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414018 tn?1268615272 My onc only did Ca 125 at diagnosis and then after I finished the major chemo,,he said it wouldn't change his treatment. Then he did one three months after initial treatment and will do one every three months. He scanned me at end of initial treatment but I don't know what he will do after we finish maintenance. A good doc will listen to you and answer questions and won't be arbitrary and rude. Get another.
616482 tn?1223608450 Id sort of not want to say much here as if a psychiatrist refused to diagnose then its not my place, you're an aussie like me and quack pdocs are not that common down under where the standards of practice are pretty rigid and high - this is why there is a major problem getting into private pyschiatrists (its taken me a year to find one who will take a BP patient in Brisbane). Did they give you a reason why not?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar, depression, anxiety disorder and Obsessive compulsive disorder when i was 11 years old.I have always had extreme heat intolerance, i can be sitting in air-conditioning and still be sweating like i just ran a marathon. I have so much trouble with my medications for it they will work great but then all of a sudden stop working and we have to find another one.
Avatar m tn In December 2011 after 18/24 months of increasing severe abdominal pain and nausea my wife (53 years of age) was diagnosed with Mesenteric Panniculitis, this was confirmed via abdominal MRI and then a laparoscopic biopsy.
Avatar f tn He is a beautiful soul, but he suffers with his challenges. He got diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression last year. He is under the care of a medical team, and it looks like he may have early on-set bipolar disorder as he has massive mood swings ranging from being calm, to irritable, to extreme anger, to feeling very down and suicidal, to over-excitedness. This can all be in half an hour at times!
Avatar f tn With the dreary winter weather and short cold days, I've now convinced myself that I have a terrible, progressive neurological disease and that I'm going to die soon or be terribly disabled. Could something so physical be caused by emotional stress and anxiety/depression? I cannot accept that it could, but maybe I need to. Does anyone have any idea of where I should go from here? Thank you to all who take the time to answer. Usually no one answers my posts.
Avatar m tn Choice isnt always there either Our systems have waiting lists as well and the previous govt did major damage to the system by removing compulsory bulk billing (which means free) from all but pensioners and people on health care carss (students, unemployed, disabled) which means GP's can charge what they can get away with But in the whole the treatment you get in hospitals, at least in Brisbane where I live, is of an excellent standard - As I said ive had 2 times where I would be dead if i
Avatar n tn Well all I can say is everyone needs to stay in treatment but it points out to me the future research needed and advocacy as well to have the new antipsychotics come out. Since I've been on the glycine, in Phase II FDA study, I don't hear voices, that is have auditory hallucinations and have made a full recovery and I don't have any of the severe side effects people are describing but did have them from all the antipsychotics that are currently available.
Avatar m tn My wife and I occasionally talk about other/new treatment regimes due to my sleeping so much of the time and me being not my old self, my more hermetic existence—not the meeting-goer I once was. The psychiatrist and I did not discuss these aspects of my behaviour. 6.
Avatar m tn It is located right in the centre of my forehead and and is usually an 8 or a 9 out of 10 on the pain scale. There is no treatment, medication, drug, specialist, scan or alternative therapy treatment that I have not undergone in an effort to find the cause. The best of the best in Australia have worked on it all to no avail. MRI's by 8, CT Scans by 4 anything with "..oscopy" on the end of, anti depressants, high dosage morphine patches, not one single thing has ever look like working.
Avatar n tn The pain you describe is so similar to what I experienced. My diagnosis is colonic splenic flexure distention. I don't yet know the cause or treatment, but will post another note when I find out next week. I do know what happens to the colon. For some reason the splenic flexure on the upper left quadrant of the colon, up to the rib cage and around the side fills up with gas and extends upward to the diaphram. The gas is trapped and cannot be expelled.
Avatar f tn Okay. I really need to get this off my chest. I am LOST. On May 13, 2009 (yup, I can remember the date, such a bad day), while working on a group project in a high school classroom (Junior year), my teacher points and says, "Whoo! Does someone smell a skunk in here??". I happened to be next to her. Everybody was looking at me. This may have been paranoia because my teacher was next to me. But I don't know.
534800 tn?1217170959 I also live in the NE humidity outside Boston and before I moved here I have lived in the drier climates of CA, NM and Texas with no similar skin problem as I will describe;. Living in the north east humidity, I have noticed a stange heat rash around the sock line that can move up my calves. This does not itch and comes out on days I am active, even though I am very conscious to hydrate.
Avatar n tn An ultrasound, at 8 weeks, showed no reason that the pregnancy was not viable. Doctors here (Brisbane, Australia) had little idea what to expect, so I was given more frequent tests and ultrasounds at my local hospital. My pregnancy was entirely normal until I went into premature labour. I may have had increased risks of complications, but I was also older (39) and under huge stress from my ex-husband were also factors.
Avatar n tn We struggled with the choice to use fertility treatment or not and we finally agreed that it was o.k. I have learned that faith without works is dead.And that God said He went away but He left us the power to do the things He done.He needs people to let Him use them (doctors and such).Hang in there and as long as you believe that God can do it then your time will come. We will be praying for you all !!!!!!!