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Avatar m tn he started with the worst situation for interferon, such high hbvdna and hbsag have no hope on interferon mono anyway addition of alinia reversed anything i think that as shown on hcv trials alinia is able to restore interferon response and improve it, this is something we do need on hbv treatments because hbv can stop both our body natural interferon and the injected interferon and make it totally useless
5368438 tn?1366988615 I recently took about 3 Do I have depression test and I scored really high. They all said that I had severe depression. I'm not sure if those test we're accurate so I came on this site to ask people who do have depression if this is depression. I have low self-esteem. I'm always downing myself. I don't consider myself to be beautiful, gorgeous or anything--that's why when people call me stuff like that I let it go in one ear and out the other.
Avatar f tn The conculsion is the key element in the treatment. Without that there is to treatment and no help for depression. I want to let people know that ECT treatments are not like they are depicted on movies. They are very relaxing before and after. The patient is not awake for the procedure. After the procedure was done, often times patients ask if they are next. The nurse will tell them that they have already had their treatment and they can just lay there and relax.
Avatar f tn It doesn't cause depression, but I had bad depression shortly after I was dx. I literally woke up one day and couldn't stop crying. My husband was deployed to Iraq at the time, I lived away from my family and I wouldn't take anyone's calls. I lost 10 lbs in a week..I eventually called my MS doc and he put me on Welbutrin. I have been on that for about 2 yrs. It's not bad enough that it's depressing to have MS, but MS also causes depression because it affects the brain.
Avatar f tn Im 25ish weeks with my second little girl and I am so excited to be getting another little princess. Lately though I have really been struggling with severe depression (at least thats what Im assuming it must be). Im getting ready to head back to the doctors this coming week and Im going to talk with her about it. My problem is that I dont want to be put on medication and I dont want/ cant really afford therapy to handle it either.
Avatar n tn Given the procedures that have been done and the medical situation, depression is certainly a likely possibility. Regarding the treatment of depression and chronic illness, I am not aware of treating this differently than depression alone. You mentioned various medications that have been tried - of those, only Prozac is an appropriate antidepressant.
Avatar m tn asp This is the time to educate your self about hep C and treatment options. When you see your doctor, be sure to write down all your questions and bring them with you. It's important to be informed and we all have to be our own advocates. Here's a list of questions for newbies to consider when seeing their doctor.
901137 tn?1267629789 My first post to this tread stated that I was experiencing treatment resistant moderate depression. The doctor now sees that this is treatment resistant SEVERE depression. He told me it was highly unusal for someone to be able carry on daily activities with this degree of depression. I could only reply I'm very fortunate as it takes everything I have to simply get out of bed each day. I need to continue to work my way through this.
2011699 tn?1328936953 You should do both before ever starting hepatitis C treatment. A serious potential side effect of Hep C treatment is depression. People who suffer depression while taking treatment, people who have thoughts of suicide or self-harm or people with a family history of depression should be encouraged to access support and counseling. Anyone with a history of depression should be monitored throughout their treatment to make sure that treatment is not causing a major depressive episode.
Avatar n tn I am not keen on surgery. What are the treatment options if the scan reveals that there is still not much healing? What can be done other than a spinal fusion (C6/7 in this case) / ie non-surgical? What is the suggested amount of time allowed for neck immobilisation before surgery is recommended? Can healing be sped up (ie I am taking calcium and a multivitamin to ensure RDIs are met and maximise the potential for bone growth, ultrasound therapy)?
Avatar f tn Just a different twist on the name. The treatment options are the same as with Uni-polar depression. If I recall correctly, Melancholic depression is just like major Depression but a bit less cronic and severe. It's just an acronim that Psychiatrist use to target the actual severity of the condition. Just pretty much the same as Major depression.
Avatar f tn I started taking them for severe anxiety (not prescribed to me). I quit no problem throughout two pregnancies. I'm on a low enough dose that physical detox isn't horrible and I know tricks and OTC meds to get through it. It is just living without opiates that is hard. I have pain from my last pregnancy (Possible thyroid problem - I'm looking into it but it's slow-going) and mentally I don't feel like myself. Or rather, I feel too much like myself. I feel like I flew too close to the sun.
Avatar m tn Starting late elementary school and middle school, I've lived in a state of depression. In middle-school I got a psychiatrist (an adult psychiatrist). He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds. More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside).
