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2190999 tn?1504992491 That sounds like a great treatment. When you find the facility let me know!! Today was okay in the morning/afternoon. It was 70 here in Texas so I hit the garden. My favorite place. All 8 months pregnant and on my hands and knees. Then I napped till my boys got home from school. I woke up from said nap in a horrible mood!! Im blaming being preggo on this one. Just uncomfortable and pissy. I'm almost 34 weeks and just want my body back! I'm HUGE! Not sure how to proceed next...
Avatar n tn I am wondering about your view of using opiates for treatment resistant depression. I have been on almost all antidepressants and anti anxiety meds. A world renowned MD has suggested it as a last line of RX for me, but neither my PCP or psychiatrist thinks it's sn option. Believe me, I know it is contraversial. I have also had ECT and 16 years of therapy. Please can you give me your opinion.
Avatar m tn Tom is unsure if drug rehab is appropriate because it's less obvious that the drugs are the real issue especially since he doesn't do them ALL the time (except for weed). He thinks he needs an actual mental health facility, rather than rehab. What WOULD be the most appropriate setting for my brother to receive help? Thank you!
Avatar f tn I've tapered off on my own but I currently work for an in treatment facility and we have a very good percentage of people who do not relapse or have to go come back for in treatment or go to another in treatment facility. We also offer out patient help as well with counseling, group sessions, therapy, field trips, AA and NA and support groups as well and the success rate for the in treatment program is the same as the out patient program.
471949 tn?1236907626 I have severe PTSD from military sexual trauma (I'm a veteran) and chronic depression. I'm currently being seen at a VA facility and enrolled in this new treatment for PTSD...but it's not going well. I'm extremely's really bad. I've had bad experiences with being in-patient at VA hospitals as they are very scary especially for female vets. I'm on 100% disability due to my PTSD and therefore don't have any other insurance for private healthcare.
Avatar f tn no idea how long I had had it for but was diagnosed after a severe cholestatic response to oral contraceptives. I have been putting off treatment for years waiting for a treatment combo that would have a reasonable response rate as well as because of worries about resistance mutations (I have a degree in molecular biology and sometimes that kind of knowledge is a bad thing :P).
Avatar n tn We asked yesterday for depression treatment and they said they putting in an order for that. He does seem to like it when we read the paper/current events to him. Any advice will be sincerely appreciated.
Avatar n tn I haven't slept all night because I was up talking with her. Umm, I meant that she wouldn't go for a treatment facility that required you to spend massive amounts of time in. I'm really sorry for the badly typed question. I can't make sense of it right now from the lack of sleep.
Avatar f tn These were a critical part of my medical treatment as my depression and anxiety were severe and debilitating. There was no question that I needed drug intervention. From the description of your daughter's symptoms, I would tend to first get the psychologist's opinion first and take the proper course of action after their evaluation. I know how difficult this must be for you.
Avatar m tn In fact, tried for two years to overdose on Oxy, hydrocodone and sleeping pills. I then entered a treatment facility to deal with the depression through counseling and medication (Effexor, Abilify, Xanax and ADD meds). I was adopted when I was 5 days old. Everything was good until I meet my biological Mother. She again after about a year cut me off from talking to her. She was mentally challenged herself with 5 marriages.
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
Avatar n tn I finally got to post!! I have been experiencing severe withdrawal/depression the last few days, so much that I have found myself crying on a few occasions, I have been feeling like there is no way out of this awful life style, and if I get close to being clean, I get scared when I think of leading a sober life..... I can't handle it anymore, I lie to everyone, I hurt everyone and I waste all my godamn money on drugs, what the hell is the point?
684736 tn?1315548941 I have considered going to an inpatient treatment facility once I am done with school in about a year. I don’t know if I need it though. I would like to be able to really just see someone more often and go away for a while. Get away from life. I know I don’t need to go to a hospital, but at least somewhere that will help me cope with stress, anxiety and get me to stop smoking. Plus, before I start working in my career, I want to have my depression under control.
Avatar n tn Shortly thereafter out of the blue she eluded to thoughts of harming herself to the school counselors which landed us in heart wrenching treatment at a facility. She had to be away from us for a few days that seemed like an eternity & then she went to out patient treatment with support groups with other teens etc. She has missed at least a month of school at this point undergoing this treatment which now seems to be just more of the same menagerie of coping skills, etc.
