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Avatar f tn When you see the doctor Thursday, as a start you need to re-test for TSI, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin. If you can get those done and get results before seeing the PA, we will be glad to help interpret results and advise further. Just post test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.
Avatar f tn You having a real problem with depression? If so and you are aware that it is becoming a problem then you really need to talk to your doctor, there are meds out there that can help tremendously. I am not sure if this is what you were talking about or if I am just not reading right but I hope it helps.
Avatar m tn hi. i am 23 and unemployed since a long time. due to this and many other problems i face a lot of physical abuse at home. i cry continuously for hours & pee in my pants when i'm being beaten. i have also cut my self several times & tried suicide. i had to seek medical help but i was beaten for that too. how i do i overcome these crying spells & come out of depression. nothing at my house will change, everyone will continue to beat me.
Avatar f tn With that said, Can you give a general state and city you might live in or be close to? (DO not give us any street address info..that would be a big no no) There are many of us aware of free resources to help you out there. We can match you up with professionals that can test to see if you "do or do not" have dyslexia (hopefully, some close to you). Other tutors that donate time to those that need help making a subject clear to understand.
Avatar f tn Well, when I first got there, they made me do a mental health evaluation test, and then they had me do these weird test things where they would show me a picture of blocks that were made into a shape and I had to take real blocks and make them look like in the picture. I did all kinds of tests including the ink blob one. At the hospital we had a therapy group, where all of us would sit with the therapist and talk about coping skills and stuff.
2105456 tn?1334368647 And my diagnose was major Depression......And I did drink....I wanted to change and I wanted gastric bypass surgery was told Yes.....Went to all the hoops..................And was told no..............I knew the risks...............He knew even got a green light from the committee................I was a smoker so I had to stop for 6 months I did..its going on 5years can't seem to adjust to the fact that those people lied.....
Avatar f tn He said he would do the dexamethasone test instead of the 24 hour urine test (I suspect he thinks it'll be difficult for me because I pee anywhere from 15-20 times a day lol) but if this comes back normal I'm going to press him to do the urine test in a few weeks anyways.
7983046 tn?1396393932 I recently saw a new doctor, an endocrinologist, who says she hates the Free T3 test because the results are always skewed due to the "acid used in the test"???? She put me on Tirosint and my body is now whacked out. I was on Naturethroid with a little Synthroid added, but was still feeling hypo. She wanted me on Tirosint because it has no fillers and I have Celiac, so poor absorption. She wants me on the present dose for 3 weeks and then she will test.
Avatar n tn I have had symptom consistent with hypothyroidism and had the TSH and free t4 test. The TSH is normal but my free T4 is low...what does this mean? I have seen some literature on the net that sometimes the free T4 can gradually decline and the TSH and suddenly go up, therefore indication of hypothyroidism. My symptoms are weight gain, not able to lose weight, constipation, depression, lack of libido, memory problems. Any help?
Avatar m tn The unbound (free) portion is the active part of thyroid hormone. This is referred to as free T3 and free T4 (FT3 and FT4). Free T3 is most important because it is four times as active as FT4, plus FT3 correlates best with hypo symptoms.
Avatar f tn Also you should always make sure they test for both Free T4 and Free T3 each time you are tested. Even though you plan to see an Endo in a few weeks, be aware that doesn't guarantee a good thyroid doctor. Many specialize in diabetes. Many have the Immaculate TSH Belief and only pay attention to TSH, which doesn't work.
915277 tn?1252576713 I had all the columns set up nicely, but, when I clicked on submit, everything went kaflooey!! Free T3 308 range 230-420 pg/dl Free T4 1.0 range 0.8-1.8 ng/dl TSH, 3rd generation 1.76 range 0.40-4.50 mIU/L hope this one is better!!
Avatar m tn I have alot to be happy for, Hep-c is not something you want and we all have different stories. Some of us have good test results, treatments and other do not. Me, I have had it for 22 years my, since birth and I am lucky so far Stage 1 Grade 1. In a way Hep-c has made me think about life in another way. Life, more so then before has become precious to me. I cannot let any day go by without once saying I am blessed to be here.
1243333 tn?1296450502 Is it common to become depressed after being told that you have extensive premature coronary artery disease, this was 14 months ago (just turned 50) I have become to the point that I just want to give up completely and continually think that I would be better off not here approach my GP with the depression issues just could not tell him that I am tired of being tired and want to quit he prescribed lexapro took it for about a week can't deal with the way I felt so stopped I am already on so much
Avatar m tn hy fr iends i wanted to know whats happend to me i was brave and hard working person but suddenly i lose my mind and my mind repeating one thing again and again thoughts non stop my body start shaking and lose motion and not able to do any kind of work because of des order my mind is doing dis order i dont know what to do i afraid to do any kind of work i am dead body no feeling at all one word is repeating you are able to do shifting duties and not able to do any kind of work i wanted to stop
401095 tn?1351395370 i dont feel like i am up to all of that right now...anyway i was off for 4 days...back is calming a bit...depression has set in tho...very tired...i dont have my coping pills and i am not used to coping without them in the last several i am withdrawing/isolating a mom said today that i looked depressed...i am like "Thanks" trust my mom to tell me anything negative i need to hear..havent been to the gym but once this week and sleeping alot...
