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Avatar f tn Your test results are reason to celebrate not as a basis for depression. Both tests are very accurate at the times that you took them and mean that the chance that you have HIV is virtually nil. You should expect your final 3 month test to be negative.
418827 tn?1313411159 http://www.*************.com/cholesterol/home-body-fat-test-2774-143.
1158408 tn?1290567558 I saw a mommy-to-be post a picture of one of these Intelligender tests yesterday and thought I'd try it. It was $30 at Walgreens. I am a skeptic, but watched a video about it on the show "The Doctors" and they said it is 80% accurate. So I I thought... what the heck, I'll try it. Clearly the test says..............BOY!! We will see how accurate in 4 weeks!
Avatar m tn After the test, the pictures showed my infraction percentage at 28%. How accurate is the test when the patient has an irregular heartbeat? The nurse giving the test was not even sure if they could perform the test as irregular as my heartbeat was. There is talk of doing an echogram. What will this show and is it more accurate?
Avatar f tn Dr confirmed pregnancy, blood test shows Hcg values for 6-8 weeks. Going for u/s for accurate dating.
Avatar f tn As I still never came on today, I conducted a pregnancy test after work - approximately 7-8pm. It was a home pregnancy kit - 90% accurate - and it came up negative. Still no sign of my period though.
Avatar f tn If so many problems exist with this test why are they still used. I understand the western blot test are far more accurate and give you a positive or negative result. It seems it is very difficult to obtain this test and labs are confused when asked for this test. The depression caused by this disease can be quite overwhelming and destroy marriages and families. I also find most Dr. quite insensitive or annoyed when results are questioned.
1550149 tn?1340000730 High SED test = inflammation *ESR Test *CRP C- Reactive Protein Test Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody (CCP) HLA-B27 Ankylosing Spondylitis about 90% are HLA-B27 positive Anti-CCP Autobody RF Rheumatoid Factor ANA Test for Lupus ENA Panel ENA autoantibody is positive, then it is likely that the person has that condition Gene/Antigen Tests HLA-B27 ~ Ankylosing spondylitis, Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's syndrome HLA-DQ2 and HLA-DQ8~ Celiac disease http://www.
Avatar m tn No test is accurate, a Duo test tests antibodies and antigen which if positive may pick up antigen at the stage. But only a 3 month antibody test is conclusive.
Avatar n tn I had my results and they were negative for both type 1 and type 2. The test was done at Planned Parenthood. I don't know why I'm still obessing, but how accurate is the test. I remember reading a post on here where someone said it was only 70 percent accuate. I have never had a a symtom...but am considering retesting just to be sure. What is the phenomal about people that don't produce antibodies that would be dectected...and how common is it? Obviously....
Avatar f tn I'm a 20 year old female whom has been diagnosed about two months ago with Genital HSV-1. My doctor did a culture on me and it came back positive. I've been reading some forums and found that some clutures are not as accurate as blood test.. Is that true? I'm trying not to put myself in denial with this whole situation because I am still trying day by day to get over the fact that I have it for life (which ***** @$$).
Avatar f tn My boyfriend and I trying to have a baby we had sex 17 days ago and 16 days ago and 10 days ago I took a test today it says I'm not pregnant is the test accurate or is it to soon to tell
Avatar m tn How likely is it for a negative test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea be wrong. Test was done 13 days after possible exposure .
Avatar m tn I devoloved a rash, I tested at the 3 months, 6 months, and 9 months with the oral swab Oraquick test at a planned parenthood, all were negative. Are these test accurate and concluusive? Would all of these possible give a false negative? I have read alot of misinformation on line. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I had 2 blood glucose levels that were elevated (120) - the first in my entire lifetime that have ever been elevated and I'm 51 - and an A1C level of 6.7. Subsequent glucose levels have been coming down (without any change in diet or meds). I also have high cholesterol and Stage 3 chronic kidney disease, the latter which was recently diagnosed, but which I have apparently had for at least 2 years. My BP is low.
Avatar n tn Hi, depression and anxiety are clinical diagnoses that a doctor will test you for. There are some simple forms online that might give you an idea but a doctor is your best bet to fully determine if you suffer these things. When it is a disorder and not just a bad day, you will have symptoms for 2 weeks straight at least, and every day. Stress is not a disorder and something most people Will have from time to time.
5368438 tn?1366985015 Hello! I'm new here and I'm not sure as to how to work this site so please forgive me if I'm using these features wrong. I may have severe depression. I recently took about 3 Do I have depression test and I scored really high. They all said that I had severe depression. I'm not sure if those test we're accurate so I came on this site to ask people who do have depression if this is depression. I have low self-esteem. I'm always downing myself.
Avatar n tn By now it would be accurate. What it sounds like to me is that your first test was maybe an evap line or you experienced an early miscarriage.
Avatar f tn The reference range says normal should be 0.35 to 5.5. Gynec had asked me to have the test done due to the following issues: Am overwight : 78 kg (She checked my bmi and told me i was almost crossing the obesity limit) Am having irregular menstrual cycle: Havent had my period since the past 3 months Can someone please explain as to what my situation could be? Thanx. Liily.
Avatar f tn So took orasure today, came out negative, dont think the lady did the test right, the pad was NOT saturated, nor was it in my mouth for 2 minutes, trying again tomorrow, hope the test was accurate though!
Avatar m tn But many doctor advise for pcr or hiv rna test for accurate testing,i know whole world is using a elisa test,if im wrong please feel free to post,tq all
Avatar m tn hello i had unprotected sex about 4months ago shorty after 2wks i had flu-like symptoms and about aweek after still having the symptoms i went to the hospital and told the doc that i had unprotective sex ,the doc gave me a hiv blood test. the results of that test came back negative. my question is can a hiv blood test give a true reading only after 3weeks .