Do you lose weight after weaning

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348841 tn?1365555131 Don't wanna get too fat while pregnant and I want it to be easey to drop the weight and tone after.
Avatar f tn I eat so many twix bars, cookies anything I have, it is so sick, I wrote so much to get to the fact that you will lose weight when you just go down a little and the lower you get the more you will lose. I am so grateful of my clinic and the people that work there. Good luck everyone!!
102999 tn?1326859384 I also have been trying to lose the last 30lbs of my baby weight for FOUR YEARS. I work my butt off and still the weight stays. I am beginning to think the Klonopin may be hindering weight loss. I will talk to my Dr about all of this when I do see him - but that isnt for months. So, I am curious what some of you may have to say about whether or not Klonopin may be the weight culprit and/or suggestions of whether or not I should try to taper off (and how).
Avatar n tn I don't know why you would have a heart attack but if you are worried you should call your doctor. He can also answer any questions about continuing the medication during pregnancy.
280369 tn?1316705641 we'll see how it goes. But I have a question about how to wean? What did you ladies do? Don't you get engorged when weaing? How do you deal with that? I am just confused on how you just stop...and how long it will take until your milk is longer present? Sorry for all the questions...I am clueless in this area. When I give him breastmilk from the freezer and don't nurse him for 4-5 hours, my bbs get so full and they hurt, if I haven't pumped! I can't imagine going through that while weaning.
954005 tn?1304630205 So I need advice about getting off paxil, and if anyone has NOT been able to get off all the way, what did you do? And also has anyone gained weight on paxil, and how did you lose it?
4981427 tn?1371674069 Doctor just switched me from Zoloft to Paxil, I'm not researching into it i'm just going to trust him and do it. But I was just wondering why you thought you gain weight on certain meds. Do you think it could just be because you start feeling good after so long and finally can eat again? Do you think if I just keep up on exercise and eating properly i can maintain my weight? please, No bad details about Paxil, I was just curious about opinions of the weight part of it.
Avatar f tn Tapering is good if you can do it but unless you have someone to help you it can be difficult. The good news is, you know you need to stop! Once your committed it's not near as bad as we make it out to be. Just keep posting and you will get all the help and support you need. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I get pains in my chest and it does the flip/flop thing, is that dangerous? 6. I just started excercising more intensly to lose weight, is that OK while trying to wean off the atenenol? 7. When would be the time to take all the tests again? or do I need another 24 monitor or echo? I always hear only when your symptoms change but sometimes my palps are real bad is that enough to warrent a test? 8. Who is really in danger of sudden cardiac death and what causes it?
Avatar n tn you could go way hypo causing irreversable health damage, not to mention coma and/or death. or causing symptoms more horrendous than hair lose and weight. if you let yourself go to hypo and you wouldn't know without doctor and thyroid test, it will take longer to heal from acquired symptoms and to get levels to normal and stable levels, possibly taking years, years more than already, from you healthy and precious life.
Avatar m tn Really you’re not though, you have finally met a lady you care about and you want to do this for her that’s wonderful! Why not let her help you with it? Surely you would not want to let her down if she knew. This is likely to be a story you tell her of someday and hopefully the problems never arises again but if you fail honorably she would maybe be right there to help you through it again. All the while building a stronger relationship.
Avatar n tn READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO LOSE BODYFAT! So far I’ve been reading comments from everyone and I feel your pain. The doctor told me the same as they are all telling you "It doesn’t make you gain weight"... bull sh** ! Im a 22 year old male and I’ve been on Effexor for about 4 years (6 years total being on depression pills) and i gained about 40 lbs. During the weight gain, I craved food like crazy but still had a moderate diet and performed strenuous weight lifting 3-5 times per week.
Avatar n tn i am 22 yrs old and going the 11th of april for a histerectomy (cervix, uterus, and tubes {leaving overies}) i am now very worried since i have read a lot of what you all have written in here. i am trying to lose weight and do not want to gain weight and certainly do not want to lose my sexual desire or my o's. i was just wondering if any of you out there have had these problems and have had the exact type of histerectomy as i am because maybe then i shouldn't go and get it done.
Avatar n tn Breastfeeding does help pull in and tighten some of those abdominal muscles, and you do burn lots of calories.. some women notice overall it's easier to lose weight after weaning your baby from the breast.. that all just depends on the individual, I suppose. Okay, enough of my babbling.. again, I hope this helps.. and good luck! Like I said before.. just LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Take Care.
