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Avatar n tn To get strong and more muscles you have to eat large amount of calories and vitamins that help to increase metabolism and increase weight. You eat healthy foods like fish, chicken, meat, egg etc. These are the best foods that boost weight...
Avatar f tn If you're underweight you're going to want to gain 30-40 pounds while pregnant. If you're severely underweight, you'll ideally want to gain more - in that situation your doctor would be your best guide. The key is moderation. You only need 300-500 extra calories while pregnant, so you don't have to 'eat for two'. Try looking for foods that will keep you fuller for longer, or eat small snacks through the day.
Avatar f tn You are about 20-15lbs overweight depending on your bone structure for your height. You did not state your age, however, women who are 50+ tend to gain weight due to the hormonal changes in their bodies. You need daily approximately 1800 calories (2000 calories if you are in your twenties). Increasing your physical activities will help you lose weight. You only need >1/2 hour a day and that can be broken up throughout the day.
Avatar f tn I'm trying to be on a better diet and eating lots of protein and calories to try and gain some weight. Amy suggestions on good foods, etc for me to be eating? Or any other advice?
Avatar f tn How can i gain weight? I am 5ft. 4 in.tall and weigh 105.I would like to weigh about 125 lbs.but no matter what i try I still don't gain any weight?i AM PAST 40 SO I still did't get the middle age spread everyone said i would.Can you help me?
Avatar n tn Consuming more calories than you burn will help you in gaining weight. Try to gain weight in a healthy way. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid foods like cookies, chips, aerated drinks .You can also do aerobic exercises or exercises which will help you gain muscle mass. The added muscle will increase your metabolism which in turn will lead to increased consumption of calories per day to maintain that weight.
Avatar f tn I am a breastfeeding mom and my weight dramatically decreased since I was breastfeeding my 7-month old baby. I would like to know what would be the best foods for me to be able to gain weight? Any vitamina suggestion? I am 5'5" tall and I weigh 42-45kgs. I badly want to be healthy and fit. And I want to gain weight. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Best to try every week (or if you can't stand it, 3-4 days) Remember women's bodies have quite a pitch and flow every month that causes fluctuations. If you stay on the diet - you really should lose weight; it's awfully strict!
Avatar f tn Hi doctor my name is Nitin am from india , i am 26 year old my height 5'11 weight 58 kg i am too skinny pls doctor help me to gain weight suggest me any medicine or tonic to gain weight or to improve my appetite pls
Avatar m tn Well I asked about IBS bcuz if our digestive system is not working properly we will gain diet will change that until we deal with the IBS issues.
1136436 tn?1261829761 What is the best way to put on weight for a skinny frame guy?
Avatar n tn I'm desperately trying to gain weight. I'm 5'7 130 lbs & I do light weight training 2x a week. I have a high metabolism Please help.
Avatar n tn I've been on depakote and gained about 40 pounds. Risperdal also caused weight gain and lithium. Finally, I was put on geodon which didn't cause any weight gain, but I also coulnd't lose any either. No matter how hard i've been exercising and dieting I can't lose one single pound. I started taking Lamictal with the geodon and lost 23 pounds with no effort. I'm hoping to stay on lamictal and lose the rest of the weight. I now how frustrating this is.
230948 tn?1235847929 I suggest an intake of 1500 calories to maintain your weight. If you start to gain weight, then bring the calorie level to 1200 calories; however, do not go with any less calories. Less then 1200 calories will bring you into a high risk of becoming malnourished. When anyone is dieting and exercising, measuring your waist is a better indicator of weight loss then the weight scale.
Avatar f tn The doctor on the mental health and emotional eating expert forums often suggests prozac as a med that doesn't have weight gain as a side-effect. If you are concerned about your weight you may like to look at your own lifestyle (including both diet and exercise). If you are over-eating you may also need to address the underlying issues causing you to overeat.
228463 tn?1216765121 I have to take this new weight back off cause I can barely walk. Now you get my diet advice. ASPARTAME (as in Diet Coke) has been medically and irrefutably shown to stimulate insulin release and thus casues rebound hunger; it also contributes to insulin resistance. I would recommend avoiding it like the plague.
Avatar f tn So it is too much. Try to stick to natural foods so anymore weight u gain will be healthy weight vs unhealthy.
1083673 tn?1388892238 Now that you're feeling better, you will hopefully be able to keep foods down and you will start gaining the weight that you and you baby need you to gain. Just eat healthy foods, and as long as you're keeping them down, I wouldn't worry!! Keep us posted!
Avatar f tn As far as I am aware you only need to take in an extra 300 or so calories a day, I was similar in my first pregnancy tho. I craved sweet things, cakes etc but also apples. You will know yourself better than any one.
Avatar f tn I lost weight during first trimester had a good amount of morning sickness and was very sensitive to certain smells. I started pregnancy at 200, went down to 196 during first trimester, Im 22 weeks now and am at 210. Since I started out overweight Im worried about gaining to much weight want but baby is doing great and dr says everything is ok with me so far.
233622 tn?1279338505 I am still within normal range but actually not too far away from the hyperthyroid side. I lost a lot of weight on the low carb diet. Actually I went on a gluten free diet and that helped so much. But I lost all of my comfort foods eating that way. If I could get 20 off I would be happy. Some people have said they lost weight on Avonex because the side effects are flu-like and can cause upset stomach.
Avatar n tn As long as you're eating healthy foods, not going overboard, and your doctor isn't concerned about your weight gain, you should be fine! Every woman (and every pregnancy) is different!
Avatar f tn Doc isn't happy about it, but I am just doing my best at my diet and not getting too upset about it. As long as you aren't gaining executive (like 3-5 lbs per week) I don't think it's that bad.
Avatar f tn I can't relate entirely because I have only lost weight but when I got pregnant my doctor said I can only gain 10 pounds. So I am nervous and watch the scale every day. I pray every time i eat for the food to Naresh my baby but for me not to gain any weight. You are not alone.
Avatar f tn So I think it all depends on the person. My doctor isn't too worried about it right now. The best thing for weight gain is to drink the carnation instant breakfasts twice a day. One in the morning, one at night. That will add an extra 500 calories a day and will help with the weight gain.
486679 tn?1234579529 I don't know why your doctor thinks that's too much. Maybe your MD is just thinking about your weight gain from your last pg and wants to help you gain the appropriate amount????? I understand, as Im sure everyone else does, how those hunger pains can take you over! I started adding more high fiber foods to my diet and a little bit more lean protein (which doesn't always mean I reach for them over say, icecream) but those foods tend to fill me up better.
Avatar n tn and once I have completed the antibiotics is there a chance of losing the weight? or at least stopping the weight gain. Aside from the vanity point of losing the weight I am sure it makes the arthritis and numbness worse to be carrying around 40 - 50 extra pounds. I simply don't know how to fix this problem, as crazy as that sounds.