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Avatar f tn Testing how to ask a Dr a question
Avatar f tn i have a question about a med. Its lexapro. i was wondering if u can get pregnant while u are on it. if so what do i have to do.
1220404 tn?1266873193 Hey I hope you can answer my question, i wasnt worryed at first. Didnt even think about it, i was just tryin to ring my doctors coz my first thourght was Right ive come on time to get the injection. and i just asked if they was open sundays and he said no and then hetext me asking if i was ok and why i needed to see the doctors and i reolised what it must ahve sounded like and then i thourght Hang on i better check actually.
1891924 tn?1329533848 If my period is due on Dec,20th do you think it would be ok for me to take a HPT tomorrow on Dec,14th? I have the test thats supposed to show up 6 days before a missed period!! I know I should probably wait until Friday Dec,16th but Im so anxious to see if Im going to get a positive this time or not!! Any info will be helpful! THANKS!!
1230936 tn?1384267689 Hi Ladies! I've taken a week off from tracking/medhelp and will continue to do so:) I'm starting to feel better emotionally and still hanging on to the idea of one day having another baby. It's been 8 days since I started my miscarriage. I started last monday and I fully finished on thursday, so 3 days of full bleed and 1 day of slight spotting. I miscarried the tissue (aka baby). I'm still feeling symptoms 8 days later from the 1st day of my miscarriage. sore boobs.
Avatar f tn I took a test and it came out negative . But lately I been feeling dizzy tiredness also I been wanting to throw up but It never comes out . I also been going to the bathroom a lot more then usual . I take birth control sometimes I forget what could this mean ?
Avatar f tn I just had to give it time i was bleeding for 4 days im still scared that i had a miscarrige . i have another dr app. Soon but i just wanted to know if i take a pregnancy test now will it still.come out possittive even though i might had a miscarrige?
Avatar f tn After 5 days of the due date i tried the pregnenacy test at home (negative) after 2 weeks from the due date i did a blood test (negative) i went to a doctor and she told me to take Primolut -Nor but i didnt take it cuz i am not sure yet .. So is there is a possibility of being pregnant ! Should I wait ! Or do the test again ..
1706625 tn?1343061713 Okay so i have been super nervous about postpartum depression, with my last child i had it and didn't know it until my aunt had said something as she has had it, all i did was cry alot, not eat and sit in dark room....
1295911 tn?1272774501 it getting the very best of me. i feel so incredibly, indescribably awful today. i am crying at everything. i would be near 6 months pregnant right now if i didn't miscarry. i wish i could have kept it; i wish i could have had something to take care of instead of needing everyone to take care of me. and, of course, as soon as i found out - i quit. cold turkey. i wasn't as bad at that point but it didn't matter - i had a reason. what's my reason now?
334926 tn?1436811523 Ok ladies need some advice. It's been a while since I've had to have my fsh done. So at like 12p today started lightly spotting, it was very light and not often which is how my periods always start out so at like 10p my at has picked up. My re told me to count day one when af is flowing not spotting. So now I'm not bleeding heavy by any means, but I do have to use a light pad right now.
Avatar m tn Someone close to me is battling depression. I'd known it for some time. I encouraged this person to reach out to professionals, but like me, there was a reluctance to do so. "It'll pass" he told me. Some time later, it was obvious to me that this person was still struggling so I brought up the idea of seeking help again. "It'll pass" he said. "It's okay to have a down day every once in a while isn't it" he added.
Avatar f tn my period is a month late and my pregnancy test is still negative the doctor did a ulrtasound and said i may be pregnant or it may be a blood clot from a missed period can i get some help with that please ...............
1351078 tn?1416313146 So I have a weird question maybe someone can answer SO If im on Cd 25 of a 28 day cycle and by 28 im guessing really but that would be a long cycle for me and Im only 4dpo I would get a negative on a hpt right if i were to test at cd 29 because by then id only be 8 dpo so my ? is you go by dpo and not really your cycle day right ?? seems so weird to ask because i have six kids but i never tracked my cycle before .
Avatar n tn I have to ask her thrice before she even answers my question. Her doctor said to take another thyriod test. We gave it today. Any suggestions... May be not a thyroid issue and a depression itself? Please help me.
1639915 tn?1378929213 Ok everyone I have a friend that asked me a question thats hard to answer....... She had her cycle earlier this month she doesnt think she ovulates 14 days after her cycle she believes she only ovulates a day or 2 after AF stops... She took pregnancy test's every test that she took with FMU came back with very very faint positives and the ones she took throughout the day came back negitive...
Avatar m tn 1.How Many Weeks Should The Right Window Period? is 3month that's all 2.Do Oral Sex Can Pass A HIV? NO But Yes Especially For Syphlis,Gonorhea And Non Specific Uretritis Cause By Bacteria Gram - and + 3.what test should be taking for hiv test? is the ELISA Test And A Rapid Blood HIV Test Last IS ELISA COMBO Test Antigen n Antibody Test. 4.The Most Favourite in This Forum is all People Develop Symthomps Fever,Flu,Diarhea,Headache,Dizziness,ETC.
Avatar f tn if i had unprotected sex in april and got tested at the end of july (july 31) and tested negative is it safe to say im in the clear of HIV???/ and im going again at the end of september which will make 6mos help me please......
Avatar f tn any question please ask
1676653 tn?1391039945 To any of you ladies who have been on or currently taking clomid on what day did you start doing opk. I'm on 50mg and my ob said take it cd 5-9. I'm just wondering what day I should start.
623920 tn?1276478891 I felt like my whole world was caving in on me. I was worried about the results of the pregnancy test. I was worried if I was miscarrying because I was spotting. i was worried that if I was pregnant we wouldn't be able to receive good health care and lose the baby. I was worried about money. I was worried about ANYTHING possible it seems. This morning AF came in a vengeance. I have had severe cramping in both my stomach and back with sharp pains as well. Maybe the cyst is leaving too.
Avatar f tn I have a very complicated question...
Avatar f tn On a early sunday feb 24th,morning I took 3 ecstacy pills..all different kinds..danced all night at a rave..then on that following wed evening around 10:30 pm, (which was the 27th) took a half of one.....Then that next Saturday night around 10:30 i took one.which was Feb 1st) ....I had to take a urine test on Friday the 7th at around 3:30p......I am about 5'6 around 160..I have worked out for 1 hour at a time for 3 days before the test...
909392 tn?1242675403 finally knew how to post a question! lol..
1585812 tn?1315520620 1st place and got 108 on test. Timothy in 3rd and scored highest test grade. While eating drop sauce.