Avatar n tn I have been weaning off of Zoloft,Klonipin and Buspar for over a month now. You suggested I start with the Klonipin and I have had a pretty easy time of it. I went from 2mg a day to current .25 mg at night now. On the Zoloft, I have weaned from 200mg to 50mg a day. I am just taking Buspar 1.x a day 15mg. Since I have a pretty easy time of coming off of the Klonipin, I thought the Zoloft would be a snap....Not true...
377493 tn?1356505749 I always gave my kids cereal in the morning and night. It helps them to fill up more. Just a thought you might want to try. If you do put the cereal in the bottle all you got to do is take a fork and poke it through the nipple hole to make it a bit bigger so that the thicker fluids would come out.
Avatar n tn I also have gained weight with use of Lexapro, but the doctor keeps telling me that weight is not affected by the use of the medication. Did you lose your weight after d/c lexapro? I have d/c lexapro also about 1 month ago, but am having frequent dizzy spells. Did you experience any of that after d/c the lexapro?
Avatar m tn As far as weight gain yes I did gain on it, not alot, but I did. And more importantly I couldn't lose weight after my kids because of the med. I ended up going on Pristiq because I started to get RLS on Lexapro. GL!! (oh and weaning is very hard to do on Lex. You have to wean slowly!!
Avatar n tn i have been on Lexapro for 10 months 10 mg. a day, i weighed 106 when i started treatment, i started feeling my clothes not fitting correctly especially around the waist, hips, midriff. i never changed my eating patterns, exercise every day. i have gained over 15 lbs. , never in my life had i gained 1 pound. i started researching this connection on line when a health professional freind of mine mentinoned the connection. it is unbelievable all the persons that are expereinceing this.
Avatar f tn It does help to keep your mind busy, it helps to forget about tx for awhile. Don don't worry able the weight lose, it's normal to lose a lot of weight. I've been off tx almost a week now and have gained 6 lbs already. I to have the aches and pain, my legs and feet are killing me, but that to is slowly going away. Please post more often as it helps to get through this cr@p. BTW- Happy Father's Day my friend, just hang in there the ride from h@ll is almost over.
121828 tn?1333468091 Some women do lose when they nurse, but some women keep the weight on as long as they are nursing. It's a biological thing -- the hormones of nursing trigger the body not wanting to starve (so the baby won't). One author who wrote about this mentioned that fat tucks into places you would never think it would, such as under the arms.
1264863 tn?1391121793 I either go back to taking my full amount or if i stick to it, it just seems to prolong the withdrawls so i always quit cold turkey. However for you it looks like you have stayed stong and stuck to your weaning plan so i wanted to congratulate you on that! I know how friggin hard it is to try to get off these pills and take care of kids! I only have one 2yr old but when i am sick with withdrawls it seems like it takes everything i have to just change her diaper and feed her!
Avatar m tn When I mention this to my doctor he just says oh it makes you lose weight and he tells me not eat so much. My eating habits have not changed and the pharmist told me yes effexor either causes weight gain or weight loss that it depends on the person. Effexor works great for my mood everyone notices a difference but I wish I would stop gaining weight. I have always been slim and was on medication before to gain weight.
Avatar f tn I would say that if you are NOT looking to lose weight, then stay away from the tramadol because it will make you lose weight and very quickly. It should of been prescribed as a weight loss pill, as it helps to lose weight more so than any weight loss remedy that I see out in the markets.
Avatar n tn Even with a slowed metabolism, you will go into ketosis and lose weight. I say atkins too, because it is a diet where you will lose the most in the shortest amount of time. You would not want to be off meds any longer than necessary. You can lose 40 lbs. on atkins in about 3 months. Go back on your meds as soon as you can, taking with you that you need to monitor the scale.
Avatar n tn everyone at work says...oh, did you color your hair... or did you get a makeover or something ?... have you lost weight... what's different .... I LOVE THIS DRUG !! To all of you who have never been fat and depressed ... I'm telling you I feel great and I will put up with the side effects of this drug as long as I can continue to feel good and lose weight!!!!
Avatar f tn I cant loose weight, you get to the point why go to the gym, why walk, what ever I do I can not loose weight. I look at myself and this is not me and I dont know where to turn. How did you find out and what are you doing for yourself, can you loose weight. I AM SOOO LOST AND CONFUSED.....
148691 tn?1260198503 she's usually burning more calories than what she ingests (seems like) and she has a tendency to lose weight (or not gain too much)..... Should I buy some more and keep giving her her boosts of formula??