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Avatar n tn I had an exercise tolerance test done in which I had upto 1mm of ST depression (upsloping) at peak exercise that disappeared in recovery. This result was equivocal so I had a Thallium myocardial perfusion imaging test. This came back normal. I still get chest pain - what does 1mm upsloping ST depression mean? Do I have anything to worry about or do I need further tests.
Avatar m tn Those are usually urine tests and they are pretty expansive (about 400-600$ but genetics is an information technology which means it is evolving exponentially which means you will see the price lowered in the years to come) . Depression can be more complicated than modifications in your monoamines. Some have the biological depression and some don't. I don't know anything about having a genetic test yet but it is more complicated that serotonin like I said.
773980 tn?1257401525 My Fiancée lived in America which is where i was going to move to, i went over for a Month over the Christmas Period and a Couple of Weeks after my return i started feeling strange and my Monthlys were getting later and later so i went to the nhs walk in center to see if i could find out what was wrong, and as my best friend predicted i was pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hi there; I also suffer with anxiety and depression, so i can totally understand how you feel. I was not prescribed Prozac, I am on Cipramil, but it takes 2 weeks according to my doctor for the drug to start working and can make anxiety temporarily increase when you first start taking it. Try not to think about if it is working or not because that will also increase your anxiety as well.
Avatar f tn You can order you test on the internet and test various neurotransmitter levels. This is very likely to cost around 200-400$. Yes they can know quite accurately the neurotransmitter levels with a simple urine test. Think of it as a dope test, It's basically the same way of detecting substances and making ratio. Therefore, everyone is different regarding brain's chemistry and I find it quite absurd to test the neurotransmitters rather than to diagnose the symptoms and try to treat them.
Avatar m tn You may, not making a diagnosis, but you may have something further going on then simple depression, there are about 8 different types of depression, as well as mood disorders which have depression as a symptom. It's nothing you have done, nor should you blame yourself in any way (I wish I could give you a hug) it's your brain. The brain is such a complex organ, far more complex then even the biggest computer out there, and science has only tapped the surface.
Avatar m tn When I went to my doctor I was diagnosed with depression, I said that I thought that I might have hypothyroidism but he dismissed it because I didn't have the 'major' symptoms as he put it, of weight gain, hair loss, or sensitivity to the cold.
Avatar m tn At 10 weeks I went to the dr and had another HIV antibody test done along with several other blood tests for various viruses and blood count. All tests were negative and there were no abnormalities in my blood count. I tried to take reassurance in these results but I am still having a lot of headaches, a sore throat, and some diarrhea. On top of this my wife has developed a sore throat and now my 4 year old daughter has a presistent cough.
Avatar n tn I'd hate to hear of someone who tested at 28 days on a duo and then thought they were fine and passed it to their wife/long term partner - 28 days is what a lot of UK private clinics say to get you to pay for the same test that is given out free on the NHS....and then some NHS hospitals also say 6 weeks is fine over here is the UK.
Avatar f tn I saw quite a few psychiatrists and psychologists and counsellors, but all through the NHS. First step is to see a doctor. Have you discussed how you are feeling with your parents? I know you don't want to go to a doctor. But please mental health problems are no different from physical problems. Seems you think there is a stigma attached to poor mental health. All the people on this site are mentally ill. That is why we are here. To support each other.
Avatar n tn • Restlessness and irritability, sometimes anxiety and depression but not always they come and go. • Nasal congestion, always having to use a decongestion spray. • Sore feet which has been diagnosed by the hospital as plantar fasciitis. (probably not related to anything else, except maybe been over weight). Can’t do more than about 20-30 mins walking a day. • Significant weight gain on the upper body but my arms and legs have stayed thin, extreme pot belly puffed out and bloated face.
Avatar n tn hi, i am a male and was found positive for Hepatitis B about two years back. doctors say i am just a carrier. My recent LFT gave SGPT count as 56 which is out of the range of 13-40. so i got my HBV DNA quantitative test done. the result came out to be as "under detectable limit". what does this conclude? i don't consume alcohol and am a healthy person as a whole. 1) Is the hepatitis B virus not replicating in my body?
Avatar m tn I'd get a few week and they would be completely debilitating. After a few visits to the GP, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and given sertraline as he thought the migraines were due to stress. I was doubtful, but it significantly reduced the amount of migraines I would get - down to 1 or 2 a month. However, in march 2017 I developed a persistent headache. Some days it would be mild (around 2 or 3/10 pain score).
Avatar m tn V ANTIBODY' tests used in the U.K by the NHS would be the same as the ones generally used in the U.S?? If I need to test to relieve anxiety, like anyone I want a 'SIGNIFICANT' level of reassurance A.S.A.P. I realise as a precautionary measure people still quote the 12 week or 3 month mark as CONCLUSIVE. I also believe / have read that at 6 weeks ( or 6 up to 8 weeks ) a standard antibody test is over 99% accurate, mainly in replies made by the American Docs.
Avatar n tn Otherwise I would try to see a different doctor to see about getting a scan or some kind of diagnostic test. Do you feel that your anti-depressant treats your depression well? If not, you should talk to your doctor about it, who may think that the dose should be increased or that you may need to try a different anti-depressant. Then perhaps most of your symptoms could get better. What country do you live in where the doctors didn't feel a need to do any diagnostic tests after a bad fall?
