex with the stripper I need to test. My question these symptoms I describe sound like acute HIV? Thank all of you in advance for advice/comments.
Avatar n tn 1) Does this rash sound like the typical symptoms of acute HIV? Is it normal for it to disappear and reappear over a 4 - 5 week period? 2) Are other symptoms normally present? I think I had a headache for two hours once during this entire 4 week period. No other symptoms are / were really present. I know, I know... i really need to be tested, and will. I am just so nervous that I am curious what your experience is with this rash and if this sounds like acute HIV or likely something else.
Avatar m tn The other is can a rash unaccompanied by other symptoms be a sign of HIV, no fever , flu like symptoms, or other signs. I did have a slight loss of appetite and stiff shoulders (most likely from worry)? I did something stupid and exposed my self to a person of unknown status. I am now very concerned about being infected. I will be taking a test when I get back to the US. At that time it will be 7 weeks since the incident.
Avatar m tn Oral sex (and kissing) are NOT a risk for HIV. Oral sex CAN be a risk for other sexually transmitted diseases and it is recommended that anyone who engages in oral should have an STD panel done every three months for prevention.
Avatar f tn HIV rash does not itch
Avatar n tn I know oral sex risk is low but if she gave me herpes should i be worried about hiv ? Are these symptoms typical of anything else? Is there any kind of test like PCR where i can get quicker results or is it possible to get a quicker turn around in the hospital?
Avatar n tn i have had a rash for 8 months now, and i am extremely nervous that it could be related to HIV. Does the duration of this rash suggest that it is not HIV, just some typical skin rash? Also, the rash appeared a day after possible exposure, so i didn't know if it could appear that soon. any direct insight to these specific questions would be greatly appreciated. I am in a deep hole and trying to get out. This could really help me out if someone had some expert knowledge.
2214843 tn?1339322426 What does the acute HIV infection rash look? Are they a cluster of small bumps or apart? Two days ago, I got about 8 red rashes on my left arm. They are red spots, sparsely distributed, about 2 inches away from each other. Now, they are fading away. Are these possibly caused by HIV infection? What do the acute HIV infection rash look? They they appear in big amount and multiple areas? Do they keep growing and spreading out? How long do they last?
Avatar m tn 6 fever, then over with. concerned, but still not worried... - 8 weeks later A week ago i shaved my lower torso up to my chest area. Never done before. In additionto this, San diego has had really low temp prompting me to wear my exercise shorts and "wife-beater" undershirt underneath my work clothes, which are tight to begin with. (easy to change after work).. Probably for 4 to 5 days...Never did that either. Noticed itch in lower torso area and hotness around body.
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, it has been a while since I last posted on this forum. I have had an episode with CSW on Feb 6th 2011. For as much as I can recall, I think I have used condom during any sexual intercourse. But since, I was on recreational drugs at the time, I can only be 90% sure. The problem starts 3 weeks after the encounter. I began to have rashes on my hands, legs, and chest. And 2 days later (which is today) I began to have a sore throat.
Avatar n tn Sorry, I was not clear - I know full well that my shingles infection was unrelated. I only mentioned it to give an idea of where my immune system was - my hope is that my shingles may have lead to the later symptoms I described and not HIV. (Or have been a manifestation of something more serious going on) I was curious about enlargement of the spleen and if that was at all common in acute HIV infection.
Avatar m tn As you suggest yourself, an HIV rash and fever cannot clear up in a day or two; acute HIV symptoms last at least a week, generally 10 days or more. And when we also consider your sexual history, it is simply not a realistic possibility you have HIV. Even if your partner had classical symptoms of acute HIV, it would be pretty much impossible for HIV to be the actual cause. So the direct answers to your questions are 1) no, 2) yes, 3) could be but this doesn't matter, and 4) yes.
Avatar m tn It began more on my upper thigh yesterday and today there is another rash on the skin-fold. Is groin rash common for acute HIV infection?
Avatar m tn Your symptoms don't resemble those of acute HIV infection. The first set of symptoms you describe is simply a cold (and they came on way too early anyway), and in the second set you don't mention fever, which is almost always present in those who develop ARS (and not everyone does). Even in people who have classic ARS symptoms, the vast majority turn out to have a garden-variety virus- you can't go by them because they are non-specific.
Avatar f tn I know, many people said that only have a fever is the acute symptoms, do not have a fever is no acute symptoms,is it right´╝č
Avatar m tn how common is lack of symptoms during acute HIV? And what would mild symptoms be?
Avatar m tn There are no what ifs. Had the condom failed you would have known without a doubt. See your doctor if you are concerned with your health it has nothing to do with HIV.