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645800 tn?1466864555 I had my appointment with my PC today at the VA and picked up the progress notes from my Neuro Psych Testing that was done 1 month ago. I found it a very interesting read and contained some thoughts that may help others here. It will be in the final section that may be of interest to others in handling some of the problems we tend to face. But first a word from our sponsor The Wildlife Report..... I was surprised and delighted to see two deer on my trip along the Trace on my way to the VA.
967168 tn?1477588089 I had my physch eval for disability for depression and don't know what to do. I had no clue he was going to go so in depth and peruse my childhood, I thought he was only to ask questions about why I have depression relating to my surgery and diseases from 2009. I sat there crying through alot of it and refused to go into parts of my childhood and told him it could stay in the hole I hid it in.
Avatar f tn Since your child's TSH is also very low, I think you should talk to the doctors and have them central central hypothyroidism. Central hypothyroidism is problem with the hypothalamus/pituitary axis in the brain, where the thyroid actually works correctly, but it doesn't get adequate stimulation (TSH) to produce enough hormones.
Avatar n tn One other possibility is that the virus may actually INFECT the brain, and/or the central nervous system, thus directly causing these problems. Much more research needs to be done, to pin down causes, and to determine the best ways to deal with this set of symptoms, both in the pre-tx individual, and often in the post-tx / SVR patient. Many continue to experience similar symptoms, well after tx.
901137 tn?1267629789 "Depression Central" is a good website for all available options as regards medication. You could speak to your psychiatrist about what might help as regards available options and you could inform yourself as well. I would agree with the other post as well.
Avatar n tn Possibly, but unlikely. For example, some over the counter medications such as Nyquil contain alcohol, but unless you take the whole bottle it will not be sufficient to cause much of a rise in your blood alchol level. There are also medications which can increase your blood alcohol level, so if you had say 2 drinks you might show a higher level than normal.
Avatar n tn I have been on too many psych meds to list here to help with depression and anxiety I have suffered for many, many years. About 8-9 years ago I suffered a compression fracture of T12. Upon taking opiates for pain I noticed instant relief from my depressive symptoms that I had never experienced through numerous meds and years of therapy EVER before. After several years of opiate use for back pain I had become physically dependent on opiates.
Avatar m tn One more reason that can cause central nervous system depression is blood pH, it should be constant around 7.25-7.35. I hope this is correct range. I read this in Chemistry textbook. Last time when doc (not GP) did pH was 7.0 and I was feeling better during that time. Since then I have been down and I asked my GP to run this test, she said "don't need it." I will try to get tests done through some other docs.
Avatar f tn what-ever psych symptoms we are prone to, may seriously exacerbate, while on Tx.
Avatar n tn and an MRI of the brain to evaluate for a structural cause. Depression is more tricky, there is no blood test for depression and the diagnosis is usually made based on clinical judgement. In cases of cognitive change, depression is often evaluated by a trial of antidepressant medication to see if things improve, inaddition to Neuropsych testing which can sometimes identify depression.
874521 tn?1424120397 but only for a short while and the last 3 weeks or so has slumped down into a very deep depression again. he saw his pdoc again t'day he just upped his seroquel now at a pretty high dose He said he cannot put him on any AD's until after he had an abnormal ECG and is going for 'stress testing' does anyone know WHY he cannot be on AD's before taking further heart related tests??
Avatar f tn I just came across this:
Avatar f tn He later slept for about 4 hrs… I believe he was also hooked up to an IV, but not positive… -woke him up for ANOTHER urine sample and CAT scan -while awake, he was anxious and delusional… most likely hallucinating because he was saying that he was doing things that he really wasn’t… -once again calmed down once his family talked to him then he was given the same meds to calm him down from before -he attempted to sleep but he would often wake up every few minutes while they were waiting for t
652835 tn?1236195173 And also look specifically into the blood test results. I don't think an ANA test can eliminate everything you mention. As far as I know, it simply shows whether there is a large inflammatory process going on. From what you say there's lots of inflammation, so I don't see how we're farther ahead by an ANA test. But I'm most worried that you say that it has ruled out Lyme disease. That's a separate test entirely. There are various blood tests for Lyme, some of which are totally unreliable.
Avatar n tn In the last year, I've been diagnosed and am being treated for sleep apnea and anxiety/depression. I also take vitamin B12 and D supplements. I am now a 36 year-old male, decent weight and diet, and way too tired to exercise. My numbers are largely the same as they were in those long-ago posts. Latest labs show TSH = 3.5; FT4 = 1.2; FT3=2.9. Years ago, my anti-Tg antibodies were > 100. I also have copies of labs all the way back to the 90s and my TSH was always around 3.
Avatar m tn There is a small right lateral recess disk protrusion with mild narrowing of the right lateral recess. There is no significant central canal stenosis. C5-6: There is a disk bulge with right lateral recess disk protrusion producing moderate narrowing of the right lateral recess. There is also mild mass effect on the ventral thecal sac and spinal cord. There is overall a mild degree of central canal narrowing.
