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Avatar n tn Food triggers are different for different persons. Some people find cold foods worsening the pain whereas some find spicy foods intolerable. Foods that contain a lot of fat may also trigger the pain. For you it seems to be the same. Please avoid spicy, high salt and high fat diet. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
880023 tn?1241744504 just wondering if any of you guys stick to a certain pregnancy diet or something like that! I am not fallowing any kind of diet, just trying to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and juices etc...
Avatar f tn Any tips on cheap, healthy foods that I can add to my daily diet? I need more nutrition and calories but am on a tight budget.
Avatar f tn Does any1 have a healty diet plan and exercise plan 4 me im 12 weeks pregnant and a bit overweight. I dont want to add unnecessary extra weight.
Avatar f tn How can I diet and eat healthy if my parents do not buy healthy food? I have talked to them about why we need to eat healthy, and they have just told me it costs too much. They will not get good foods and I do not have control over groceries myself.
Avatar m tn Due to stomach problems, I have decided to try a Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Has anyone experienced relief on this diet? So basically, this is what I got from it- fresh vegtables, fresh fruits, lean meats, most nuts, NO LACTOSE, NO SUGAR (except in fruits and honey), and NO STARCHES. Is this about right? Also, what is the policy on yogurt and coconut milk?
5149975 tn?1364332941 Then if you lose or gain weight, you can look back and see what changes you made in your diet. To fall back on the diet diary, you need to keep your exercise level same every day. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn Some of my favorite foods that are healthy and filling---- avocado. I literally eat guacamole four times a week with no salt tortilla chips. I love quinoa as a super grain, brown rice, etc. Beans are cheap! We eat a LOT Of beans. I buy the low salt versions and really, we are all happy with beans in some capacity from a bag of dried beans turned into soup to a can of low salt black beans as a taco salad. I shop the specials when it comes to lean chicken, pork or fish.
780647 tn?1304020942 Welcome to the gastroenterology community! So I'm not quite sure what you mean by what can you buy but here are some tips. Find alternatives to your normal gluten foods. For example buy gluten free cereals, pasta, and bread (some of these are only found at certain stores). Also read every single label of everything you eat (things you wouldn't expect like soy sauce are not gluten free). Also don't eat out at any restaurants while you are trying the gluten free diet.
Avatar f tn One thing that can help is something called a whole foods diet. The reason this is helpful is that it eliminates processed and packaged foods from the diet. You can look this up online for more specifics. The funny thing is, I started doing it for other allergies, such as preservatives, and didn't know what it was called 'til my doctor called it whole foods. Essentially, you only eat foods your great grandparents and generations further back would recognize as food.
Avatar m tn Try to make an appointment with a diabetic nutritionist to educate you about foods you should eat and what foods to avoid. Ask your doctor for a referral. "need other tips so that my a-1c gets better. any ideas?" Diabetes control is simple and requires a lifestyle change. Proper nutrition, physical exercise 5 times a week and maintaining proper body weight all play a key role, especially the physical exercise. Hope this gave you some ideas.
6669309 tn?1462648142 Who switched to a grain free diet for their dogs? Why? Which one? Please tell me how you like it? How long have they been on it and finally what benefits have you seen? Thank you so much! I will be switching this month for my Chug, Rusty because of a suspected grain allergy. I am on a limited budget but must get my dog comfortable again. I can't afford more than $60.a month for this but would love it even cheaper if possible and still good quality.
568875 tn?1424397205 and i have severe swelling and the doc told me i need to be on high protein and low sodium diet. i have no idea where to begin looking for good snack ideas and easy meals. i cant seem to find really anything on google, so i was wondering if any of u ladies have this swelling problem and were put on this diet what did u do for snacks and meals...or if anyone just has any ideas i would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar m tn I am concerned that if I even eat one trigger food, my esophagus will swell up again. Has anybody started incorporating trigger foods into your diet? Also, I am concerned because I don't usually FEEL reflux. It is more silent, I think sometimes.
1085545 tn?1284042254 It is hard to say what foods are available in your region of India along with foods restricted by your religious beliefs. These Google search results should help you find the answer to your question, especially in the last two links. http://tinyurl.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks 1 day today and I would like to know if I still need to eat fatty foods or can I cut them out all together.? Does the baby need them too?
Avatar f tn but I did get a really bad systemic yeast infection a while back and so stripped down my diet to get rid of most prepared foods, and I find that by eating a very clean diet (mostly fresh foods), I feel much much better than before, but hard to draw absolute cause and effect. I skip dairy and wheat, but that is just me. Fruit, but no refined sugar at all. Everybody's different, tho.
Avatar f tn I am not to familiar with the wieght watchers diet but if it is frozen check how much sodium it has. Most forzen foods are high in sodium. Start looking at the ingredients of what you buy. You will be surprised when you read the ingredients and what amounts of cal., fat, and vitamins they have. Don't just go by the name on the outside of the package. Don't wieght yourself every day. It can be misleading and frustrating to your efforts. People can flexuate 3 to 5 pounds easy per day.
Avatar f tn It doesn't directly cause miscarriage. The risk with cold cuts is listeriosis, a really nasty form of food poisoning. Same with soft cheeses, premade salads, pretty much anything cold and unsealed that you'd find at a deli counter. Listeria can survive the fridge. Most people who eat deli foods like this normally have been immunized over time but if you get contaminated food and get sick, it can be harmful to your pregnancy. Like mikaleen says, your immune system is weakened right now.
1729448 tn?1342094737 Hi, I'm just curious about food. You see, I'm 17 and my moms on a fixed income. I LOVE fruits and vegetables, but they're expensive. My mom does her best to buy them for me, but it's hard as it is. I know they're good for you too. I try to eat a balanced diet, but that's hard when stuffs so expensive, and I don't have a huge appetite. So my thoughts are, what kinds of fruits/vegetables have the biggest variety/most vitamins etc that are good for you?