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4116706 tn?1351907846 Wrong date, should be Saturday night to Sunday morning. Hubby having problems with depression tonight "because I am negative or arguing". Loud talking, crying, hitting the desk, etc. did not help my sleep. If I got up to help him, he would get more upset. I also think he is afraid because of surgery Friday in Dallas.
1011285 tn?1302116858 On day 1 after a binge for about 4 days and feeling pretty crappy. Im not having to many w/d symptons just really bad depression. I hate this feeling I have that I WANT to get clean but in the back of my mind my head is telling me I still want to use and feel "good". Almost that I know that I am going to go back to the pills...but I dont want to errr! Im definately in need of some inspiration, so im trying to read some good storys on here to bring my hopes up!
Avatar n tn Looking for the best Retna man in the Dallas, Texas to treat Macular Degeneration. Any solid help will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum. I agree with Idyllic that there are some pieces missing from your medical history and some of it is not clear. It is not clear what is meant by "positive." Are you sure you have Chronic Hepatitis C or do you just have the antibodies (which are referred to as being positive of negative). If you do have Hepatitis C, then you do need to be Genotyped and you do need to find out what your current viral load is.
Avatar f tn But now I have a doctor in Dallas. I need cornea treatment, but it is nothing compared to the scare of losing my eye. Medical abuse. I am here the doctor here had said that I was fine and need not return for 6 mos. The medical assistant here had said that my eye was dying.
Avatar m tn I was recently diagnosed with ovca and will be moving to Dallas to stay with my parents during treatment. Can anyone recommend a gyn oncologist in Dallas? I have a couple of names but am still looking.
Avatar n tn Thanks for sharing your personal experiences. That info really helps. Glad to hear you are doing so well. I am weird this last couple of months and every little change gets my attention especially these sx's. Nothing debilitating but you know its the little things that add up. While my WBC/RBC counts were down, the sides really kicked in (I guess they knew I was weak then). My counts have since returned to normal but now its kinda like starting tx, the unknown! Has anyone heard from Dallas?
Avatar n tn Lonewolf, In your case, though, you're not at all deserving of such treatment. Dallas' Mom actually is also undeserving of the treatment she gets, but it's the opposite.. Dallas treats her mother much, much better than her Mom deserves. Someone like you deserves to be treated like Dallas treats her Mom, and your daughter's actions would be much more appropriate for Dallas' Mom. You guys (Mr. Bird is driving me nuts here, he's a frustrated typist) should trade daughters!
Avatar m tn the info i got from my doc was to call jo swearnngen (sp)at 214 947-4451 to check on status of clinical trials for naive patient that involve protease inhibitor or polymeraje (sp)Boceprivir (no placebo) tenative start date 12-09 having a hard time reading her writing. it is at the liver institute in dallas at the methodist dallas medical center I cant seem to find the doc info at baylor. maybe someone will post.
5536514 tn?1373500002 I am starting treatment in april or may. Doctor wants to make sure I am mentally stable first. I am terrified, because I am meds for depression and ptsd and anxiety and panic attacks. I am afraid the treatment will drive my over the edge. the doctor says it will make me twice as tired as I am now. I am scared. I also found out I am borderline diabetic. I need to get up out of myself. Its hard. I gotta try.
1011285 tn?1302116858 Dallas~~That's great news!! You've got some clean time behind you now and sound good!! Have a great weekend!
Avatar n tn If he is on interferon treatment and has this anger, let his doctor know. This is a common side effect and there may be a way to treat it. All the best...
Avatar m tn Where can I find a Urologist that will treat me with Botox in the Dallas area? I was involved with the initial study, done about 4 years ago. I was very pleased with the results, but it wore off after about a year. I had no side effects. The therapy was accomplished with very little discomfort. Everything else that I've tried has been less effective and/or more invasive (thus painful.
Avatar n tn He hocked his last possesion worth anything for a bus ticket to rehab on the other side of DAllas. (not a good side of Dallas) and waited until they opened. They took him for 3 days. He is sober now. lost, hopeless, and I am his lifeline. Other than God. i don't know what to do. He needs a place to go, we have used up everyone. If you guys know someplace he could go and regroup PLEASE tell me. He doesn't know I have the same problem.
Avatar n tn I have consulted a dermatologist that informed me that I do have PPP (pearly penile papules), yet she said that no treatment is offered. Nevertheless, I keep reading about CO2 and other treatments. Do you know of any Dermatologist on the Dallas or Fort Worth area that offers PPP removal treatment? Thank you.
535822 tn?1443976780 Do any of you remember Dallas... well I heard today they are going to rerun it ..I will definately be watching I really enjoyed it first time a few moons ago now ..Good ole Capitalist America it JR Ewing oil Baron ....
Avatar f tn Do anyone in dallas texas no about housing while pregnant im staying with my boyfrien and his mom but his mom is a pain in my *** please help with any info im pregnant with twins
Avatar f tn Not.pregnancy related just pumped up Dallas is on in 20mins. Love me some john Ross!!
1139187 tn?1355706647 Does anyone know if there are any LLMD in the Dallas area? I am starting to think this is what i have....