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1987892 tn?1326694376 I have tried several different programs before, including weight watchers, Nutrisystem etc where I bought their foods. None of it worked for me. What worked for me was learning to make my own foods. And the biggest helpful tool was a food diary. I ate like normal for a day or two and tracked everything, I had no idea how badly my eating habits were.
335728 tn?1331418012 15 tomorrow for an assessment for the lung health clinic where they are supposed to help me with an exercise and diet program that I can do with my asthma. They will do a 2 hour assessment tomorrow and then I am to start on Oct. 29th every tues and thurs from 1130 to1430 for 8 weeks! This is in the downtown core of the city so it will be a challenge to get there for me alone.
Avatar f tn As for Soy, Asians eat a lot of soy in their diet, Soy formula is a good choice for infants, Soy-containing foods help prevent osteoporosis, Soy is a healthy food for adults, Soy helps improve libido in men. The above about Soy is false. Those who eat large amounts of soy, especially non-fermented soy, have severe hormonal imbalances that are very difficult or impossible to correct without eliminating or drastically reducing soy in the diet. i have seen soy as an ingredient added to tea bags!
Avatar f tn Simeons had a sanitarium where people could come to stay while they were following his protocol. He tested various foods with these patients and put down into the protocol the foods that worked the best.
1767171 tn?1328022442 With my PTSD I am unable to go outside the home for excercise without having panic attacks followed by seizures. Does anyone know of a diet or excercise program that I can do at home without killing myself in the process?
Avatar f tn Also, why is it that all the "healthy food" is so expensive?!?!?! I hardly ever see any fruits and vegetable on sale. Its alway the processed food that they sell for pennies compared to the good for you food!!!
1975145 tn?1419913236 Can any one list some foods that will help keep diabetes away ? I have been told I am pre diabetic and my numbers seems to keep climbing. I do not think the food I eat now is that bad and I don't eat much at all really and usually only 2 times a day. I will eat anything but fish. Please if you would be so kind as to list some foods to and not to eat would be most appreciated.
764218 tn?1234573359 1. Start with a diet + exercise. There are many online exercise programs that work. Some good review is placed here: And also on the same website, there are diet comparisons, for online eating plans, if you are not sure, what exactly to include in your daily eating plan: 2.
Avatar n tn pigged out Sat and Sun and started a 750 cal diet on Monday when I received a 2nd shot. I have been hungry and ate foods off my diet. I am a little discouraged and not sure what to do. I am supposed to get three 250 iu shots a week and it will cost $50.00 per week. They also had a doctor do blood work and gave me an ekg, which I paid 60.00 for. I need to lose 60 lbs, ugh....
Avatar f tn What to take! (IF ANYTHING!) I'm on a mission to change my lifestyle after just having a baby, I have about 40-60lbs to lose! Mentally I'm off to a good start, but have always been a "yo-yo" dieter... programs, pills, any and every thing I've tried it, and I'm young... I'm going to do it the "right" way this time, healthy eating and excercise, and stick to it. I strongly believe in tracking what you eat so I'll stick with this app!
Avatar n tn There are hundreds of articles out there that define anti-inflammatory diets that include scientific data in support of the theory and name foods and the effects of those foods on decreasing inflammation in the body. American Journal of Nutrition, Journal of Integrative Medicine, Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Journal of Rheumatoid Arthritis, American Arthritis Foundation, to name a few.
Avatar f tn Our lifestyles. Fast Food, Processed Foods.. chemicals in our food... we eat too much, we eat the wrong foods.. we eat when we're not hungry. Let's all be supportive, Let's all be helpful. So I hope that all the "healthful" means of loosing weight being discussed on this board are truely "healthy".. again, it's all subjective, right? Can't we all simply post what we find on the internet in argument of the dangers of all the so called Healthy eating plans?
