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Avatar m tn But I am very worry now it is a same rash with HIV symptoms. Can someone give me a clue what does Skin Rash of HIV looks like?
Avatar f tn actually a rash showing up a few weeks after being kissed on the neck isn't likely to be just from being kissed there. bottom line - if you are concerned about your rash, go and be seen.
Avatar n tn You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV, so your symptoms have nothing to do with ARS. See a dermatologist if you have a concern.
Avatar f tn t go down in the next couple of days could it be something else ? Does my symptoms ( in older post ) sound like something else besides gonno ?
Avatar m tn once HIV symptoms start, the blood test is almost always positive. And your rash doesn't sound like that associated with HIV, and HIV could never cause a rash as the only symptom. I'm not going to guess at other possible causes; we don't speculate once it is clear that neither HIV nor any other STD is the cause of symptoms. See a doctor or clinic if you remain concerned.
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Avatar m tn During these sickening Episodes I started googling the symptoms and I came across this website where some ARS (Acute HIV Infection) Symptoms were listed which exactly looked like mine which got me extremely worried. Are they HIV Symptoms including NIGHT Sweats OR straight fully blown AIDS? I am worried till grave!!
Avatar f tn And all I have now is a rash no other symptoms , I goolged it and it says you habe symptoms all at once. I think its a bit to late to start having symptoms now isn't it ?
Avatar n tn No your rash does not sound like an ARS rash, it is typically present on the upper torsoe not on your leg of all places. ARS also ussually presents (90%) a fever of over a hundred degrees, which you obviously didn't have because you did not mention it. Your spot on your tongue also does not sound like any of the common symptoms for acute hiv.
Avatar f tn Terrified that I now have HIV as I experienced light flu symptoms two weeks after for around 5 days, then a light non-itchy rash on my stomach 3 weeks after for about 3 days. I had no fever, chills, night sweats, ulcers, joint/muscle pain etc. Just a runny nose/sneezing and the rash. I will get tested anyway but does this sound bad or am I just being overly anxious? It was flu season around the time I got the flu symptoms.
Avatar f tn i just have one more question, i know i should stop being paranoid but i just wanted to know what the ars rash looked like? does it just look like any other virus rash? i tried looking at pictures online but different rashes keep coming up.
Avatar f tn What does an hiv rash look like? I have something under my eye that is developing. It kind of looks like a pimple, but it's not one. It itches and it's a little red. I also think it's scabbing over. Also, I'm just now getting over a bad cold that I had for 4 weeks. Sinus pressure, nasal congestion, fever, headachesn etc. I took antibitiotics and it just went away. I think I got my mom suck from it, too. She had the same symtpoms for the same amount of time.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if early hiv always shows strong flu like symptoms or if these weak symptoms could indicate something. I was around someone who was on antibiotics for strep a few days ago. These current symptoms began yesterday.
Avatar f tn t use symptoms to give an indication of HIV and 2. A rash like that has nothing to do with HIV but needs to be seen by a Dr. Test at 3 months to know your status and use condoms.
Avatar m tn the wart is not my main reason for concern - since the encounter, i have developed 3 to 4 small, very red bumps on my chest. they almost look like blood blisters. i also have a rash on my inner thigh that looks similar to a ring worm that seems to be slowly spreading. i have read that rash is a primary indicator of hiv.
Avatar m tn im scared if thats anything related to HIV because i had a encounter a week ago..Is hiv rash always blochy and does it look like a purple or red?
Avatar m tn I am not sure if that is because of my HIV fear....Could this stuffs be a HIV rash? Does HIV rash appears within 9 days of encounter?? What could be the time frame? --> Symptoms are NEVER reliable to detect the presence of HIV. Only an HIV test can tell whether or not you are infected. All the best!
623944 tn?1244035490 I have been reading this thread and was hoping some of you could look at the pictures in my profile and tell me if you think the rash on my face looks anything like the Lupus rash. I have had it for quite some time now along with lots of other symptoms along the way. The rash never completely goes away, some days it is really bad, and some days it is hardly noticeable.
Avatar f tn This is because there are many other things which are far more common, and much easier to catch, which have exactly the same symptoms as HIV. Even specialist HIV Doctors do not use symptoms to diagnose HIV infection. So if they do not diagnose based on symptoms, image how hard it is for patients to self diagnose. The only useful thing is to take a test.