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1076473 tn?1255757956 I have just moved to Brisbane, Australia, and I'm looking for a GP that has even half a clue when it comes to dealting with patients with CFS. I'm surprised that there isn't even a CFS society in this city of 1.4 million people. The only information I can find is of a group based in Toowoomba. Can anyone help? I have a great doctor in Melbourne, but that's a 2 hour flight from here.
Avatar f tn 1 within the Brisbane area. We live on the Gold Coast and my daughter is in an outback mining town in W.A. but coming to us to find treatment in QLD.
Avatar f tn There is a guy here on the forum, John (jpv1) who is also in Brisbane. He became extremely frustrated about waiting for treatment, but I believe he started a month or two ago. It had a bit to do with the fact that there were building works going on, and the Liver Clinic was being expanded. I don't think they wanted to take on new patients. Unfortunately, there is only one hospital where you are that does these treatments.
Avatar m tn is the chiropractor mearly just making a means to do treatment or how can this problem be elevated she has been told 9 mths to a yr just to get neck bone position normal again. .. what can we do to ease her migrane pain and is there any other form of treatment we can use to help with the neck issue.
Avatar m tn In Brisbane std clinics use 4 gen test antigen /antibody
Avatar f tn Anyone else from Brisbane and struggling with the temperature today? I'm so glad we got aircon put in our room, I just ventured out for something to eat and could not believe how hot I felt.
4973930 tn?1361789738 Pleased to hear about your scan. I was talking to my hospital crew today, and they told me just how large the waiting list for Tx at the new Liver Clinic at Brisbane is. Queensland has the most archaic health regulations etc in all Australia. If only things were different, we could be treating in Melbourne or Sydney, even Adelaide. Nth Queensland have to send off to Brisbane for the HCV Pcr results.
Avatar n tn ) Only want to ask, if someone knows around Brisbane good doctors , dentist or osthodentost with experience in this area especially in gnatalogie or a ostheopath with experience with CMD (disfunction of the craniomandibular systhem) ??? I would be happy over every information!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn How would u go about putting a baby up for adoption in brisbane ...
Avatar f tn Hi Charmed Im in Brisbane also if you need someone to talk to. I go to Royal Brisbane hosp for my treatments.
582777 tn?1298456914 re in Brisbane, 2km from the floodwaters, but our house is on a hill and we will stay high and dry thankfully. Hopefully our other QLD community members are also safe right now.
Avatar n tn Can you recommend a dentist, preferably MBF approved, who can remove the crown safely and then re-fix it. Brisbane CBD or Northside of Brisbane location would be ideal. Thank you in anticipation.
Avatar m tn Wonderful night with Marion in Brisbane.
Avatar m tn dear dr hagan hi doctor when I was 20 and playing cricket for uni team in Brisbane grade cricket I was hit in the eye from a hook shot gone wrong and in the days where helmets were not worn being an opening batsmen and facing receiving a hit from a fast bowler right in the middle of the eye there were no cuts but a very very badly swollen eye I was not knocked out but realised that in my mind that I had serious damage I had absolutely no eyesight damage or broken bones but damage to the t
5536514 tn?1373500002 I am starting treatment in april or may. Doctor wants to make sure I am mentally stable first. I am terrified, because I am meds for depression and ptsd and anxiety and panic attacks. I am afraid the treatment will drive my over the edge. the doctor says it will make me twice as tired as I am now. I am scared. I also found out I am borderline diabetic. I need to get up out of myself. Its hard. I gotta try.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, brisbane with all the chaos of our international guests! Am battling preterm labour this pregnancy so was very glad I didn't need to go in this week as getting to the Mater looked impossible! Are you near Ippy?
Avatar f tn Happy Australia Day ..
Avatar n tn Flying to Brisbane because I missed the direct flight to Cairns.
Avatar n tn hey dose any one out there have NF from brisbane australia or child with this love to chat
Avatar f tn Tonight i destroyed the pics i had of Brisbane in a fire..
Avatar n tn Travelling. Canberra then Brisbane. Feeling fine but must keep getting work done.