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973741 tn?1342342773 If you look "diet" up in the dictionary, it says diet is what you eat so I've come to the conclusion that trying to stick with a specific eating plan isn't necessarily for me. :-) I've tried a ton of different eating patterns, ranging from Slimfast to Mediterranean - all in the past 13 yrs because I didn't ever have to worry about my weight before that.
Avatar n tn Food triggers are different for different persons. Some people find cold foods worsening the pain whereas some find spicy foods intolerable. Foods that contain a lot of fat may also trigger the pain. For you it seems to be the same. Please avoid spicy, high salt and high fat diet. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Again, a nutritionist can spell all this out for you so that both you and your mother understand how various foods will effect her glucose levels. I can suggest two sites where you can get carbohydrate information on just about any food out there, fresh, pkged, even fast food and other major restaurant food items. They are: and Also, a great source of information on diabetes management for type 2's is the American Diabetes Assoc.
880023 tn?1241744504 I see no need to avoid the foods you enjoy (pizza, cake, cookies, pop, candy, chocolate etc.) unless you are having complications during pregnancy. Moderation is key. As long as the majority if your diet is healthy, I think indulging is very much okay.
Tbd You certainly can increase physical activity to raise your hdl which balances the bad cholesterol. Speak to your doctor to see what is best for you. We wish you the best of health.
Avatar f tn Before you conclude you may have hormonal issues I suggest you have your blood drawn to verify this. It is very possible that your symptoms are not related to your adrenals.
Avatar m tn Is meat good ? protein rich foods ? vegetables ?. What foods would be best to help me develop my immune system. Juices ? milk ?. Please help me setup a healthy diet as I will fight this damn thing off !!
Avatar n tn You get to choose the diet you want to follow, but whichever you choose just make sure it has all the nutrients you need, including antioxidants. An exception is if you're heavily into resistance training, in which case you will need additional protein. Good luck meeting your goals.
193137 tn?1367880063 I stand by what I said, if you look at the diet, a lot of the foods that are eliminated are very healthy for you. Of course, a lot of the foods the diet recommends to not eat are definitely worth eliminating. I would just like to see a little bit more balance in their recommendations.
Avatar f tn I am interested in what type of diet works best for msk and for any advice you all may be able to provide. Thank you so much!
Avatar m tn Just see which foods work for you. Low carb is the best way to control blood sugar. You will need to cut the carbs and increase the fats (healthy fats that is: from animals and dairy, nuts, avocado). Avoid processed foods / transfats.
Avatar f tn Watermelon and strawberries are GREAT natural diuretics if you thing you are holding onto water. Green grapes are better than purple, oranges are best for maintaining your blood sugar (half in between breakfast and half between lunch and dinner. 4-6 (again depending on activity level) of green veggies; but I did unlimited green veggies. 1TBS of fat. You need to make sure you are getting your fat in to make sure your diet is balanced, so I used Blue Bonnet Light.
1597891 tn?1298849279 Alli is good and it does work; I'm actually considering going back on it myself, but you can't do much McDonalds, while on it or you will have serious, unpleasant side effects........ Alli blocks fat from being absorbed by your body; therefore, you must keep your fat intake to a minimum or you will have the side effects, which consist of uncontrollable runny, oily stools. Obviously, no one wants that.......
Tbd you must not eat low fat foods - eat regular fat foods, use butter, oil reasonably in cooking, choose fatty meat cuts, avocado, etc).
Avatar n tn Only after a hepatologist knows the cause and extent of your liver disease will they be able to advise you on what foods may create more problems and what type and amount of foods you should eat.
Tbd Diet won't get you there depending on your goals. Your diet only accounts for 10% of your serum cholesterol levels so a 10% reduction would be the bets you could hope for by eliminating all cholesterol. Exercise helps because it helps increase the level of your HDL, the good cholesterol. HDL binds with LDL and returns it to your liver to either recycle it so less is created or eliminate it from your blood. That too depends on you, your numbers and your goals.
1963845 tn?1376030809 "Healthy" foods are really just anything that isn't unhealthy. Most foods are good for you, but need to be eaten in a balanced diet with the correct amount of calories. Aka, cheese can be amazing for you but if you eat too much that's a lot of calories, fats and cholesterol. Meat is another thing, your body does need proteins and the vitamins that meat can provide -but too much is a bad thing.
1085545 tn?1284042254 I am also a vegetarian and found I had to make some drastic changes in my diet, but I am now able to eat a variety of foods and enjoy cooking again. What you need to reduce is your intake of carbs. If you are used to eating a large amount of rice (for me the problem was pasta) you will have to change that.