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Avatar m tn Someone close to me is battling depression. I'd known it for some time. I encouraged this person to reach out to professionals, but like me, there was a reluctance to do so. "It'll pass" he told me. Some time later, it was obvious to me that this person was still struggling so I brought up the idea of seeking help again. "It'll pass" he said. "It's okay to have a down day every once in a while isn't it" he added.
1174869 tn?1441311668 you must go beyond counseling and get into treatment with a psychiatrist who can also prescribe medications...ask your parents to help you find the doctor you can get relief very quickly.
Avatar f tn has anyone had a d + c treatment after a miscarry and later had bleeding after sex
Avatar m tn //fitnizz.
354706 tn?1279470795 My mum’s OVCA treatment went so smooth that it is almost unbelievable. Just consider this – stage 4, abdominal filled with cancer spreading to liver, colon, diaphragm and spleen. As there is no hope of optimal debulking, the doctor tried chemo first. After 2 chemo, CA125 dropped from 165 to 15. CT scan revealed that most tumors were gone/shrunk. During operation after 3 chemo, very little signs of chemo and an optimal debulking.
4116706 tn?1351907846 Wrong date, should be Saturday night to Sunday morning. Hubby having problems with depression tonight "because I am negative or arguing". Loud talking, crying, hitting the desk, etc. did not help my sleep. If I got up to help him, he would get more upset. I also think he is afraid because of surgery Friday in Dallas.
Avatar n tn IV treatment - 2 headach pain treatment some help
5536514 tn?1373500002 I am starting treatment in april or may. Doctor wants to make sure I am mentally stable first. I am terrified, because I am meds for depression and ptsd and anxiety and panic attacks. I am afraid the treatment will drive my over the edge. the doctor says it will make me twice as tired as I am now. I am scared. I also found out I am borderline diabetic. I need to get up out of myself. Its hard. I gotta try.
Avatar f tn when my first treatment my sx were anxity depression and imsonia i was denial for 2 month during ongoing treatment my gi doctor ask me if i was ok and i told her i am fine and prented everhting is good i have been to emgency room more than 15 time for anxity i thoguht i was having heart attack and i was begging for something to put me sleep so they give me shot that is when i knew i have to be honest with my gi doctor how i feel i couldnt deal with my sx so my gi doctor
2024274 tn?1332956426 We expected this with this tx but im just worried that last night when i called she told me she cant do this anymore and feels like dying just to rest from all this that she has been through in the last 10 years that her liver has got so bad.I always give her some incouraging and supporting words and i know they help but not for long im afraid of depression.
Avatar f tn have done some days with treatment down below to help ease the discomfort for myself. Still not active between us but have been keeping to his needs lolz....
Avatar f tn Today I feel like I do everyday, depressed. I thought this would just go away, I know now that it won't. I'm finally going to seek medical help. If there is anyone who has or still is suffering from dprssion please let me know your story and what helped you, such as the kinds of anti-deppressants.I can't go on living like this any longer. My family doen't understand this and thinks that it is in my head. I need and will seek help for me, the one person I seem to always neglect.
180749 tn?1443595232 The extra oxygen going into the brain and blood will help to control the depression and headache. Do the anulom vilom with eyes closed, and concentrate on your third eye(between the eyebrows). I would like to how you feel after 9 days. Build up your timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after one minute.
Avatar f tn Could someone please help. I dont care who you are but i need help and advice, im so scared, please anyone!!!!!!
437036 tn?1225284804 Hey there fellow readers :-) okay so news for me ive decided to get help and support for my ED and have admitted to my family and friends that i have "an eating disorder" ..and i need help. Much releif on their behalf and mine!! so yeah it doesnt start for a couple of weeks yet- will hopefully keep you posted on how its goes. i just want the old me back... ... coz i bloody deserve it!!!!!
Avatar n tn am a failure mum sent money to uk which is very shameful for me. i am tired of every thing fed up of everything there is no God there is no help there is no bliss/happiness all is temporary ............................................................
Avatar m tn Finally got ins. approval and started treatment today. Took 1st shot at 5 pm and riba at 7pm. Will take 1st dose of incivek at 11 tonight.Will keep posted. Thanks to all for your help.
Avatar f tn re not already on anti-depressants, they may be recommended before you start treatment as the treatment drugs can make depression worse.
1288132 tn?1312294404 Dealing with acne can be embarassing at any age. Luckily, there are a number of things you can do everyday to make sure your skin is less prone to flare ups. Here are five tips for taking control of your acne starting today. 1. Exercise - Keeping in shape can help fight acne by fighting off negative stress levels that can come from negative self-esteem and depression. However, some safeguards need to be in place to ward off acne that can result from your workout routines.
Avatar f tn ve tried to kill myself mutiple times and currently have about 40 cuts that I have done to myself on my body in different places please help with advice on how to stop
Avatar f tn ve tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
Avatar f tn these meds can make a huge difference in peoples lives and for many will help them get through treatment since the tx drugs can cause depression.
Avatar f tn Did you have certain things happen in your life that started this depression? Or was your life really good and this unexplained depression started? At any point during the past 9 years, did you have any relief from depression?
Avatar f tn i have a question about a med. Its lexapro. i was wondering if u can get pregnant while u are on it. if so what do i have to do.
Avatar f tn Right now I am not taking anything except for something for my anxiety and I need something that will help my depression. I am desperate to find something that will help my depression. I live in Lou, Ky. so if anyone knows of a Dr. that treatments adults with either (if they do work) the ect, or magnetic treatment PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thanks soo much Deb.
Avatar f tn Hello folks, I've heard SO many people (doctors,etc.) say 'you could have thoughts of suicide'...well, I'm cetainly not there...but then again, I won't see my 'treatment' doctor until January. I'd like as much info as possible before I see him, so I can add to my 'notes'...this poor man may not realize how MUCH I have to say, while seeking knowledge of this reprehensible disease, and hoping for a "clear" outcome...but, onward we go.