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1174869 tn?1441315268 you must go beyond counseling and get into treatment with a psychiatrist who can also prescribe medications...ask your parents to help you find the doctor you can get relief very quickly.
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5864500 tn?1380893197 If you have truly tried a lot of different meds and therapy and just haven't seen any improvement, you may have a tougher case of depression (called treatment resistant depression). Your doc could shed light on that for you, if he/she feels that may be the problem. If that is the case, and you're doing as much as you can to address it, trying different meds and working hard yourself, then it may be time to discuss treatment options like ECT or electroconvulsive therapy.
Avatar n tn ) Either way, you're not taking responsibility. My advice would be to get treatment for the depression and the underlying issues.
Avatar f tn have you seen a doctor for help with depression? If so, when, and what treatment was tried? If you could answer those few questions, we'll be able to give you some recommendations, as there is a difference between situational depression (feelings of sadness due to life events or losses) and clinical diagnosed depression. Hope to hear from you soon!
Avatar f tn One day I just felt so vile that I went crying to my midwife and now I've beem referred for treatment to help my anxiety and depression. If you want to private message me and talk/vent you can, sometimes it's better to talk to someone you dont know in person. But i do suggest going to your midwife or doctor as they can help you.
1664160 tn?1304533100 Hello, I would like to know, how to help a person who suffers from depression for a long time. Is there any way to cure that without a professional help?
Avatar f tn these meds can make a huge difference in peoples lives and for many will help them get through treatment since the tx drugs can cause depression.
Avatar n tn I just went off perc 10/325 6 a day for 1 year for pain caused by radation treatment after colon cancer. I have found that motrin can do just fine. My problem is I am feeling depressed and sad as a result, no motavation. Been 6 days when will I feel "happy" again? Do you know inthing that can help? I have been in prayer, Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if you are seeing a Medical Doctor or Therapist for your depression and anxiety. A healthy diet certainly can make your body run smoother but if you do suffer from the dual diagnosis of depression/anxiety first you must get together a treatment plan that in many cases will include a well balanced diet. You do ask about staying motivated and I have found that depression drowns motivation in most cases.
Avatar f tn Right now I am not taking anything except for something for my anxiety and I need something that will help my depression. I am desperate to find something that will help my depression. I live in Lou, Ky. so if anyone knows of a Dr. that treatments adults with either (if they do work) the ect, or magnetic treatment PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thanks soo much Deb.
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1688492 tn?1346367970 I've had it for 12 years and am still fighting with it. If you ever need to talk, I'll always listen. I also help CL the depression forum so never hesitate to post there as well and we'll be sure to try and help.
Avatar f tn Can you see a councilor or local doctor and see if there is a treatment or different options that might help with these things, I am not a doctor but i have experienced depression before and if yet help with it, then lifes a lot easier. If you are planning suicide you really need to tell someone because life can get better.
281612 tn?1190344622 When I stopped my suboxone treatment it took a good 10days or so before I started to feel okay again. I biggest problems that lingered were lack of sleep mainly, but also the depression/anxiety issues. In all it took about a month or so before I started to get that happy feeling about being sober. I finally started to feel motivated again, my sleep got a lot better and alot of anxiousness went away.
Avatar f tn We are very sorry you are going through this difficult time. Please speak to your doctor about what is happening and how you are feeling. If the things you've been given have not helped with the depression you are suffering, please speak to your doctor about what to do next so that you can get treatment and be safe. We've sent resources to your inbox. Please let us know if we can help.
Avatar f tn doc fri .I think the first test i want is that genetic test that lets you know if treatment will help me or not, then go from there ! port-I'm 1b, I do wish I could talk to my friends and most my family,I just don't want the sympthy or the isolation or judjment of it all you know.. Janv-back side of life ,I like your outlook !
Avatar f tn Well i guess its obvious to most people when i write down what i feel that I'm depressed and i think its time to get treatment if im honest with myself but i'm in the uk and was wondering if anyone knew of any discreet ways of getting help as i am a very proud person and i find it hard to open up about my problems. Thanks for reading this and if anyone could help id greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn You don't have to live your life like this, there is help. Don't be embarrassed to see anyone for help. There are millions of us out here, so you are not alone. Also, sounds like you have a wonderful boyfriend, be grateful of his support and get help.
1673455 tn?1305215720 Taking the step to get help is a big one. I cried all day before I went to my first psychologist appointment because I felt embarassed, pathedic that I couldnt just help myself, and just plain different from everyone else since Im young in high school and none of my friends experience what I do. But let me tell you, once you get the help you need you will thank yourself. Depression is nothing to be embarassed about. Dont lie...becuase if you lie then you wont help your depression.
Avatar f tn Now I am a single mother with my miracle son who was born a little after a year from me finishing my treatment for cancer. But now I am having so many anger problems and depression I have a serious concern for my son's health and mine. I've lost my temper a few times now and i don't feel like I'm in control of any of my emotions. I just know, I need help. My mother and family have been giving me ideas but nothing has worked. I'm really worried I'm gonna lose any bit of sanity I have left.
Avatar f tn With all the horomones during pregnancy you ate more sensitive....
Avatar f tn Dear lina, I am not a psychologist, just a person who has experienced depression. I'm sorry you are feeling this way. The best thing you can do is talk about what you are feeling with someone, ideally a psychologist or other mental health professional. They can advise you as to how to proceed with talk therapy or possibly even antidepressant medication. There are sometimes low-cost options available since (I am assuming) you do not have health insurance.
Avatar n tn I have seen the remarkable change in attitude that comes when a cancer patient sees other patients who are a little further along in treatment, or who have ended treatment, and sees that despite the treatment and the disease, one can still maintain a reasonably normal life, with enjoyment and laughter. We ALL must realize that life does not end with the word "cancer." It ends when we reach that other word, "death.
Avatar n tn When I was first diagnosed with Hep C four years ago, I went into a depression. Four months into the treatment, the depression got real bad and I became hopeless. I thought I would always feel the way I was feeling. About two months into the tx, I noticed a pattern where I felt like I was coming out of a fog (like when you clear a bad fever) a couple of days after the injection.
Avatar f tn Whilst you may need to tackle the alcohol issue first it cant help to seek advice on depression in the meantime - and hopefully the advice from each group will feed into one another. As for taking anger out on your husband i would suggest you try writing down how you feel instead.
Avatar m tn To the poster, for treating clinical depression, it is widely known that the best course of treatment involves a combination approach of medication and talk therapy. You sound to have a very complex medical history though. ADHD, mood disorders and depression requires a good psychiatrist to manage. Good communication with your doctor is essential as you try different medications to improve the situation. Add each one slowly monitoring if you improve in any way.
Avatar m tn Your depression is not being managed, and you need to be seen by a psychiatrist who can speak with you, discuss your symptoms and help you find the right treatment for you. Things will get better for you, you just need the right help. Good luck.
Avatar f tn If you find out what is going on within yourself you may help others someday to help find their way also. This is your time to start to shine and become your own person and change the world. Shine bright!