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Avatar n tn I drink tons of water, NO sugars, NO sweets, I rarely drink soda and if I do its diet soda. I am happy with my 35 lb weight loss and my behavior change in the way i eat but I feel i am stuck . I will definitly stick to my plan and try to get over this bump in the road. thanks for your comment!
Avatar n tn over the past 4 yrs he has lost a considerable ammount of weight and the doctors have said he is under weight for his height so was wondering how he could gain weight being on a dairy free diet, i have been looking on the net all morning to no avail please help if you can.
7729616 tn?1393799092 My friends have advised me that my diet plan is not high in fibre content and some have suggested I take up the autoimmune paleo diet, however this diet excludes nightshades (potatoes) which would help in increasing my fibre intake. So I am now stuck and have no idea what I can do.
Avatar f tn sure hope you do b/c this is the best possible food for a cat!!!! Most cats gain weight b/c of the GRAINS and Carbs in their diet just like us. they don't need to be restricted in the amount they are given, just need to be fed a good high quality grain free diet and they will eat less and begin to loose the extra pounds... there are many good high quality grain free diets with whole meat and not by-products but these are only sold at good pet stores....not at super markets.
529075 tn?1213463650 I tried one quick weight loss diet after another. I'd lose weight then gain it back..over and over again. We didn't know then what we know now about how the body can't handle losing weight quickly. I would just suggest that since you're working a desk job you won't be as hungry as you used to when you exerted more energy throughout the day. What you're eating sounds very healthy. I'd also suggest not focusing on your body as much: focus in on life and other things.
Avatar f tn When you lose weight, you will be proud for yourself that you did it yourself without a help of different weight loss supplements. Good luck!
Avatar n tn i need some ideas on what kind of diets work the BEST or what ideas for meals that anyone has.
1172209 tn?1263430816 Sometimes its really difficult. When I went through this issue myself I asked to be changed to another mood stabilizer and I found Lamictal to be the most tolerable in this regard, certainly as regards weight gain but each person responds differently to each medication. Sometimes if a person is developing severe side effects from a medication it is worthwhile to consider available options. Speak to your psychiatrist about this.
Avatar f tn as these give great eating guidelines for not only weight loss, but an overall health boost. For the exercise component, aim to get moving more. This can include just simply going for walks/ light jogs for 1/2hr to 45minutes, 3-5 times per week. It's a great idea to do some resistance or weight bearing training aswell to build up lean muscle mass, but only do this strictly under a trainers guidance, as you'll need to be taught proper technique to safely lift heavy weights.
1458590 tn?1333407412 It is pointless to try and lose weight at a 'fast rate' as the minute you stop the 'diet' the weight will all be put back on, and then some!! the diets that promise such results cannot last. It is like when you have a stomach bug and are ill and don't eat alot, you do lose weight, but it won't last once you are better because the body can't continue to survive that way, and you will put the weight back on with your normal diet.
Avatar n tn I have a main goal of weight loss that I have had for two years. I have concentrated on it every day through diet and exercise. My problem is my weight, 10 stone 6 (i'm 5' 7'' dress size 10) has not moved. I am a fitness instructor so understand what I am doing but am desperate as I have tried every option. I have been exercising 6 days a week, 2-4 hrs a day and training hard, cv and weights.
2047155 tn?1527167564 Oh & I used to drink WAYYYY too much soda! I would drink 4) 32oz drinks a day at my work b.c it was .93 a cup w/ free refills & then I would drink a can or 2 a night! It was outrageous! I never realized how much until I started working at my new job & I gain 20 lb from all those drinks. It's a part-time job so i wasn't there everyday but certainly enough to make a huge difference in my weight..obviously!
Avatar n tn // Also give a serious thoguht about using a food journal. It can help you monitor your calorie intake and keep it in check...You can use to count calories. Please let us know if you need further assistance with anything.
Avatar f tn He is a vegan since he was 7 and I think this is contributing to his weight loss. Do other vegans have this problem and how do they deal with weight loss? How many calories does an 18 year old boy need? He is also hyperactive and paces constantly, etc. He stays awake for two or three days at a time not feeling hungry and only eating when I insist, then sleeping 18 to 24 hours to make up for it. This may certainly be part of the problem.
Avatar n tn I am very depressed about my weight and I am trying to find out about weight loss programs that truly work. Please give me some ideas before I go crazy.
921312 tn?1351081513 There is a good diet and weight loss community here at MedHelp - it is full of people doing this the right way. Remember we don't put those extra pounds on over night and they don't come off quickly, either. Be kind to yourself and set realistic goals.
266539 tn?1281405752 Hi, That's a great idea. We currently have the Natural Weight Loss forum at but you're right it doesn't focus just on dieting. We'll look into this and see if we can add it.
1159480 tn?1263409171 I gave in to the cravings for sweets and gained more weight back. So, it's back to the basic Atkins diet again. I think it'll be good for me overall. When I stuck to the Atkins diet, my blood pressure and blood sugar levels were great.
266539 tn?1281405752 My fiance is over weight and I can't seem him to do anything about it so I am hoping by my weight loss that will help modivate him. I started eatting better probably about 2 months ago and went from 145 to 131 but the last few weeks I'm back up at 136. I would love any ideas, just keep in mind that I can't run, or really any type of exercise involving my legs. Thanks for any suggestions!
784382 tn?1376934640 any ideas? pills? they even work???...just looking for like 5 lbs weight loss.... lately i have been eating pretty healthy and just started going to the gym a few weeks im trying to do it the right way, but i just need a little push this week and have it show off!
Avatar f tn 30 yrs, 6 '1", nearly 230 lbs and works 12 hours a day. Weight loss is extremely difficult for him as I cannot make him go on a diet or exercise which may zap his energy. I am afraid he is becoming obese. It is very difficult to make him walk everyday and he eats reasonably less for a man of his weight. In the morning he does with a bowl of cereals and the afternoon something veggie from his work place. He eats non-veg twice-thrice a week. What is a diet that can be effective?
Avatar f tn i'm 20 years old and since i was diagnosed, i picked up 40lbs in the first year and since then i cannot lose the weight at all and its not my diet because i don't put weight on. its driving me mad! any ideas??