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Avatar n tn i have had a rash for 8 months now, and i am extremely nervous that it could be related to HIV. Does the duration of this rash suggest that it is not HIV, just some typical skin rash? Also, the rash appeared a day after possible exposure, so i didn't know if it could appear that soon. any direct insight to these specific questions would be greatly appreciated. I am in a deep hole and trying to get out. This could really help me out if someone had some expert knowledge.
Avatar m tn I am not sure if that is because of my HIV fear....Could this stuffs be a HIV rash? Does HIV rash appears within 9 days of encounter?? What could be the time frame? --> Symptoms are NEVER reliable to detect the presence of HIV. Only an HIV test can tell whether or not you are infected. All the best!
Avatar f tn 5) Most people with new HIV infection get symptoms. But the vast majority of people with symptoms -- even when symptoms are typical for ARS (which yours are not) -- have other things wrong. The symptoms of ARS are identical to those of a hundred other minor viruses and other medical conditions. See a health care provider. That's what people do when they have symptoms that concern them. Have an HIV test for reassurance; it will be negative. Please return to let me know the result.
Avatar f tn And all I have now is a rash no other symptoms , I goolged it and it says you habe symptoms all at once. I think its a bit to late to start having symptoms now isn't it ?
Avatar f tn Your dermatologist has more knowledge about your rash than you and me. ARS rash doesn´t show up in 7 days and doesn´t go away with steroids. A tongue ulcer is meaningless. Maybe a self-bite? Maybe related to your anxiety or anything else? Receiving oral sex and protected sex is not a risk for HIV, that is key in this case.
Avatar n tn Candidly, I never gave the slightest thought to HIV until this weekend, when I became concerned while doing research on my rash and various symptoms and somehow saw something about HIV come up. I realize that what I have could well be due to other factors such as fatigue and stress (have been under personal/family stress recently a great deal), maybe even a some other hormonal thing, but I am still extremely worried - I guess its just seeing HIV somehow associated with rash, fatigue etc.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn No your rash does not sound like an ARS rash, it is typically present on the upper torsoe not on your leg of all places. ARS also ussually presents (90%) a fever of over a hundred degrees, which you obviously didn't have because you did not mention it. Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv.
Avatar f tn Hello, so I received oral unprotected from a female and guilt had me running crazy, I got tested for HIV at 3 months post and HIV and full STD screen at 6 months, all were negative, I’m at 10 months now and the other day I got some sort of rash on my ear and around my eyes it’s kind of swelling, and a small bump behind my ear, is it possible that 10 months post encounter I could be getting HIV infection?
Avatar n tn .Welcome to the forum. I will try to help. While I agree with your doctor that the risk of HIV from the exposures you mention is low (most women, even those with multiple sex partners, do not have HIV and even if they did, most exposures to infected partners do not lead to infection), following three broken condoms with three different partners, testing for STDs, including HIV is a good idea.
Avatar m tn Had you acquired HIV and your symptoms due to HIV, I would expect your symptoms to be more severe than what you report. 2. Would PEP delay (26 days) and reduce severity (short fever/other symptoms) of ARS? I know knowledge is limited but your experience? Same answer as for 1 above. I have never had PEP fail in a patient who took their medications. 3. Abdominal pain common in ARS? No. 4. Could rash be caused by something else (rash followed fever by 1-2 days but did not overlap) Sure.
Avatar n tn You might have had a lot of symptoms but none of them are related to HIV, because you never had a risk.
Avatar m tn and how can you tel the diffrence from a normal rash to an hiv rash? These symptoms started two months after we first had sex could that mean that i could of given her hiv?
Avatar n tn So, what test is that? sorry if its too much. But den am really concern. So, is that p24 or something? I waited so anxiously for a month. Whats the probability?
Avatar n tn Those are not any kind of symptoms of HIV. You did put yourself at risk so you should test.
Avatar m tn once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom. I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms. See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned.
Avatar f tn You are correct, we do not discuss symptoms because HIV has no specific symptoms.
Avatar m tn My 1Q is i had unprotected sex with one of my female friends who is not my girlfriend.the following day i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend....then after 4 to 5 weeks i started to get a small rash on both of my arms stayed for few minutes and it was gone.then it kept on appearing. just after a month and 2 weeks i went and did an hiv test which came out nagetive-.the nurse told me that i most come back after 3months but i could not go...