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Avatar f tn It all worth the weight gain :) I think a reason I haven't gained any weight is because I took soda out of my diet and I drank a lot of it. Every ones different with weight gain especially since everyone's shaped differently.
Avatar f tn If you're underweight you're going to want to gain 30-40 pounds while pregnant. If you're severely underweight, you'll ideally want to gain more - in that situation your doctor would be your best guide. The key is moderation. You only need 300-500 extra calories while pregnant, so you don't have to 'eat for two'. Try looking for foods that will keep you fuller for longer, or eat small snacks through the day.
Avatar n tn Consuming more calories than you burn will help you in gaining weight. Try to gain weight in a healthy way. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods like cookies, chips, aerated drinks .You can also do aerobic exercises or exercises which will help you gain muscle mass. The added muscle will increase your metabolism which in turn will lead to increased consumption of calories per day to maintain that weight.
Avatar f tn You are about 20-15lbs overweight depending on your bone structure for your height. You did not state your age, however, women who are 50+ tend to gain weight due to the hormonal changes in their bodies. You need daily approximately 1800 calories (2000 calories if you are in your twenties). Increasing your physical activities will help you lose weight. You only need >1/2 hour a day and that can be broken up throughout the day.
Avatar f tn m trying to be on a better diet and eating lots of protein and calories to try and gain some weight. Amy suggestions on good foods, etc for me to be eating? Or any other advice?
Avatar f tn Weight Gain Diets It is not a good idea of Increasing intake of junk foods and fatty foods to gain weight. You should be eating calorie dense yet nutritious food. Your calorie intake should come from foods that are healthy for you. The weight gaining diet should include high protein foods, high carbohydrate foods and healthy fats. Include these in your diet. Example of weight gain diet Breakfast: Banana and milk or banana shake or smoothie, whole-grain toast, fruits, granola, nuts.
Avatar n tn If you are not receiving the proper nutrition, you will likely be fatigued, fall short of your workout goals and lose weight. learn the proper foods to eat to gain weight before training, so your body will have the available nutrients for a good training program. Consume more complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice, brown pasta and whole wheat bread, one to two weeks before you begin your training program.
Avatar f tn However, my friends said that diet coke do more harm than coke in the long run. Are they correct? Will I gain weight from drinking diet coke?
Avatar f tn Nikilet - hey, don't worry about it! You can't weigh yourself everyday and get an accurate reading. What if you're carrying more water right now, or your body has to eliminate? Best to try every week (or if you can't stand it, 3-4 days) Remember women's bodies have quite a pitch and flow every month that causes fluctuations. If you stay on the diet - you really should lose weight; it's awfully strict!
1655866 tn?1320498966 But, fat deposition on chest and abdominal area is common due to weight gain. Avoid fatty foods, fried foods, desserts, sweets, chocolates, desserts etc and follow a strict diet of protein and whole grain carbohydrates. Start cardio exercises regularly in the form of running, jogging, cycling, swimming etc to tone down and have a proper body weight for your height and to come to a BMI less than 25. Take care!
Avatar f tn I was told I had pcos at 25 and the doc told me that the best result will be following diabetic diet and life style to loose weight. She also sugested vitrex or chaste tree extract. But it wont cure you but just help u balance hormone. Its a lige style change.
Avatar f tn If you teach to eat healthy now, this will help insure that he maintains a healthy diet/weight throughout his life.
15347008 tn?1446268459 Don't diet. And make sure to talk to your Dr before starting an work out regimes. If you're only overweight, your best bet will be to maintain your weight and to gain about 10 lbs or so during your pregnancy, and if you're obese your Dr may recommend you lose weight. Walking is a great way to ease into exercise, and there are plenty of prenatal workouts on YouTube. Just ask your Dr what's going to be healthiest for you and baby. As far as eating, aim to stick with fresh foods.
Avatar f tn I am a breastfeeding mom and my weight dramatically decreased since I was breastfeeding my 7-month old baby. I would like to know what would be the best foods for me to be able to gain weight? Any vitamina suggestion? I am 5'5" tall and I weigh 42-45kgs. I badly want to be healthy and fit. And I want to gain weight. Thank you!
Avatar f tn 11 weight 58 kg i am too skinny pls doctor help me to gain weight suggest me any medicine or tonic to gain weight or to improve my appetite pls
Avatar n tn Relying on nutritional supplements and not whole foods could deny you vital nutrients the supplements lack. Weight-gain supplements might contain impurities that could harm your health. With a high metabolism, nutrition by itself can add pounds to your body but might not result in the body composition you would like unless you do a strength-training program also.
Avatar f tn I feel like I can't gain weight. I've tried eating a lot of calorie foods and a lot of other foods but still I don't gain,any help I really want to gain atleast 10kg that is 50lb*pounds* in a month...
Avatar f tn Some of those include resistant acne and weight gain (just around midsection -- I have small arms and legs), anxiety, confusion and forgetfulness, fatigue (regardless of how much sleep I get), some coarse stray black hairs on my face, low sex drive, sleeping problems, etc. etc. But yes, I agree I shouldn't self-diagnose and start treating something that may not be there.
3113201 tn?1341780938 Please, someone, give me an idea of how to workout and how to get this weight off! Right now, I have a normal diet and weight lift 6 times a week (abs 3 times a week). What foods should I get rid of? What should I eat and drink more of? How should I work out? PLEASE HELP! P.S. I ask here because I don't have time to see a professional. Also, do you think intermittent fasting would work?
5149975 tn?1364332941 Yes, you can update your weight on your diet diary. Then if you lose or gain weight, you can look back and see what changes you made in your diet. To fall back on the diet diary, you need to keep your exercise level same every day. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
4530757 tn?1358353386 Do not diet during pregnancy.. dieting can give adverse sideeffects on baby.. you need full nutritions etc to provide baby.. 6lb at 24wks is nothing.. even if you are over weight you are suppose to gain 20-25lb through out your pregnancy... i was 138lb and now i have gained 36lb and i m 33wks.. because i m planning on breast feeding i ll be eating healthy foods like more fruits and vegetable for baby.. and try to loose weight in a healthy way :)...
Avatar f tn m 32 and have been steadily gaining weight since then but this last year has been the worst. I never used to diet but now that I'm trying to eat better it's having no effect. I've heard that eating unprocessed food, lots of vegetables etc and exercise are the best ways to regulate your hormones and therefore your insulin resistance and this helps mitigate the symptoms of PCOS by addressing the root cause. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar n tn One or two protein shakes into your daily diet to increase your calorie and protein intake. Whole foods are the best sources of calories and protein, but if you have a naturally high metabolism, you may find it difficult to get what you need through whole foods alone. I also suggest buying Whey protein Concentrate NOT Isolate!! Avoid those with added sugars and preservatives. Add high calorie ingredients to your protein shakes to boost the calorie content.
Avatar m tn t have to count calories you eliminate the foods that cause the weight gain, the spikes in insulin which causes the weight gain and amazingly you will lose weight.. you will have more energy and it will become easier to exercise and you gain that energy.. I'm down 60 lbs and am loving eating this way.. it has cured a bunch of health problems and it has helped a bunch of people(including my parents) get to where they want to be with their weight.