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Avatar n tn Where do I go in texas to get info on breast disease? My 18 year old daughter has had 2 surgeries in 10 months to remove a phyllodes tumor and fibrodadenoma. I want to trying and prevent this from happening again. Where do I go to get info???
Avatar n tn Can you recommend a treatment center that specializes in the treatment of crones disease? WE ARE LOCATED IN THE AUSTIN, TEXAS AREA.
Avatar n tn i see a lot of people writing about treatment centers helping them....but every one i look at seems to be not just thousands, but often 10 thousands of important as i know it is, it is very difficult for many to find this kind of money so quickly,,,,,,,,does anyone know of any moer realistically priced centers???
Avatar n tn Also it takes a long time to get a call returned. I see Cancer Treatment Centers of America advertised all the time, but have never known anyone to go there. Good luck. I wish the best for your family.
Avatar m tn Suffering from an addiction. This website has a lot of great resources and treatment centers.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a grandmother from Texas who has been fighting ovarian cancer since 1994. I continued working until 1999 and loved my job. My cancer returned in 1998, and since I have low grade ovarian cancer,I was able to keep it at bay with Tamoxifen or Arimidex. I began to build up fluid a few months ago and have had a parencentesis twice. The second time the fluid became compartmentalized and the parencentesis didn't work. My oncologist said it was time for chemo.
307874 tn?1242755798 Texas is an enormous state with five major metropolitan centers and six or more major hospital centers. Can you narrow this down geographically a bit?
Avatar m tn Hi Justin, I don't know if your Mom has done treatment or cannot do treatment....not sure where you're at on that. So I'm assuming you're asking about natural approaches because there's been a decision made that pharmaceutical treatment for Hep C for your Mom is not a route she can or is willing to my further response assumes that's the case until you provide more information, if you're willing to. ON the diet....
Avatar n tn I need to know where good inpatient treatment centers for stress are and their names. I prefer a comprehensive and innovative center that gives you REST and assists your efforts in healing while helping you deal with the issues you face in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. I need this to work with medical insurance but would rather it resemble as spa than a hospital if possible. Hospitals are often uncomfortable and sterile. I never get any sleep in them.
Avatar f tn t start treatment if you have a history of depression. You must have your depression under control as the treatment can cause a major depressive episode which could cause you to stop treatment before completing treatment. Depression and insomnia go together. Trazodone is a rather old antidepressant (serotonin modulator). If you are still experiencing depression then it is not working for you. Also since it is incompatible with treatment meds you need to find a new antidepressant anyway.
Avatar m tn t know anything about Texas, but a quick search on the internet came up with Baylor Clinic at Texas Medical Center in Houston; University Transplant Center in San Antonio; Texas Liver Center in Houson, the Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in Dallas; and UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. The process can be a long one. It usually starts with finding a transplant hepatologist and making an appointment to be seen.
Avatar n tn Not same experineces, but I do know that Sloan Kettering in NYC is one of the largest Cancer Centers. i believe Texas has a few. Best wishes for your dad, and maybe someone can offer you more advice.
Avatar n tn anyone who can help me find a study with the pills gs-7977 in north east texas, please, I need a phone number!!
Avatar f tn alcohol abuse treatment centers National Therapeutic Services Inc. is a nationally recognized drug rehab center offering mental health and addiction services in Orange County California. Start living sober today.
Avatar m tn The Supreme Court said last week it would take on the biggest challenge to abortion rights in a quarter century, agreeing to hear a challenge against a Texas law that put strict requirements on abortion providers in the name of protecting women's health. The 2013 law requires abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as standalone surgery centers, and forces doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know a place in the dfw Texas area that does free sonograms. Because I'm too impatient to wait until the end of February lol .
Avatar n tn I feel your pain! I have lived in Texas for 3 years now. Since moving here I have developed cluster headaches, asthma, allergy to my much loved cats and severe nasal congestion in the spring. My nasal congestion is so severe that I can't sleep. When I do fall asleep I wake from dreams about not being able to breath. I take Claritin D 24 hour because it's supposed to be the best. I am going to try taking 2 of them at a time. I have to worry about my blood pressure though.
Avatar n tn Some centers delay treatment until there is evidence of histological damage (fibrosis). And some centers treat as soon as the patient has recovered enough from surgery to endure treatment. And treatment is generally significantly more difficult to tolerate in the transplant population than it is in the non-transplant population.
Avatar n tn No there are no treatment centers for hcv at this time. HIV has much more money than hcv. Your doctor can give you a prescription for tranquilizers to deal with mood swings, etc. Don't share any razors, nail clippers, or etc. with your family so they don't get it. It is a blood borne illness.
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1623075 tn?1316176957 Does anyone know of a very good PCOS Specialist in Houston, Texas? I have been going around and around with doctors that don't do anything helpful.. all feed back most appreciated!! Healing power to you all!!