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1523516 tn?1330047857 I am trying to gather info to bring. Could any of you share feedback on what items I should bring. I want to "get it right" so to speak since I will be quite a distance from home. I don't want to have to wait on other info to come in. I'm trying to bring everything needed with me.
Avatar f tn He recommended I see a retina specialist immediately. Next Optho/Retina Spec., Dr .K., did the usual battery of test and then stated I was to return the following day for more tests “..because I don't like what I am seeing”!!! That is when I started getting concerned and anxious. The next day after the tests, Dr. K. showed me the image of my eye on the computer screen pointing out the dark shadow area, which he felt was a tumor.
358304 tn?1409713092 even a peanut butter sandwhich, i get bloated almost immediately... This has been concerning me EVEN MORE... causing MORE ANXIETY... which led me to finally go to the Dr. today for a clean bill of health. Well, the Dr. asked me how have things been going in my life... I told him the following "I started working on a film project with a big entertainer in my town... worked on it for almost 2 months... his marketing lady, was HELL to work with... and I do mean HELL...
1524811 tn?1333244901 My PCP has recently referred me to a PM doctor after me asking her for 2 years to do so. I received a call from their office about 2 weeks ago to book the appointment & with everything I've had going on didn't get a chance to book with them. Anyway I contacted my PCP last week to explain that this particular PM DR is about 5 hours by bus from my house, I'm 8 months pregnant & now have a blood clot in my lung so travelling to them is not something I can do.
Avatar f tn I recommend a psychiatrist because they are most knowledagble with the kinds of medication to treat depression. We're close in age and I agree that your body shouldn't hurt like that. But I also have suffered with depression for years and know what it can do to you. You're now healthy and should be able to enjoy your life knowing that. Don't delay, the sooner you seek help...the sooner you will feel better. Best wishes and take care.
Avatar n tn With this added information and a fantastic Primary care Dr that I have, I am almost sure of an extension, it may not be another 24 weeks only 12 but any extension will give me time to work with a Hepatologist from the OHSU, then if needed he can get talk to my treating DR. The Dr was going to bring into his reason for only 24 weeks my previous problem with Interferon induced depression. But I was lucky and was able to contact my Phyc.
Avatar f tn Usually the majority of wd's for moderate exposure are pretty much done by 14 days, so yes the two-week mark is a good place to see where you are and to see your doc for further treatment as needed. Unfortunately the wd effects extended beyond 2 weeks for me. In particular days 18-19 was marked by a sharp 15-minute dehabiliting anxiety episode followed by at least 18 straight-hours of the most extreme fatigue.
Avatar n tn If you type that into a search engine it should come up. Again my PC Dr. treated me for depression and anxiety from the "git go". I'm taking shot #23 of 24 this week and to tell you the truth I'm sick and tired of the tx, sx and the drugs for everything else! But this is what it took to save my life and I am eternally grateful. There is a finality to this one way or the other and personally I will be thrilled when it is over. Undie dance, here I come!!!!!
148691 tn?1260198503 of course i was laughing too, but at one point it got really old and I told him 'just get to work! bring this baby and go to sleep!!!' hehehehe which then he started telling me how I always use him, to TTC, to bring baby.... blah blah blah.... argh... And in the evening I went for a 45 minute walk with my daddy and puppy.... I loved it! of course im draggin' right now, but it was so worth it!
5509652 tn?1391232415 I have been having a really hard time coping with daily life the last few months and went to talk to a doctor. I was prescribed Remeron to help withy depression and my sleep issues. I've been taking the pills almost 2 weeks now and things are not as bad. I can tell it is taking an effect. My only concern are the violent impulses I still have. There have been many time when I will cause harm to myself and often i have a strong urge to punch people in the face.
Avatar n tn I truly hope you get the help and relief you need you bring a lot of light and wisdom to our little life saving forum. Lots of hugs to you. Jenny, Hows it hanging today? Mine are getting closer and closer to my keyboard every day I guess that is what babies and nursing do to you! HA HA! What is going on with your hubby? Just want you to know I am here if you need me.
Avatar f tn Thank you for taking the time to come to this board during this time of concern and for reaching out so compassionately to Brian... and actually to all of us who are praying for him right now. Blessings upon your work.
