How to lose weight quick for your wedding

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Avatar f tn There is no way to safely lose very much weight... But you can start your weight loss program now and continue it after the wedding, so when something else comes up, you'll be ready for it. Start by giving up sodas, sweets and processed foods... That's the best thing you can do for yourself... Also take a 30 minute walk every day...
Avatar f tn Its better to lose weight gradually than quick weight loss, and for that you need to follow some rules such as more physical works, right food choice, and lot of exercise.
Avatar f tn Ranseq said it right -- quick loss, will result in a quick gain. Making small changes - one at a time - will be the easiest and best way for you to lose weight. Of course, you will have to combine eating changes with adequate exercise, but it's doable.
Avatar f tn Here is the answer to this question. In order to lose weight, you have to subtract calories. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so in order to lose 1 lb/week, you'd have to drop 500 calories from your BMR each day (1 lb is equal to 3500 calories, so 500 calories X 7 days = 3500 calories or 1 lb). OR you can drop 250 calories from your diet and increase ...
Avatar f tn Fast weight loss is not good for you, and while there are ways to lose quickly, most likely, you will gain the weight back, once you go off the diet.
Avatar f tn I am currently doing well with my diet and I exercise regularly about3-4 times a week. My biggest thing is I love fruits and veggies but they don't keep for long and it feels like I'm wasting $. I am wanting to lose weight for my physical and emotional health. I need to gain confidence and also I want to look phenomenal for my wedding day!!!
Avatar n tn I always dreamt of being at 120lbs for my wedding however I a good healthy way without starving to get there. Am all for weight loss but in a healthy beneficial way.
193609 tn?1292180293 I'm soooo excited for you. JUST MAKE SURE IT CAN BE TAILORED ENOUGH ! Find out how much it can be altered...and be careful NOT to lose too much weight! I'm confident in you.
Avatar n tn The same things that work for non-diabetics trying to lose weight work for diabetics. Reduce caloric intake and increase exercise. Many of us believe in low carb eating and the lower carb you eat you will also lose weight. Be sure if you do this to reduce your insulin intake as it will also lower your blood sugar. Obviously lowering fat intake will also help lose weight and you will have to eat a lot more vegies, salads, and more lean meat (skinless chicken or fish) to compensate.
Avatar f tn All I ever read is the key to weight loss is your metabolism. How do I increase it without a thyroid? It is very frustrating!
Avatar f tn t want to start prednisone again because 10 day before I finish my pills of prednisone, and even simple exercise also exerts me , how to lose weight ?can someone help ? please..........
Avatar f tn Here is the answer to this question. In order to lose weight, you have to subtract calories. Safe weight loss is 1-2 lbs/week, so in order to lose 1 lb/week, you'd have to drop 500 calories from your BMR each day (1 lb is equal to 3500 calories, so 500 calories X 7 days = 3500 calories or 1 lb). OR you can drop 250 calories from your diet and increase .....
Avatar f tn I too needed to lose alot of weight, fast, for my updomming wedding in May. After much reading on forums, such as this one, comparing diets / programs (nutrisystem, weight watchers, etc) and recommendations from friends & co-workers, I choose to try a weight loss clinic which provides the b12 w/ lipotropics injections (weekly), phendimetrazine, calcium fat burners & vitiamin supplements and I am glad I did. Following a strict diet of high protien, low fat & low carbs.
1288436 tn?1271893636 I had to have an emergency c-section and the doctor told me that I pretty much would never see my pre-baby body ever again because its harder to lose weight after a c-section. Please tell me there is a way. I have lost about 25lbs since birth but the skin just isn't snapping back as quick. What are my healthy options??
Avatar f tn Hope you are having a great time and busy with your wedding? How about your weight reduction program? Are you still going on shedding your weight or have achieved your goal by now? It is better to follow fitness practice/gym regularly to avoid the rebound weight gain and also to keep up the muscle tone. Try to take some time even if you are bit busy and keep physically active. It's time for more junk food and high fat content foods, try to avoid and be on more of liquids.
Avatar f tn You need to figure out how many pounds you want to lose, then calculate your calorie needs, and implement a diet and exercise program accordingly.
193609 tn?1292180293 Cheyenne, my goal weight for my wedding was 125. I was 138 when I tried on and bought my dress. I bought it a little tight, just to make darn sure I knew I had to lose some weight. Well, I had my final fitting last week. I have lost too much weight! My dress, when laced as tight as it can be in the back, is almost too loose! I have gone below my target weight without even trying to. The stress of our upcoming wedding (8 days away!) has made me not have much of an appetite at all...
Avatar f tn I'm aware that exercise is necessary to lose weight and look strong and taut; it's kkheartsup that we have to convince.. lol I, personally, do not use any type of soy products because I have a thyroid condition and soy is not recommended in those with thyroid issues.
784382 tn?1376931040 Drink lots of water, salads and fruits and try to limit to 1200cals of food this week and lose 1000cals by doing lot of cardio,running etc. You can do it, you can lose 5 pounds. Have proper sleep and rest also the whole week and your main motive is weight loss, healthy eating and rest. Take care!
Avatar f tn I'm almost 15 and I weigh 249 lbs. My family is going on a awesome vacation this summer around the end of June and I want to lose at least 50 lbs before then so I can look a little better. My whole family is in shape except me and it brings me down sometimes. I have an under active thiroid and I'm taking pills but I can't seem to lose any weight. I suck at dieting but I love to exercise.
1372716 tn?1278527329 People think that drinking water would gain weight but the more water you drink the more weight your burn. And take pictures for your self, Take them when your naked, keep them in a box underyour bed or where ever they wont be found. Take a picture today when you start running and each week take a new picture, in one month look back and you will notice a small difference. It usually takes 3 months to see any signs but if you run everyday until you cant run anymore. Just dont give up.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just wanted to also add this-- from my experience. If any weight loss regime you take on is not something you can sustain for the long term day to day, it's not worth it. You will just gain the weight back. You have to look at long term things you can do and live with. Examples, I cut back on sugar and added in much healthier choices that I like. I have one cheat day a week where I can have my sugary snacks if I want them. This works for me and has for a very long time.
Avatar f tn You need to find your calorie maintenance number and shoot to be calorie deficient by no more that 500 to get the body to lose weight healthily. Exercise at least 4-5 days a week for a min of 30-45 min but no more than 1-1.5 hours. Use weights and interval/circuit training to boosts your bodies metabolic rate and reduce you carb intake to about 20-30% of your total daily calories. Focus more on proteins from lean meats and vegetables such as broccoli.
193609 tn?1292180293 Am beaming at the news of your wedding and send you the very best wishes as you start shopping for a dress and making all the plans for your special day. WHOOOOOO HOOOOO HOOOOO .. YOU ROCK!!!!
Avatar f tn Some of just get saggy skin when we lose weight. Check out YouTube for upper body exercises using weights.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism is the main one that comes to mind for someone your age. You should talk to your parents about getting some simple blood tests at your doctor's office. The tests you need are TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 to check thyroid function. Beyond that, enlist the help of your parents to make sure you're getting the right number of calories for your body... not eating enough calories or the right type of food is just as bad as eating too many too many calories.