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Avatar m tn My name is JoAnne and while it is true what Barb has said about exercise and diet there are a couple of new medications that help with weight loss and helps you keep your weight off. I am a family nurse practitioner and i have reviewed these mess got myself and for my patients. One is called Beliq and the other is Qsymis. Asa your doctor about them and see if he/she feel that it will be a good choice for you . Good luck and root for me too in this new journey to health and wellness.
Avatar f tn If you want a safe weight loss then you should include water in your weight loss plan along with exercise. Drink a glass of water every time you want to eat snack or anything unhealthy. It help in controlling your eating habits.
Avatar f tn Cardio does help out but so does nutrition and other factors. It's all about what you are eating and portion sizes. You can still eat out and be healthy, you just have to make healthy choices. I'm sure the running will help…it's good for your heart!
Avatar f tn I want to lose about 70 lbs. I have started a three day diet that should help to loss 10lbs a week. Is this a safe amount to lose weekly?
Avatar m tn Think of a diet as something permanent. Crash diets just help you gain weight faster once they are over. So, pick some simple rules of a balanced and healthy diet, and follow them. Don't sweat it if you crave for something "bad", to a balanced diet belongs the bad side, too. If you give in now to a small piece of chocolate, it is much better than to eat two whole packages later. Fourth: some people have a tricky metabolism and have trouble with the usual diets for weight loss.
Avatar f tn Can a person who is not a diabetic take metformin for weight loss.. I need to loose 60lbs i have tried other prescription's diet pill's and i'am immune to them they work for awhile then nothing.
Avatar f tn Its obviously very healthy for you and would help you lose weight. My mother went on a fast ats lost a decent amount of weight she only drank water and used little cubes of beef and chicken stock for flavor. I believe if you keep your belly full with water you won't be hungry. Good luck dearest!
526889 tn?1212540641 For your age you need 1500 calories daily to safely lose weight. I would recommend a Heart Healthy diet which is a moderate fat diet. Moderate fat diet means = use polyunsaturated (omega 3, corn oil, nuts, etc) fats and monounsaturated (olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, etc) fats, no saturated fats (high fat snack foods, butter, fat spreads) and no trans fats.
Avatar f tn Help !! I need to know what can be done to lose weight is there a product that works ??? Has anyone had results with anything??
Avatar f tn While Atkins may help you lose weight fast, it's not something that most people can stay on long term. An overall healthy diet that centers on veggies, lean protein, low/no fat dairy and eliminates sugar and processed foods, including sugar, white bread, pasta etc is something you can maintain. It's not fast, but fast isn't healthy and will only result in further gain down the road.
Avatar n tn over the past 4 yrs he has lost a considerable ammount of weight and the doctors have said he is under weight for his height so was wondering how he could gain weight being on a dairy free diet, i have been looking on the net all morning to no avail please help if you can.
Avatar f tn 20 lbs is too much to lose in 3 weeks, with safe weight loss being 1-2 pounds/week. Most likely if you're gaining weight, it's because you're building muscle from the exercise. Try taking your measurements and see if you've lost body mass, even if the scale went the wrong direction. Your calorie intake is based on your age, height and current weight. If you like, I can help you calculate that.
Avatar n tn I feel sooo uncomfortable with my weight I weight 172 pounds Idk if its so much my weight that makes me uncomfortable or if its just that I'm not so toned its more like floppy how can I lose weight or tine during pregnancy .
Avatar f tn told me there is no scientific proof that these are helpful to weight loss, by I do notice increased energy and better mood. I have been doing a low cal diet plus the lipotropic injections for 3 weeks, I am down 12.5 pounds!
Avatar f tn While weight loss pills can work, many times, they aren't meant for long term use and often the patient regains all the weight, once the pills have been stopped. In addition, many herbal weight loss pills have ingredients that can have powerful adverse side effects. I agree that you should see your doctor and be sure to research any herbal products you decide to take.
Avatar n tn Hi runali, You say you want to lose 44 pounds in a month. This is not a healthy weight loss goal for anybody. Most people can lose anywhere between 2 -3 lbs a week. Losing weight too quickly may put your body in shock. Before you start any diet, you should talk this over with your family doctor to make sure it is appropriate for you. Perhaps your doctor can suggest a food plan that will help you lose weight at a healthy pace.