Avatar f tn It is not often that I get to meet someone like you that also has very severe treatment resistant or Refractory depression. (we only make up about 5% of depressed people) Lets keep in touch and share some ideas. I will tell you more about my Psychiatrist later. (I have to keep my post short now because my damn internet modem keeps going out) I have a new one on the way.
Avatar f tn Regardless of whether it is situational or physiological depression or a combination of both, it is important to talk to your doctors and see what treatment options might be available for you. The studies show that pharmacological treatment along with talk therapy is most effective for MS depression. Realistically that might not be an option for all of us - talk therapy is costly and not necessarily covered by our insurance.
Avatar m tn However, if you have been suffering from anxiety and stress related to life events, it may be that you need treatment of your anxiety and depression (i.e. medications to treat these rather than the insomnia they may be causing). Medications such as valium may be helpful but also lead to dependence, addiction, tolerance, and worsening insomnia ("rebound insomnia).
Avatar n tn And there is a real need for treatment for a great many patients. Also the fact that there aren't any other options for us, why dwell on the negatives of treatment if it's the only game in town? I don't want to cause bad feeling and paranoia in people who are about to start, are on it now or have treated, I only bring this up because I think it's a valid question to think about if you do have some "wiggle room.
Avatar n tn com/depression/news/20150729/taking-st-johns-wort-for-depression-carries-risks-study#1 I don't think that I'd want to risk it if I had a history of severe depression - this, or any other product with similar ingredients. I'd definitely look into Paxiled's advice - try a different therapist, for starters. Look for someone who listens to your needs and your history. Don't let the rest of your life demands put your mental health on the back burner.
Avatar f tn That's one of the biggest pros of me doing the study -- avoiding injections and the serious side effects associated with the INF. I have a prior history of severe depression and that's been incidentally one of my physician's biggest concerns about me initiating treatment, so that's a definite factor. It's definitely scary going down the experimental path, though. Feeling very torn... Best of luck to you as you start down the treatment path...
Avatar n tn I felt so much better. I got the major severe internal rectal pain within days of starting treatment. It was terrible. The pain was so bad it felt like I was crapping shards of glass (inside the rectum, probably fissures).That is what it feels like, someone cutting you up inside. I would break out in a cold sweat. I had to hang on to the vanity/sink. I thought I would faint from the pain. I told the case manager and it was deer in the headlights again. She had no clue.
Avatar n tn I take about 30 a day and cannot function normally without them. When I am out I have severe depression and very serious thoughts of suicide just to end the suffering. I don't wish to discuss this with my HMO doctor as I feel he is not competent to handle it. In patient treatment may jeopardize my job. Is there some type of out patient treatment I can seek that can help me wean off this terrible state I have gotten myself into? I am suffering and need assistance ASAP.
Avatar f tn I think I need to call my psychiatrist Because I am just so sad about it. I have had treatment for a long time for depression But I think this has really hit me hard Thank you again for being support for me.
Avatar f tn The 12-step thing is definitely not my cup of tea, and was not involved in the treatment. I stayed off oxy's for two years, but a severe migraine four months ago led to Percocet, which didn't help a lot, and the next thing you know, I was buying oxy's off the street. Migraine gone, addiction back. I'm going to CT again this week, at home with the option of a short hospital stay, and now I know what to expect ...
Avatar n tn If the hypothyroidism is adequately treated but does not reverse the anxiety symptoms, treatment of your anxiety would follow treatment guidelines for primary anxiety disorder. Treatment options are the use of antianxiety medications and/or psychotherapy. The information provided in this Forum is presented for general educational purposes only.
87972 tn?1322664839 50 IU/mL) by week 20 Experienced moderate sides with mild depression, severe fatigue, and significant diarrhea. Relapsed at 30 days post Tx. Commence re-treatment with PEG-Intron/riba 9/06. Assigned dosages are as follows: PEG-Intron 204 µg/week (~2.31µg/kg/week) 2.0 g ribavirin/day (~23.1 mg/kg/day) Baseline HGB was 17.4; currently at 13.1 (no EPO required) HCV serum RNA negative per bDNA (<615 IU/mL) assay week 4 HCV serum RNA negative per TMA (.74 = F-4, cirrhosis).
168869 tn?1202344117 The exact diagnosis will determine the course of treatment options you have. And there are options. Ask about what the options are, and the pluses and minuses of each course of treatment apropriate for your disease. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.