15795633 tn?1443189638 I've heard about so many different diets and exercise programs, but I'm kind of lost as to how I should go about losing weight, and how to achieve my goals. I want to lose at least 30 pounds, and tone up my thick-as-tree-trunks thighs (as well as ALL parts of my body.) Here are my questions: 1. What are some effective exercises that aren't too painful? (I've tried running, but my feet and knees kill me after a short period of time. Am I doing something wrong? How can I ease myself into it?) 2.
Avatar f tn My sweet tooth gets the best of me way too much. Is there anything I should eat more/less of. I know how important diet will be for my future so any advice will be taken to heart.
Avatar n tn I have paid a lot of money for diet programs in the past. The total cost for this diet was only $96.00. The only side effect I had was weight lose.
Avatar f tn Doing a quick check on the website of the company, they are selling their products. Anyone can go on a high protein diet, anyone can then add in more of their regular foods later on, and anyone can then go back to eating whatever they want in a third stage. What these programs do, though, is some people just won't do it themselves and for those people a program can substitute for the discipline they lack.
Avatar f tn I find it very helpful to eat a whole foods based diet. This eliminates a lot of contradictions and cross contamination problems one will certainly encounter with the processed convenience foods. That and it seems that many on this forum are gluten and lactose intolerant, so those things seem to be the top things to avoid. Then, of course, the other things right up there to avoid would be the produce items in the nightshade family.
Avatar n tn Linda gave you some great information about the prescription diet foods and controlling the calorie count. Like she said, it is very important to try to increase his activity as well. It is great that you are taking responsibility for reducing your cat's weight. I seem to have the best results in my patients using a canned diet. They seem to lose the weight better than those cats that won't eat canned food and are fed only dry.
Avatar f tn I have been heavy since the birth of my son (1994) and have also been on several other diet programs. I have noticed for me that it really hasn't been as hard to follow as I would have thought. Also, I feel great and clothes are getting looser> So I am encouraging anyone who is doing to program to stick with it and there will always be days of temptation but remember what your goal is and you can achieve anything you put your mind to! Good Luck to All!!
Avatar f tn CTP class B or C) should be referred to a medical practitioner with expertise in that condition (ideally in a liver transplant center). Only they can evaluate any diet programs or herbs other then the recommendation they provide you with when managing your HCV. Is it safe to go on the HCG diet/shots during hepatitis C? Dr.
Avatar n tn So with that said what are the best methods for me to attribute healthy food into my diet that would help my thyoid as well as over all well being. Does anybody have a specific diet that they stick to...any ideas I am sunclinical hyprerT.
Avatar n tn 27 Yet soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein are used extensively in school lunch programs, commercial baked goods, diet beverages and fast food products. They are heavily promoted in third world countries and form the basis of many food giveaway programs. In spite of poor results in animal feeding trials, the soy industry has sponsored a number of studies designed to show that soy protein products can be used in human diets as a replacement for traditional foods.
Avatar f tn My weight loss had stalled for a long time, and now I'm losing again on the paleo diet. There's a lot of information out there about the paleo diet, nowadays. A book called The Paleo Approach is a good introduction. I also like the PaleoMom website, and she also has a book that has just come out. Nom Nom Paleo is another good source. In effect, the paleo diet is a low-carb diet, because you don't eat any grains. The South Beach program also has a low-carb version of their diet.
Avatar m tn it is said that cravings for starch foods are from people with stress and high levels of cortisol so end the cycle by changing the diet ...
Avatar m tn in order to get to my goal weight. Other then Weight Watchers, can anyone recommend a diet or some kind of weight loss plan which has helped you. What I don't like about the current W.W. plan is keeping track of the points. It doesn't have enough structure for me the way the old W.W. plan did from the late 70's up until about 1997. The old "Exchange" plan told you what kinds and how many proteins, low fat dairy products, grains, starchy vegetables (i.e.
Avatar n tn Not sure where else to post this, but figured many of you have had experience with similar diets. I was put on a modified elimination diet 3 weeks ago in the hopes of finding the cause of my years-long migraines, dizziness, and general fatigue and unwellness, and bringing down inflammation, which I have a lot of. Basically can't have most common allergens, especially milk, gluten, eggs, soy, peanuts, and anything processed.