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Avatar m tn he started with the worst situation for interferon, such high hbvdna and hbsag have no hope on interferon mono anyway addition of alinia reversed anything i think that as shown on hcv trials alinia is able to restore interferon response and improve it, this is something we do need on hbv treatments because hbv can stop both our body natural interferon and the injected interferon and make it totally useless
5864500 tn?1380893197 If you have truly tried a lot of different meds and therapy and just haven't seen any improvement, you may have a tougher case of depression (called treatment resistant depression). Your doc could shed light on that for you, if he/she feels that may be the problem. If that is the case, and you're doing as much as you can to address it, trying different meds and working hard yourself, then it may be time to discuss treatment options like ECT or electroconvulsive therapy.
Avatar f tn Dear lina, I am not a psychologist, just a person who has experienced depression. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. The best thing you can do is talk about what you are feeling with someone, ideally a psychologist or other mental health professional. They can advise you as to how to proceed with talk therapy or possibly even antidepressant medication. There are sometimes low-cost options available since (I am assuming) you do not have health insurance.
Avatar f tn Can you see a councilor or local doctor and see if there is a treatment or different options that might help with these things, I am not a doctor but i have experienced depression before and if yet help with it, then lifes a lot easier. If you are planning suicide you really need to tell someone because life can get better.
Avatar f tn If you get a liver biopsy and find out you have little liver disease, you have significant options, one being to wait until your kids are older and treatment is hopefully shorter and more effective. Many, though, feel strongly that they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Your ultimate decision comes down to personal outlook and weighing the pros and cons by gradually learning more about this. There is no fire alarm here.
Avatar m tn To the poster, for treating clinical depression, it is widely known that the best course of treatment involves a combination approach of medication and talk therapy. You sound to have a very complex medical history though. ADHD, mood disorders and depression requires a good psychiatrist to manage. Good communication with your doctor is essential as you try different medications to improve the situation. Add each one slowly monitoring if you improve in any way.
Avatar f tn The conculsion is the key element in the treatment. Without that there is to treatment and no help for depression. I want to let people know that ECT treatments are not like they are depicted on movies. They are very relaxing before and after. The patient is not awake for the procedure. After the procedure was done, often times patients ask if they are next. The nurse will tell them that they have already had their treatment and they can just lay there and relax.
5368438 tn?1366988615 He/she can thoroughly evaluate you, offer an accurate diagnosis, and then dicuss treatment options. Depression IS very manageable and treatable. It takes some time, and it takes some trial and error, sometimes ewith different medications, but it is possible to get it to a much more manageable place. It's definitely not something you want to ignore, or try to handle on your own. So, get yourself an appt, if you cannot go directly to a psych, then your PCP is a good starting place.
Avatar f tn It doesn't cause depression, but I had bad depression shortly after I was dx. I literally woke up one day and couldn't stop crying. My husband was deployed to Iraq at the time, I lived away from my family and I wouldn't take anyone's calls. I lost 10 lbs in a week..I eventually called my MS doc and he put me on Welbutrin. I have been on that for about 2 yrs. It's not bad enough that it's depressing to have MS, but MS also causes depression because it affects the brain.
Avatar f tn What are some of the treatment options for adult ADD-inattentive? My doc put me on Wellbutrin XL 150 mg once a day but it's not really helping. I still get very distracted and can't focus on just one thing. Are there any adults that have experienced success with other medications? I already take Omega-3 fish oils, B-complex, etc. and exercise 30 min./day Thanks!
Avatar m tn asp This is the time to educate your self about hep C and treatment options. When you see your doctor, be sure to write down all your questions and bring them with you. It's important to be informed and we all have to be our own advocates. Here's a list of questions for newbies to consider when seeing their doctor.
901137 tn?1267629789 I have treatment resistant moderate depression. (My doctor characterizes it as "moderate" as I am able to function on a daily basis. While saying this he acknowledges that it doesn't feel moderate to me) I tend to keep the hurt to myself. I was wondering if there are others who are experiencing the same situation.
2011699 tn?1328936953 You should do both before ever starting hepatitis C treatment. A serious potential side effect of Hep C treatment is depression. People who suffer depression while taking treatment, people who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm or people with a family history of depression should be encouraged to access support and counseling. Anyone with a history of depression should be monitored throughout their treatment to make sure that treatment is not causing a major depressive episode.
Avatar m tn i'm posting a question asking for your medical advice as i've suffered from long term depression since i was 18 as i'm now 38 going through various medication regimes throughout that time. I've previously been on mostly SSRI's ie prozac and seroxat, with in addition dosuphin and amtitrypline. Prozac and seroxat worked well with me for some time until they "pooped out" on me.
Avatar m tn Are there any treatment options for CRPS or RSD other than painkillers or in combination with painkillers that can help someone who has had the disease for over two years? Does anyone have a story about CRPS or RSD that has a happy ending? What are the best medications and treatment options? Any information would be a really huge help. Currently I am taking Methadone, Lyrica, Cesamet, Baclofen, Citalopram as well as Hydromorphone for breakthrough.
Avatar n tn I am not keen on surgery. What are the treatment options if the scan reveals that there is still not much healing? What can be done other than a spinal fusion (C6/7 in this case) / ie non-surgical? What is the suggested amount of time allowed for neck immobilisation before surgery is recommended? Can healing be sped up (ie I am taking calcium and a multivitamin to ensure RDIs are met and maximise the potential for bone growth, ultrasound therapy)?
Avatar n tn There is treatment - your depression needs treatment (hope that is going on now). I suggest a different doc. I hope he just didn't leave it at that. If you have hcv you should automatically have a liver biopsy. Depending on the results and other factors a decision to treat or not treat can be made. There is definitely a treatment available.
Avatar f tn While there are treatment options like fat injections or buttocks implants available, it is unclear, without a direct examination, if these alternatives would be valuable. There is certainly the risk that any surgical correction with still leave you with limited improvement, or worse, a permanent residual deformity that makes you feel worse than you do now.
Avatar m tn Anybody have any good experiences with Lithium ornate as an additional supplement or with Lithium carbonate itself for treatment resistent depression?? Was really hoping that Venlaxine would work as contining to feel very sad and dispondent for the majority of my time with things getting slightly better as the day progresses. willing to consider anything and hoping to increase the effoxor to max dose in UK to 300mg after conversation with doctor.
Avatar n tn In January I attempted suicide twice because I went through an unbearable depression phase. I haven't stopped thinking about suicide for many years now. This is a thought which is slowly destroying whatever little is left of my life. I have seen many doctors and I have tried several medications. I am currently on a very high dose of venlafaxine and I still pray every night that I don't wake up. Is there really no hope for me? If no doctors can help me then what's left? ECT?
955560 tn?1250198145 He/she might first want to rule out physiological causes of the anxiety / panic (like a thyroid issue or vitamin / mineral deficiency). You can then discuss what treatment options would be best for you. These might include exercise, talk therapy, relaxation techniques, medication or a combination of these. All the best..
1365508 tn?1277935059 Hi Mylee Depending on where you are from there are a lot of different options for treatment. Who prescribed you your medications? In the first instance you should probably speak to your General Practitioner. They should be able to direct you to appropriate services within your state. I'm in Australia and people who go down that route are then eligible for government subsidised treatment with a psychologist or psychiatrist depending on their symptoms.
Avatar f tn I have small children so I don't have the luxury of staying in bed for 6 months and riding out PAWS depression. And like I said, I had a lot of these issues before. I just dealt with them better because I didn't know there was any other option. Now I do know and I can't handle feeling like crap when I know the life I'm missing.