Depression test to bring to dr

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Avatar f tn tomorrow i have to go to my dr.
1002621 tn?1349668776 1st blood test today.
1002621 tn?1349668776 Blood test for profile and HCG.
1714506 tn?1308662616 I had went to the OB dr today and took a blood test
1335696 tn?1275816664 Dr. Lal test reports LAB NO. 4823201 P: Dr. Rajesh Mob: 9999333426 Artemis Hospital. dr.
1244998 tn?1268652816 Test ovulacion +
Avatar f tn You need to get checked and tell the doctors everything that is wrong. DO NOT hold back. I can understand being scared but without a diagnosis and treatment things will continue to become worse. You need an updated mri, myelogram, ct scan. I hope you get some help soon. It sounds as if you are having a lot of problems. Best wishes.
1073613 tn?1265044962 1 dpo
1335696 tn?1275816664 Investigation : test
1244998 tn?1268652816 To con raya copntrol más fuerte que test
1481304 tn?1288205993 hopefully planned parent hood can help me or give me some vitimins or something. taking a test too. cross your fingers!
461781 tn?1285609481 They had to re-do the syphillis and gonorhea test because someone lost it ugh! All the blood tests came back great and we listened to the heartbeat, its 160bpm at 10.4 weeks :) I'm supossed to go back in 4 weeks for a regular check up and before in 2 weeks for the nuchal translucency test.
1244998 tn?1268652816 Test ovulacion + Por la mañana y se intentara por la tarde
Avatar n tn Went to Dr Chang - CD3 blood test & ultrasound
927344 tn?1247404726 So I must keep myself going through Fast-5 program from today inorder to bring my weight down to 68 kg. (which is about 0.65 grams).to get this I might have to be very strict with longer exercise ain the evening, work out moreoften . but I won't lessen my eating for lunch. Let's see it on Saturday whether I can bring it down!
Avatar f tn You are right in saying that frequent urination is one sign of diabetes together with excessive thirst, excessive hunger, weight loss and fatigue Talk to your doctor for another glucose test if the previous test was already a year ago to determine if there are changes in your glucose levels. Take care and keep us posted.
711224 tn?1344771687 The depression sets in again and I am scared to death, I just hate being in the black, dark hole.
Avatar f tn Testing how to ask a Dr a question
1244998 tn?1268652816 Hoy raya control fuerte y test más flojo, pero hoy pasamos... Dolores de ovario ayer noche...
Avatar f tn No need to do blook work. (4/20/10) 15 days post ovulation test for pregnancy if no AF. If no BFP or AF by 4/24/10 call DR and schedule for blood test. *x* HOPE FOR A BFP!! SSBD TO ME! *x* If negative blood test, I will have to take Provera again and start all over.
Avatar f tn My blood test results weren't there but should have been he called and before I left they were faxed. He said my cholestrol was slightly high and the test showed elevation of thyroid numbers. he felt I was okay and wished me a happy holiday.. but his staff had failed to give me the paper work for an xray he wanted me to have to see if my lungs are clear.. asthma was okay...
354706 tn?1279470795 Mum getting better but still prone to depression and she refused to take remeron to stabilize her emotions for fear of addition. Oh, when bad news comes, they come in spades. The CA-125 one week after the surgery has elevated to 65. Rationally, I know that it may be a reaction to the surgery but at the back of my mind, there is this fear that the elevation is due to tumor activities. The doctor actually wanted to start the chemo this week but mum is not physically or emotionally ready.
529364 tn?1238114372 day 3 went to dr hardin, tested positive on PIAC test.
Avatar f tn I had it in the morning, then went to starbucks,had a mocha and was able to smile and do homework.Went to couple therapy with Dr. Welland-she is really good and might be able to help us before Joseph gets here. I noticed getting depressed during the session again and it is still lasting.
Avatar n tn Intense pain in chest and throat area began around noon. Felt like strangling. Debated about going to hospital until 6pm when pain subsided. Going for nuclear stress test tomorrow at Dr.'s office. Will notify them of incidents.
Avatar f tn For urine test. My AZO UTI home test this morning was positive for nitrites and white blood cells.
Avatar f tn )))
189069 tn?1323402138 I haven't been on MH much lately....I miss being on here, but I've been avoiding it because it reminds me of what I have to face. My husband's been drinking again. He was sober for about 3 months and he "fell off the wagon," like he said. I told him, "Honey, you didn't fall off, you jumped off and sold the darn wagon." When this man starts drinking again, he doesn't have a slip and then sober up again, he keeps drinking.
Avatar n tn Dr apt with Dr. Lala. He will hold off on nerve burning test and procedures due to decrease in back spasms and decreased frequency with high pain.
Avatar n tn weigh 153 pounds last appt with dr. to be transferred to new dr. normal glc test and thyroid test.