Avatar f tn My son is on Medicaid and I've lost count of how many times he's been in a treatment facility. It's usually a 5 day detox and they just discharge him with an outpatient plan they know isn't going to work. The last time he was in detox they made a plan which included referring him to a facility called Memorial Hermann's The Parc for a 90 day inpatient treatment plan. I even told her I had checked into that place before and his medicaid didn't cover it but they seemed sure.
7540527 tn?1401191358 NA has made a huge difference so I may just refocus my efforts there and hold off on going into a treatment facility. Your encouragement along with every one else means the world! Thanks!
Avatar n tn I would imagine that treatment at this type of facility would cost very little. Private practitioners however can charge a fourtune. The folks in community settings have lots of expertise and experience. Go talk to someone!!!!
Avatar n tn I would by all means try to get him into a medically supervised detox facility. If he is actively using heroine, he may be incapable of making decisions for himself right now and you may have to step in to save him. Really though, it's "his call" if he wants to live. Best of luck to you all! J.B.
Avatar n tn Help at hand Fortunately when things just seemed to go out of hand (thoughts of death were clogging my mind), I approached a wonderful counsellor, who suspected I was suffering from clinical depression — something even cognitive tests confirmed. Depression had occurred, she explained, as continuous grieving had changed the natural production of serotonin, the happy chemical in the brain.
287900 tn?1218647818 Various reasons for it perhaps but doesn't change the fact that it's common to go into a depression after treatment ends. And not just Hep C treatment, it's a known occurrence after cancer treatment also, etc. So if you were thinking you were alone in that, you're not. There are some threads on here about all that, if you need to read more. I tend to think it's part emotional and part physiological but doesn't matter....
Avatar f tn It is common with people who have bipolar to experience this however even with the mania induced by the zoloft there is still going to be crashes which would explain the depression you are experiencing. I would definitely recommend seeing a psychiatrist before trying to come off the zoloft or making any changes to it if that is possible. If not then I would recommend trying to taper the zoloft.
Avatar f tn Ok so about 7-8 months ago I suffered a concussion and was off work for quite a time I am getting back to it now. My question is can suffering a concussion cause depression and suicidal thoughts as well as self harm? Basically when I was a teenager I was suicidal and a cutter and haven't done anything like that since, until I got the concussion and a few months into the treatment etc I started cutting again and feeling suicidal.
Avatar n tn Most people that need treatment the most dont have the money because their addiction robbed it from them, so why these treatment centers can charge so much is robbery. I am fortunate enough to have a good job so I can at least make the money back, plus I was spending more than that on my addiction. I still think its a scam, its just like how college tuitions keep raising. A little off topic but I am a bit sour on the price of this, if I didn't have a limited timeline I wouldn't pay it.
Avatar n tn I have been treatment resistant to anxiety/depression. I will pay every dollar in my bank just to get into a treatment that will help.
Avatar m tn If you are planning to enter treatment, inquire if the facility you are entering offers Neurofeedback therapy, and do keep an open mind. For more details, you may visit This is not a spam post, we just want to share information regarding mental health related issues.
Avatar n tn He has severe mood swings after taking Remicade and then high and lows that resemble Depression. Are there any reported cases of this happening with anyone else?
6708370 tn?1471493810 Just returned from seeing my medical team about my new treatment with Harvoni. It's rather complicated so I am eager to hear what others have to say about the issues as I understand them. Those cirrhotics who relapsed on S/O or were null responders are not part of the current approved group of people who can get treatment without going "off label".
Avatar n tn They told me that I needed to be on SSRI anti-depressants if I was going to stay clean (a reputable treatment facility said this to me, over the phone, when I had about a month clean). They said that I would use again, for sure, because of my long-term history of opiate abuse. They were full of ****. At least so far. It's been almost 9 months, and I am not depressed, and I am clean.
Avatar n tn There are many, many people who have depression but when they treatment and the right medications, they do wonderful things in life. This isn't about how your dad feels-this is about YOU! He would be dissapointed if you stay in this situation also so fix yourself and be happy. Goodluck!
Avatar f tn I did not miss any work but could not tell anyone at work about my treatment. I still suffer depression (ie; suicide thoughts)at times and fight emotional negativity (life circumstances) so I do not know if the negativity can be blamed on the long term drug side effects?. I am usually a very positive person so being negative does not sit well with me. My energy is coming back because I walk two miles a day to deal with the stress. Also, I pray, alot!