881463 tn?1245349249 chest pain/tight breathing sensations. Chest/abdominal/ CAT SCAN/Dye, Bone Scan, Nuclear stress test, Stress test, Gastrocopy, Detailed blood work, Thoracic spine MRI, Chest X Ray, Abdom Ultrasound. My Dr. says he has done all of the appropriate tests & then some. I asked for an echo-cardiogram & he said no because of the normal stress tests and also no to a chest MRI. He says the Chest CAT SCAN is better than a Chest MRI, except for things like identifying MS (e.
Avatar m tn Biological Result of HCV – This theory describes the potential for the Hepatitis C virus to negatively affect the central nervous system bringing about depression. Although not directly proven, this hypothesis is supported by studies demonstrating that HCV directly causes fatigue and other neuro-cognitive symptoms. Adair and colleagues used gene expression analysis to evaluate gene expression in HCV-infected patients and a control group.
Avatar n tn I have anxiety, panic attacks, brain fog, fatigue, light sensitivity, decreased memory and concentration, depression that comes and goes, slight twitches in my legs that also come and go, and recently I have had a swore neck along with a headache behind my eyes. These symptoms also increase whenever I drink acohol and the hangovers are horrible. I almost feel like I am going crazy. I am in college as a biology major and it is consuming my attention.
684736 tn?1315548941 If you are having suicidal ideations then the hospital might not be such a bad idea. If they continue I would reccomend driving there now. If they become realistic call 911. But the best thing to do is go to the hospital before they get worse and then have your medications adjusted while you are kept from doing anything that would harm yourself. Ask yourself what you want out of recovery and medication options.
Avatar f tn My wife has Hashimoto's, and she's been through a couple of endocrinologists and they're just clueless. Most of them don't even test for all the four main hormones; they only test for one or two if you're lucky. Given you've been through the medical ringer already, you might be one of those people who might consider some place like a top university hospital or John's Hopkins or the Mayo Clinic and thoroughly rule out physiological causes before you settle on it being vanilla anxiety.
Avatar n tn Additional tests that would be advisable are a 24 hour saliva (or urine) test for cortisol. Also test for free testosterone. Calcium levels should be checked. All these results should provide some good insight into what is going on with him. When available, if you want to post results and reference ranges shown on the lab report, members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
2143641 tn?1396681743 I told everyone that I had some infection/inflammation but nobody listened to me because it was coincidental with the psych. trauma. because I had been given high doses of psychotropic drugs in 2010 (coincidentally with the infection) and I had PTSD I thought it was all due to that. the doctors had lied about my blood tests they said there was nothing important I found out more than a year later.
11119474 tn?1428705770 I've been going to this guy for 8 years. He should know me by now. He has always just "skimmed over" and not listened to my neurologic or pain issues, and offers no support, other than he'll talk for 30 minutes on the benefits of stopping smoking. Yes, I get that and am working on it. He dismisses all of my complaints as they can be cured by this. Yes, maybe they can be better... but it's not what's causing my symptoms. During my last visit with him, he made me cry... Why?
Avatar n tn Though she may have a mild case of depression, she primarily exhibits symptoms of stress. Before this incident three days ago, she had a few anxiety attacks. Upon trying to return to work yesterday (against my recommendation), she suffered another anxiety attack and never made it in. She had forgotten a few things and then got disoriented driving to work.
Avatar f tn I take cymbalta 60, adderall 15 IR, and narco 325/5. I have gone the psych-route. therapy for depression/anxiety issues. it was determined I wasn't bi-polar or anything similar that would manifest physically.
2136167 tn?1374732251 I know my doctor would send me to psychiatrist he doesn't listen and claims it is depression but I am afraid to start those antidepressants .Sure,I get depressed too ,but I have been always anxious person and now it is like never before I am almost feeling like I will.get a seizure or I am loosing control of my sanity..I am so tired now that the best to relax I can listen to relaxing music and have some nice warm bath .
17568 tn?1424977159 They never looked for strokes because I am youngish, fit, healthy and active. My first doctor 4 years ago told me I was simply depressed. I asked for a psych eval, and the Psych said there were no indications of depression or anxiety, but I was sleep deprived and fatigue was a problem. I left that first doctor fast. A good doctor, even one without answers but who will listen and care and fight for you is worth everything.
1245245 tn?1268763511 You get the sense that you could walk into ER with your leg half chopped off and they'd still want to investigate first the psych sx that put you in the way of the mad axman! Anyway, I am certainly familiar with all those same sx, and I guess many of us here are. I don't think they're weird at all! I believe they're part of a defined physical disease pattern that is begging for a definitive dx. It's anxiety making when they send you for tests and don't explain things properly.
Avatar m tn It is supposed to be higher in the morning to wake you and lower at night to put you to asleep. You only had one test, one day. You should have several sets of testing AND a stim test IMHO so you have a much better idea if this is a pattern or an anomaly. And yes - that pattern is consistent with Cushing's syndrome. You should see an endocrinologist - but they will not accept the lab results from Rocky most likely.