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Avatar n tn Hi, my name is Emily. I'm 5'6" and 270 lbs. I know that's horrible but I've decided to get my life on track and do something about it. But I need help. I need to know what's the best exercises to do for an over weight beginner to lose weight quickly. Any ideas?
Tbd Those foods are remedy Cholesterol in nature way Lemongrass Essential Oil Holy Basil Essential Oil Vitamins Fish Oil Coconut Oil Garlic Green Tea Yogurt Chia Seeds Grapefruit Juice Orange Juice Pomegranate Juice Lemon Juice Apple Cider Vinegar Flaxseeds Celery Juice
Avatar n tn Firstly, congrats for quitting smoking. That is an awesome achievement. Here are few of my thoughts: The human body is characterized by the fundamental principle of homeostasis. No matter what we do, the body works to keep its BODY SET WEIGHT. The key to be skinny is to find a way to reset the body set weight and keep it that way for long time until the body LEARNS that the new weight is its right weight.
Avatar m tn A diet won't build muscle. While certain foods are necessary to help build muscle, exercise, particularly, weight/strength training is best for building muscle.
Avatar f tn 2 in the Annals of Internal Medicine shows the low carb high fat diet excels for weight loss and heart health. The low fat diet saw more lean muscle lost than body fat. Good tip: avoid low fat everything. :) "People who avoid carbohydrates and eat more fat, even saturated fat, lose more body fat and have fewer cardiovascular risks than people who follow the low-fat diet that health authorities have favored for decades, a major new study shows.
Avatar n tn Food triggers are different for different persons. Some people find cold foods worsening the pain whereas some find spicy foods intolerable. Foods that contain a lot of fat may also trigger the pain. For you it seems to be the same. Please avoid spicy, high salt and high fat diet. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn I am a new mom, I delivered my baby 4 months ago, I want to go on a diet but I am afraid thst will affect my baby because I am breast feeding her
Avatar n tn my mom 78yo was dx with diabetes last wk (bld sugar 257)only symptom was tired and dry mouth..she prob had it for a while.she would eat candy and her diet was sporadic, apetitie down,,,.her dr wants her to try diet first...her sugars this past week, fasting, run about 180-240...she has stopped all sugars, is eating better, 3 meals a day, wheat breads, salad/vegs/fruit uses sugar free sodas and occass has had sugar free cookies....todays fbs was 288..I'm not sure what caused it...
Avatar n tn One or two protein shakes into your daily diet to increase your calorie and protein intake. Whole foods are the best sources of calories and protein, but if you have a naturally high metabolism, you may find it difficult to get what you need through whole foods alone. I also suggest buying Whey protein Concentrate NOT Isolate!! Avoid those with added sugars and preservatives. Add high calorie ingredients to your protein shakes to boost the calorie content.
Avatar n tn You can also do aerobic exercises or exercises which will help you gain muscle mass. The added muscle will increase your metabolism which in turn will lead to increased consumption of calories per day to maintain that weight. You may consult a nutritionist and get a diet chart made which will provide you adequate calories in a healthy way. Avoid taking any supplements as they can be damaging to both your physical and mental health.
Avatar m tn Eat healthy foods is the main component to build healthy muscle, so try to consume maximum real foods not packed foods. One can also use dietary supplements on the prescription of dietician. Eat meat, fish, poultry, milk, eggs for proteins and also take adequate quantity of green vegetables and fruits like peers, apple, oranges and pineapple. One can perform squat exercises in which the whole body muscles work together and thus provide healthy muscle.
973741 tn?1342342773 It's unknown whether a multi covers for missed nutrients. Food is a lot more easily absorbed than any supplement -- eating is the way the body evolved to take them in. It depends on how much you're lacking. If you can't absorb it from food for some reason, you might not absorb it from a supplement either unless the supplement is a form you can absorb. Also, multis are not created equal. Most aren't very good.
1042487 tn?1275279899 Eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods. Eliminate dairy foods that come from cows fed hormones that increases milk production. There’s no telling how they may affect your hormones. Go outside! Even a 30 mins walk is ok and considered exercising. -Fix your digestive system: This is easy to do with a lifestyle change and proper diet but also consider buying a natural detox kits to promote the detoxification of your body in an efficient way when used with a good diet.
Avatar f tn I plan to have some tests done the next time I go to the doctor, but I'm making an overall health change for now. I didn't want to give you all a laundry list of my symptoms, but basically I was on birth control pills for 6 years and then just stopped. Since then, several of the symptoms worsened (or appeared), so I feel like there is a good chance they are linked with my hormones.
880023 tn?1241744504 just wondering if any of you guys stick to a certain pregnancy diet or something like that! I am not fallowing any kind of diet, just trying to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and juices etc...
Avatar n tn Which is more effective when it comes to slimming down? I have a reunion in a week and with a good diet, which is best?
Avatar f tn The problem with this is that diet is a very individual thing. Many people in the weight loss biz are obsessed with calories, but that's not really the key to diet, although it is important. The key is how well you digest what you're eating and how quickly it metabolizes into sugar. Low carb low fat diets are mostly a fad that can work short term but is unhealthy long-term.
Avatar n tn Performing strength-training exercises is the best way to gain muscle. If this is your goal, you should begin lifting weights and doing exercises that work major muscle groups, such as your chest, back, legs, arms and abdomen. This way, you will build muscle all over your body and get a more toned-looking physique, Gaining weight without extensive strength training is possible.
Avatar m tn Is meat good ? protein rich foods ? vegetables ?. What foods would be best to help me develop my immune system. Juices ? milk ?. Please help me setup a healthy diet as I will fight this damn thing off !!