Avatar f tn It's so common for us to think there's something else going on so we have test after test and see Dr after Dr only to find nothing physically wrong. I'm a little confused about whether you've tried medication or not. For me, it's a lifesaver and pretty much keeps the anxiety and panic attacks under control. Do you know what may have triggered the panic attack 5 weeks ago?
Avatar f tn Has anybody run a Free T3 test to see what that hormone level is? You may be having trouble converting T4 to T3. You can take T4 meds by the bucket full, but if you cannot convert it into T3 properly, you will be Hypothyroid. You have been held in a hypo state for years, which is why you are "fat and lazy". Being tested once a year is a terrible way to track your hormone levels and med dosage. You should be getting thyroid bloodwork every three months, so things like a TSH of 13.
200220 tn?1361955154 No rice, no casin, no dairy, no eggs, no tomatoes, and a few other things. I was also in the midst of a thyroid overactive then RAI then underactive, anxiety, depression, confusion. I did the full diet at first and took a lot of supplements. As I started feeling better I started adding the foods I wasn't supposed to have except for the gluten and bananas. I still have the pain in my stomach which is the only symptom that I ever had.
Avatar f tn I am on a low income and I know what you mean about expensive gluten-free food! My local supermarket has very little gluten-free food to start with so makes meals a little more tricky. I have plenty of gluten-free cookbooks, and you will be surprised at how many foods you can enjoy normally that are not wheat based. It is just amazing that so many meals do have gluten in them. Or at restaraunts, mostly pastas, breads, etc! So can be tricky.
Avatar f tn Hi guys ~ I was just wondering if anyone on here has had to deal with a free clinic or some kind of charitable medical aid to get help for fibromyalgia. Basically I'm at the point where it looks like I'll not be able to have insurance pretty soon and I'm currently on the fentanyl patch, vicodin and gabapentin. I know that I can most likely get free or discounted medicine through the manufacturers assistance programs - my question is, will I even be able to get these prescriptions?
Avatar f tn I'm now back on the dose of T4 and T3 that I first started on more than 2 years ago. (100mcg T4 and 25 mcg T3) Horrible fight s with endos all along, who keep insisting on lowering my meds because of the low TSH results. (I know). My Free T4 and Free T3 are now "within normal range" but are not optimum and I am still symptomatic. I respond most positively to the T3. In order to boost my Frees from low-normal T4 and mid-range T3, do I increase the T3 only.
Avatar n tn On top of everything, the lab told my doct. office of the Cal. labs refusal on Friday and I was there this Sat. for the stupid pregnancy test. But no one at the lab alerted me, or they could have taken a few more tubes. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for letting me vent. Please say a prayer that this time it will go well.
Avatar m tn She should wait for the thyroid test results. Thyroid being out is common cause of depression and treatment is thyroid meds NOT antideppressants.
Avatar f tn , I live with vegetarians and wanted it tested again before I start taking supplements Taking 88mcg of Levothyroxine 150 mg of Wellbutrin 50mg of Zoloft (for my stomach, but I'm still trying to figure out why my stomach feels the way it does) 600mg 2xday of Oxcarbazepine for my neuropathy (still trying to figure out why this is happening too, thyroid wasn't bad enough for long enough to cause it) I added the Free T3 and Free t4 to the lab slips on my own.
Avatar m tn We are lucky, aren't we spikerusty, because most medical problems are investigated free in the UK. Sounds an interesting test. I wonder if that will come free too. I have had quite a few tests in the last year, for various ailments, and all free on NHS. Also, as I am over 60 all medication is free too.
Avatar f tn I get tired very easily, and have a hard time waking up in the morning, and cannot keep my eyes open before bed. I get 8 hours of sleep a night. If my free t3 is lower than free t4 would it help to just up the dose of free t3? Am I hypo or hyper, I have had both symptoms, but especially the weight gain mostly in the mid section. Please help.
Avatar n tn No other hypo symptoms besides inability to lose weight? Depression, fatigue, hair loss, lowered BP or HR, dry skin, etc? Did your doctor test anything else besides FT4 and TSH? FT3? Thyroid antibodies?
Avatar m tn Because depression and anxiety can be symptoms of hypothyroidism, I'd want to have more tests done, including another thyroid panel that includes both Free T3, Free T4 and the TSH, along with thyroid antibodies, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TgAb) to confirm/rule out Hashimoto's. Because other things can cause depression/anxiety, as well, I'd also recommend that you have vitamin B-12, vitamin D and ferritin tested...