Avatar n tn I am going to get a second opinion privately since my GP thought it was significant enough to warrant a referral, if he finds different from the NHS GP I will file a complaint, as I am sick of NHS specialists putting everything down to depression related illnesses. Maybe you could do the same? Have you asked about Hypopituitism?
Avatar n tn To update i'm still waiting on my neurologist appointment, NHS aren't great when it comes to dealing with Urgent cases. My Doctor has now referred me to another hospital in the hope i get seen sooner.On his referral letter he states that i have bilateral small muscle wastage on hands(partivularly prominant in anatomical snuff boxes)what ever that means,Ptosis of left eye, fascilations of intercorstals and thighs.Balance test was poor and that i suffer from a lot of muscle issues.
Avatar m tn The best evidence for omega-3's has been in cases of major and moderate depression, but not mild depression, and one group of researchers has concluded that the antidepressant benefit is strongly dependent upon the EPA content of the supplement. After pooling and reviewing studies using a total of 1,000 mg to 6,000 mg of EPA and DHA, those in which EPA was 60% or more of the total showed a highly significant improvement, whereas those that were less than 60% EPA did not.
Avatar m tn t feel I have the same energy levels as I used to. I score very minimal on a depression test, a sleep study suggests I don't have sleep apnea, although I have a few apneas a night (two or three) apparently the sleep clinic says that's normal, oxygen levels are pretty standard on the trace, but the thing that they couldn't explain, was the heart trace which shows lots of fluctuations and they reckon explains my sleep issues.
Avatar f tn Dr. Barnes Basal Temperature Test. Just look it up and follow the online instructions precisely). Your thyroxine, may be too low, not effective or worse very damaging (in the event you have high reverse T3 levels, since it is mainly T4, which in turn would be converting to reverse T3, thus lowering your bioavailable T3 (free T3) further! NHS unfortunately is not going to be very co-operative in pursuing all this.
Avatar f tn At the age of 19, I had a bout of depression and was given and short course of tablets. When asking about counselling for the OCD, anxiety and depression, I was told, "sorry we don't provide it". 18 months later I feel overloaded with rituals and anxiety. I lie in bed for as long as I can until I have no option but to get up and start the exhausting day all over again. I didn't even shower for a full week or brush my hair; I've stopped caring for my appearance, I'm too overwhelmed.
Avatar m tn Hi I missed last two period, i consult GP he did thyroid test but that is negative. Here i like to share some symptom my weight has been incread by 6 KG in last 8 months. I am not pregnent. Please suggest me some medicen so my periods get normal. I am married and we are trying for baby.
Avatar m tn It's worth noting that the amount of EPA given and ratio to DHA are consistent with those suggested by earlier research for treating depression. A possible explanation for moderate improvements in depression among those who respond to fish oil, is that fish oil increases white matter (myelinated fibers that connect brain cells) in areas of the brain which can be compromised in depression.
2174192 tn?1338761926 We do find that members in countries, such as UK, that have a nationalized health care system, have a hard time getting the test, due to NHS guidelines. Many have had to go private to get tested adequately.
Avatar m tn I went to the GUM CLINIC the other week and they tested for Clamidya and Gonorrhea with a urine sample, and they come back negative via text. i have to go next month for a blood test, that will test for hepatitis A,B,C HIV again and syphilis... But i want a full blown STD test, i want herpes, and the others... Is it necessary?
Avatar n tn Thanks Vance. I've been for test yesterday at a clinic who expect me to be low risk. I spoke to NHS Direct over the phone and they said there is always a risk but from what I've read it's fairly low. The latter was not very reassuring. I felt a bit of fatigue today and panicked but it's passing. II think yesterday's test will check me out for 14 incidents that occurred in 2010 and I'll probably have a 10, 28 and 3 months test just to be sure.
Avatar f tn I then went back on my answer and said that in the past I was also signed off for depression and anxiety (which I had always put down to the hypothyroidism but I did not relay this to her because I knew she would say "results are normal".) She then signed me off for 2 weeks and suggested I speak to another doctor in the practice about my symptoms, mainly the anxiety and depression ones. I feel like I am being seen as a crazy woman now and I am almost convincing myself that I am.
Avatar n tn Very good info to have. I will have my numbers checked again. (I am, by the way, on BC - nuva ring) My numbers were: TSH(3rd generation) - 2 weeks ago - 2.32 (range .4-4.5) T3 UPTAKE- 1 week ago - 22% (range 22-35) T4 - 1 week ago - 12.4 mcg/dL (range 4.5-12.5) FT4 - 1 week ago - 2.7 (1.4-3.8) Also, if it's important: my lipase levels are high (92, range 7-60). They tested this because my stomach has been in terrible pain for a few weeks.
Avatar f tn 5, but my free T4 was only 9, and I had really bad depression, fibromyalgia, weight gain, and vaginal bleeding (despite being menopausal - I am 53), plus loads of other minor stuff. I also tested positive for antibodies. After 2 years, I am now on 100mcg thyroxine, and the bleeding has gone (it stopped immediately I went on to thyroxine), the fibromyalgia and depression have dramatically improved, and I am able to work full time again. However, on my last blood test my TSH was only 0.