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Avatar f tn Many people go the homeopathic way to treat their anxiety and depression.
1134609 tn?1269272200 I have seen a nutritionist who specializes in MI and she has helped out immensely. I have thought about homeopathic treatment, but the one experience I had was not acceptable. When I went in to see her, she was very much wrapped up in Eastern medicine and didn't have anything good to say about Western treatment. She never specifically said to discontinue medication, but she was very negative about Western medicine, medications, and treatment.
Avatar f tn I do not have glaucoma yet, eye pressure in left eye is 27, would a homeopathic treatment be successful as an alternative to laser surgery. The doctor wants to do the surgery ASAP as a preventative measure. If not homeopathy, anything else besides surgery? Also, if I went for the surgery, would that inhibit alternative treatment for the future. Doc says surgery would give me 5 years before it could reocur. Thank You!
Avatar m tn I had taken my daughter 3 months ago to a homeopathic doctor who had her on homeopathic help for her thyroid. She did finally get a period so maybe it has helped. I had her stay off of the homeopathics for about a week before her blood test so that the blood test would not be skewed. I would imagine some of the homeopathic stuff could still be helping her thyroid test results.
Avatar m tn i am a patient of lever because i am having medicines of antidepresion from last 22 years and i think it has effected my lever.although i continued my treatment for lever also from few years because it has become little fatty and enlarged...i am using different kinds of homeopathic medicines for it because elopathic medicines does'nt suits me, it causes severe pain in my lever...
Avatar m tn Other than antihistaminics and symptom treatment, what works to reduce allergic reactions?? The smallest whiff of exhaust smoke, for example, provokes an onset that will only subside after taking Atarax, and feeling half-dead for 24 hours...
Avatar n tn I am currently taking Alinia and should that fail, am intertested to trying Homeopathic treatment. I would like to do some research on the specific medication. Can you post what you are taking?
Avatar m tn I was wondering that for the treatment of GW, if homeopathic medicine such as Wartol is any effective? I heard that it can work for some people but not as well for others, i was just curious and wanted an opinion before proceed with the treatment. Also, what treatments do you usually use that you find the most effective?
Avatar m tn can anyone tell me how successful is homeopathic treatment in treating STD's.......
Avatar m tn The Homeopathic advanced Biotechnology and Ayurvedic herbal ingredients, that together restores the altered immunity of the individual and gears it to face future attacks by any allergen. Also allersode sarcode combination formulas, which represent an advanced bioenergetic technique, to overcome allergies. Allersodes are highly diluted allergy causing substances.
Avatar m tn Allergies are the kind of disorder in which immune system of people is affected due to foreign substances. Dynamic Homeopathy is a clinic which provides the treatment in Hoboken through homeopathic medicines. For more queries contact us or visit the website: https://www.dynamichomeopath.
534105 tn?1226157177 I am following a natural therapie for gad and depression, My Dr. gave me the following supplements and medications: 1- Saint John's Wort (900mg a day) 2- Colloidal minerals 3- Valerian extract (300mg a day) 4- Cortitrol (cortisol inhibitor, 2 capsules a day) 5- Royal Jelly 6- Homeopathic drops (don't know what it is, 10 drops sublingual 3 times a day) 7- 5-HTP, 100 mg a day My question is about 5-HTP and Saint John, it is possible to take both together?
Avatar m tn I am sorry I can’t say much about homeopathic treatment, but you can take those for chronic disorder. I am not sure you can take those on your own understanding. I am sorry, in your second question which doctor you are talking about. They might have side-effects but nobody is sure as there is no proper documentation about the side effects of homeopathic medications.
Avatar n tn He desires a homeopathic approach to assist with the depression. He has never been prone to depression previously. Please contact us with any assistance you can offer. Thank you.
Avatar m tn was just wondering if anybody has tried any homeopathic treatment for chronic hep b?? i've come across this web site: i've contacted them and they told me to send them a copy of my blood work and from that they would be able to create some pills that are going to lower my viral load. i've also read quite a few testimonials and a lot of people were satisfied with the results from these pills.
Avatar f tn I hate taking medications and as I get older I find I have more time to research. Since none of the homeopathic remedies interact with my current medications.
Avatar f tn Yes she is hypoactive...she takes medicine. She takes homeopathic treatment. Doctor too said that it's more than what extra could be done....!!!