Avatar f tn Your primary dr can run these tests and help you. If you decide to go to a naturopathic dr, you can take these test results with you as well so he has the whole picture. I know of a Health Guide that takes SamE (not sure of the spelling but I think). Bought at the health food store or vit shop. I think GNC has it too. She says this really works for her. You can research it and see. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I tell my self it's all in my head, and i try to convince my self to relax, and I chant this so to speak. It doesnt solve the problem completely, but it allows me to bring myself back to reality. I know 100% that it really is all in my head, but I can't understand why I react this way.
Avatar m tn The swab test is far more sensitive than the urine test, but it must be sent to a testing facility.... The Dr & his/her office employees are simply following what the law dictates- nothing more & nothing less. They must test patients on a regular basis, in order for the Dr to continue prescribing the medicine(s). If he/she doesn't, it can cost him/her their license to practice medicine at all! It is because of those crooked Drs, that there are so many laws...
Avatar n tn student in neuorpsychology and I take 75 mg of Zoloft and see a therapist once a week to deal with frightening thoughts of hurting children in my life and depression. Originaly, it was thought that the depression was secondary to the obsessions but now my obsessions are undercontrol (They are not in control of my life anymore) and I'm still depressed. I will go three days to a week of feeling alright and then I will be in a full depression again for another couple of days.
Avatar f tn And if u were did they help? Im calling my dr tomorrow to see what he says. I hope he will at least refer me to a psychotherapist or something like that. Ugh help!
667078 tn?1316004535 It is easy to slip into medical depression and not realize it. Some of the depression related to MS is situational. Having an illness which causes so many medical problems. Financial strain. Relationship issues with changing rolls with family and at work. Our career defining who we are and the loss or changes in careers.Then there is as Shakespeae said "the Strains and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune and the thousand Natural shocks that Flesh is err to.
Avatar n tn And they don't sugar coat everything, they say what needs to be said. They say what we need to hear. To take this away Dr. Steve would serve what purpose? If you felt that some of the posts to Danielcc/Doc Dan were inappropriate then maybe you should look at the unbefitting posts that Doc Dan has initiated. Numerous Times! No one hit the "ground running" towards Danielcc when he starting posting his spiteful comments. He was asked politely to ease up, to leave, to stop attacking etc.
Avatar n tn depression, abnormal responses to stressful situations, drug hunger, decreased self-esteem, anxiety, and many other psychological disturbances. Recurrence or expression of underlying personality problems that drug use may have masked( and all humans have) should be expected, diagnosed, and treated appropriately.Taking an Antidepressant if you can find the one that works best for you,may/can help you through this period.
Avatar n tn It is Gods little test for you, he throws this on you, which is too much to bear, and wants to see if you crack right now. Don't give in to the Dope no matter what, it will take away the pain for 4 hours, then you will have to deal with all this later. Time by yourself is important right now. When my best friend died 8 years ago, I didn't see daylight for a week. All I did was lay in bed, crying occasionally. It is a sort of spriritual cleansing that must happen.
901137 tn?1267629789 He explained that the diagnosis can be made when a patient fails to fully respond to 3 separate recognised meds (for depression) each taken for a minimum of 12 weeks. OK? So that tells us what we need to know. It's just a definition they use but I recall when I first got told that my thoughts were that I was finished, untreatable. Jargon is often damaging. Like we also discussed the terms used for suicide in doc speak.
Avatar n tn Being somewhat spiritual, I believe that depression is the Devil's last resort to bring us down for good! When all else fails...? Sadly, depression is a fatal condition for many of us. I too, have found myself with a pistol's muzzle pressed against my forehead. With me it starts with..."I should just leave, people would be better off without me!" Hah! How egotistical can one get? If nothing else, you owe your loved ones the pleasure of your presence.
461838 tn?1255793816 My Dr. called me to tell me my Hemoglobin was low, and I was suffering from anemia, one of the reasons I am so fatigued and sleeping without rest. She cut down my ribivirin 200mg tablets from 5 to 3 a day. Will get blood test in 2 weeks. I asked her if this was causing the ringing in my ears, she said no, but it was why I was so tired. I wonder if these would cause my depression and irritability.
Avatar m tn So I will use the website you gave me above to contact Dr Berkson to get more details. Then I will be on the hunt to find someone in Australia to take it on. If not, Im willing to travel to 'mexico' for this. All the best to you and thanks.
Avatar f tn I am not sure if I should bring it up to my doc. You feel so stupid walking in and telling your educated doctor to test you for something. It seems like they would have thought of that before. What do you think? Thanks for any input!
Avatar m tn If these symptoms are impacting on your quality of life I would suggest you bring these concerns up with your GP, if no answers are found then maybe test for thyroid imbalance.