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Avatar n tn I had an exercise tolerance test done in which I had upto 1mm of ST depression (upsloping) at peak exercise that disappeared in recovery. This result was equivocal so I had a Thallium myocardial perfusion imaging test. This came back normal. I still get chest pain - what does 1mm upsloping ST depression mean? Do I have anything to worry about or do I need further tests.
1105540 tn?1279187117 Just wanted to say to fellow Brits on here, aren't you quite proud of our NHS, i know it can be **** & let us down but at least we dont have to pay stupid money for our DMD's!!
1215490 tn?1319837441 So I went for a dr appointment yesterday to discuss our ttc time and get some advice. Well, I waited for 20min and had a chat with the dr that lasted maximum 10 min, maybe even only 5. She was very nice, don't get me wrong. But basically told me here they don't do any blood tests or sperm tests until at least 1 year ttc (I'm only 8mths..... So I can probably wait a couple more months without going insane right?) and only start trying any other options after 2 years!
Avatar n tn I was unconcerned about the chances of HIV until I was told about fake condoms being used in some areas. I had a test at an NHS gum clinic at just over 6 weeks after which came back negative. I am unsure however if I need further testing as I dont know what type of test was used. Can I take this result at conclusive? What is the standard NHS test used?
Avatar f tn You can order you test on the internet and test various neurotransmitter levels. This is very likely to cost around 200-400$. Yes they can know quite accurately the neurotransmitter levels with a simple urine test. Think of it as a dope test, It's basically the same way of detecting substances and making ratio.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know what generation testing the nhs in the uk are using is it the 4th generation test or are they using the 3rd generation one.
Avatar f tn At the age of 19, I had a bout of depression and was given and short course of tablets. When asking about counselling for the OCD, anxiety and depression, I was told, "sorry we don't provide it". 18 months later I feel overloaded with rituals and anxiety. I lie in bed for as long as I can until I have no option but to get up and start the exhausting day all over again.
Avatar m tn I plan to take a HIV test, but the stuff in NHS G.U.M clinic told me that the test result should be known two weeks after test; so I want to seek another similar organization that could also provide HIV test besides NHS,but can give the result faster than NHS, do any British friends know about "Better2know"??? Is it qualified to offer HIV test as a private clinic? Is it authoried by UK government?
Avatar f tn ve been diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa, feel depressed a lot of the time and cut regularly. I go for therapy with the NHS but I still feel terrible. Does anyone know how I can start to feel better?
1338204 tn?1288831382 Today I received a letter that my dermatologist has sent to my GP, asking if he is able to get my acne scars removed on the NHS due to the bad depression it has caused me over the years, I just want to know if there would a chance that i will be funded for this, as it would be life changing for me, i dont want a new face just to go out of the house without feeling ugly and depressed, thanks
4261944 tn?1590535519 Really annoying. darker than line but yesterday it was equal to I it's lighter....test again tomorrow.... Gynaecology finally scheduled appointment for February 24th. Only 3 months late. NHS is a nightmare sometimes.
Avatar f tn t even heard of it until this pregnancy! I read on the nhs website that they only test/treat women at risk. Have any UK ladies been tested? I'm scared as keep reading stuff about it!!
Avatar n tn Hi all!! 35 weeks tomorrow!!In London they do not do this test! NHS policy, is it something to worry about? what do you think? Thank you!!!
Avatar f tn Hi all. Please help. I took a HIV test in Dec 2015 at a NHS walk in service in the UK. Was negative. However just reading that there are different types and strains of HIV. Now concerned my test did not test for all possible strains. I have no idea what type of test was taken, only that my blood was taken from my arm and sent off. Really worried about the possibility I was not tested for all strains. Please advise. Thank you.
Avatar n tn t a blood test that can diagnose fibromyalgia, but there is a research test on spinal fluiid that apparently can make the diagnosis :
Avatar n tn Hi, I've posted here before and Demiguise helped me out bigtime.To update i'm still waiting on my neurologist appointment, NHS aren't great when it comes to dealing with Urgent cases. My Doctor has now referred me to another hospital in the hope i get seen sooner.On his referral letter he states that i have bilateral small muscle wastage on hands(partivularly prominant in anatomical snuff boxes)what ever that means,Ptosis of left eye, fascilations of intercorstals and thighs.
Avatar m tn stuart - I had duo test at 3 weeks. I am still waiting the results been four days so far. I cannot complain because we get free healthcare in the UK so I'm grateful for our NHS. I got the test at 3 weeks knowing it's 80-90% accurate and would sort my head out. I am planning next test this Friday it will be 27 days and 26 hours since unprotected sex. I have suffered no fever or flu like symptoms. just muscle ache, slight body rash, feeling tired, heart racing, lack of sleep, not eating.
Avatar n tn Husband had to call NHS Direct
Avatar n tn I am going to get a second opinion privately since my GP thought it was significant enough to warrant a referral, if he finds different from the NHS GP I will file a complaint, as I am sick of NHS specialists putting everything down to depression related illnesses. Maybe you could do the same? Have you asked about Hypopituitism?
Avatar f tn my dentist said he wont be able to bleach my teeth because you cant get that dsone on the NHS. i am unemplyed with depression that is why i cant afford it. do u have any tips i can use to get rid of the smoke stains on my teeth cos i feel they are disgusting?
Avatar m tn I am carrying the symtoms of uncomfortable dull pain when I want to urinate Also a slight sting when I do. I visited a nhs clinic today for a test. Unfornatunatly I didn't ask all the questions I should have. I was examined by a nurse and two samples were taken from the inside of my penis,there was nothing detected visably .I would receive the results within 2 weeks. What are they testing for with these samples ???