Does acute hiv rash look like

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Avatar f tn actually a rash showing up a few weeks after being kissed on the neck isn't likely to be just from being kissed there. bottom line - if you are concerned about your rash, go and be seen.
Avatar m tn But I am very worry now it is a same rash with HIV symptoms. Can someone give me a clue what does Skin Rash of HIV looks like?
Avatar m tn Rockoff, I just wanted to make sure (second opinion) that typical Perioral Dermatitis does not look like a acute HIV rash. I take that you are saying perioral dermatitis does not look like an acute HIV rash. This has reassured me and put my mind to ease. I now see why I was told no hiv testing was necessary. Thanks and keep up the good work Dr.
Avatar n tn What is an acute HIV rash? does it look like a sunburn rash, pimples outbreak rash, does it have some kind of guidelines? Any information regarding this would greatly be appreciated. how long after exposure does symptons come and how long do they general stay?
Avatar f tn HIV rash does not itch
Avatar n tn m not trying to fuel any worrying frenzy or anything like that - I know I had a risk and I just would like someone to tell me if the rash is in anyway consistent with the rash one may get with acute HIV infection. If the answers are the answers I want to hear - great, but I will still be getting tested. If not, oh well - but I will still be getting tested.
Avatar m tn 6 fever, then over with. concerned, but still not worried... - 8 weeks later A week ago i shaved my lower torso up to my chest area. Never done before. In additionto this, San diego has had really low temp prompting me to wear my exercise shorts and "wife-beater" undershirt underneath my work clothes, which are tight to begin with. (easy to change after work).. Probably for 4 to 5 days...Never did that either. Noticed itch in lower torso area and hotness around body.
Avatar m tn how does a hiv rash look and where would it be? i something that looks like a rash on my chest but really looks like goosebumps but a little darker than the rest of my skin.
2214843 tn?1339322426 What does the acute HIV infection rash look? Are they a cluster of small bumps or apart? Two days ago, I got about 8 red rashes on my left arm. They are red spots, sparsely distributed, about 2 inches away from each other. Now, they are fading away. Are these possibly caused by HIV infection? What do the acute HIV infection rash look? They they appear in big amount and multiple areas? Do they keep growing and spreading out? How long do they last?
Avatar m tn I know because of the unprotected sex with the stripper I need to test. My question these symptoms I describe sound like acute HIV? Thank all of you in advance for advice/comments.
Avatar n tn 1) Does this rash sound like the typical symptoms of acute HIV? Is it normal for it to disappear and reappear over a 4 - 5 week period? 2) Are other symptoms normally present? I think I had a headache for two hours once during this entire 4 week period. No other symptoms are / were really present. I know, I know... i really need to be tested, and will. I am just so nervous that I am curious what your experience is with this rash and if this sounds like acute HIV or likely something else.
Avatar f tn My question is, what does an HIV rash look like? After a week or two I broke out with three raised red bumps on my chest. Didn't look like acne that I usually have. No itch to them. They just looked weird. I took a test weeks later but it came out negative. Now after research I'm thinking that it might not have showed up on the test. How soon will it show up on a test after all the symptoms (bumps, headache, fatigue, etc.) have passed?
Avatar m tn (So maybe slightly high but not drastic). I still continued to feel fine but it took the rash like a week to go away. It does seem like 3 days after the rash developed I woke up in the morning covered in sweat. (not sure if this is a night sweat). At the time I dismissed it as nothing because I never really felt sick. I'm wondering if I shouldn't have. Any one with any input or more knowledge on the subjects opinion would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I've read info stating it can be small and dark raised bumps on skin to red patches on torso. Often different sites and opinions don't distinguish clearly between a newly infected person's rash to an hiv rash later in hiv stages. Online pictures are often unclear as well. I'd actually say they're more unclear than the written information. I understand symptoms should never be used to diagnose and that's not my intention.
1418572 tn?1285957661 Also I recently developed a rash close to my chin I was wondering does it look like an hiv rash. I have a picture of it here and here and please give me an answer I am very very worried. I am loosing sleep over it. Do you think you could give me a percentage of me having hiv? Thank you so very much for your time.
Avatar m tn Does the onset of hiv rash after initial infection occur all over the body at one time or does it start in one place and then spread to other places over time? I have a rash that appeared on my arm and now has spread to places on the side of my thorax and later to my legs. As the rash spreads the other areas seem to be getting better. Can it be HIV? I did have an encounter with a person of unknown status and had a condom failure about 4 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I also jumped in a freezing cold swimming pool on Saturday 2/21 which was a very bad experience, I m thinking this is cold Urticaria from the cold water or allergies. Doctor I am worried this could be an HIV rash, what does that rash look like and feel like exactly, should I be worried? Note that I have had these skin issues before due to stress, drinking and bad food called dishydrosis, but never to this extent.
Avatar f tn how does acute infection hiv rash looks like? does it appears in round shape or long rod like scratches? the main thing i want to know is how it appears? is it transient or stays for a long time. once it appears how long it stays. means for minutes, hours ,days ,weeks. how? once it appears does it disappears in minutes after itching ? once i got rash on hand and it disaapeared in 5 minute after i itched it. it again appeared next day and disappeared in 5 mins. then again i never got it.
Avatar m tn would appreciate your honest answer on the above doctor if a) this sounds likes ars rash and b) some sites say al over body rash..what exactly is all over? C) what does it look like. Man thanks in advance for your answer Doctor.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, it has been a while since I last posted on this forum. I have had an episode with CSW on Feb 6th 2011. For as much as I can recall, I think I have used condom during any sexual intercourse. But since, I was on recreational drugs at the time, I can only be 90% sure. The problem starts 3 weeks after the encounter. I began to have rashes on my hands, legs, and chest. And 2 days later (which is today) I began to have a sore throat.
Avatar m tn It began more on my upper thigh yesterday and today there is another rash on the skin-fold. Is groin rash common for acute HIV infection?