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1101326 tn?1421682634 Suicidally depressed, admitted to psych hospital through ER
967168 tn?1477584489 I had my physch eval for disability for depression and don't know what to do. I had no clue he was going to go so in depth and peruse my childhood, I thought he was only to ask questions about why I have depression relating to my surgery and diseases from 2009. I sat there crying through alot of it and refused to go into parts of my childhood and told him it could stay in the hole I hid it in.
Avatar m tn In the United States ECT is used when all known anti-depressents have failed to help a person and they have treatment refractory depression or if the person is suicidal and anti-depressents don't help. In other countries it may be used beyond that point but basically should be considered an option after a person cannot be treated with anti-depressents. For some more information on anti-depressents google "Depression Central".
645800 tn?1466860955 I had my appointment with my PC today at the VA and picked up the progress notes from my Neuro Psych Testing that was done 1 month ago. I found it a very interesting read and contained some thoughts that may help others here. It will be in the final section that may be of interest to others in handling some of the problems we tend to face. But first a word from our sponsor The Wildlife Report..... I was surprised and delighted to see two deer on my trip along the Trace on my way to the VA.
Avatar f tn 30am.
Avatar f tn Could not sleep last night as I was worried about not getting up and being late for my appt.
1074864 tn?1256932915 Has my generation succumbed to complete and utter somnambulist Kultur* semen swallowing? Sometimes I dream that I will wake up and some sort of EMP* will have destroyed all electronic equipment. Half the people at my job are so dense it is barely believable. I have to check grade levels on the books I recommend to ensure comprehension. I think it is high time to be honest about the present state of the American system of indoctrination and call it for what it is - central planning.
Avatar n tn t matter which one worked for me as everyone is different but if you are in a really dark place due to these very strong meds then one should consider a search for a very good psych *firing a psych is such a great feeling* and knowing it might take a month or longer to fit into a anti-d...
Avatar f tn Hi, Complex sleep apnea is actually a combination of both obstructive and central sleep apnea seen in some patients. Patients with complex sleep apnea at first appear to have obstructive sleep apnea and stop breathing 20 to 30 times per hour each night. But unlike typical obstructive sleep apnea patients, their breathing problem is not completely alleviated by a CPAP (continuous airway pressure) machine.
1618236 tn?1408072214 I have this tingling throughout my body most of the time and recently I have been put on depression and anxiety medicine as I have severe anxiety/depression, but am wondering could hypothyroidism be the cause of my anxiety and depression problems as I am seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist for the psych . I am just concerned if it is caused by hypothyroidism or do I indeed have a psych problem besides the hypothyroid?
Avatar n tn Now depending on the psych - you may get relief until you balance out with meds - but in my situation the psych I had was not authorized to prescribe meds and so he chalked all my problems up to mentally anquish (sp) like - bad marriage - hateful memories of my past and stress. Funny........... thinking back I heard more of HIS life crises during my sessions then what I felt I was telling about myself. Don't make judgement on me - but it was a useless treatment for me.
524020 tn?1223161005 I was on Lamictal and when I started it it had to be raised at 25 mg. per week by FDA regulations because of the 1 in a thousand chance of Stephen's Johnson Syndrome ("the rash"). However, my psychopharmocologist says the chances of that rare side effect drops drastically after six months.
Avatar n tn Depression is more tricky, there is no blood test for depression and the diagnosis is usually made based on clinical judgement. In cases of cognitive change, depression is often evaluated by a trial of antidepressant medication to see if things improve, inaddition to Neuropsych testing which can sometimes identify depression. The second job is to quantify the deficit with clinical testing in the neurologist office (often not very sensitive) and formal neuro-psych testing.
Avatar f tn It is a very difficult diagnosis. I would go and take a quiz on Psych Central. NO IT IS NOT A DIAGNOSTIC TOOL. If you score in a certain range you might want to see professional help. Friend me on here. I will help you through this. Hope this helps. I have schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia and depression).
706184 tn?1229032538 Surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital with Dr. Atul Gawande & Dr. Bensen (ultrasound) lymph node dissection - included parathyroid transplantation resulting calcium function test = 8.
1618236 tn?1408072214 I just received my test results on my TSH which went from 6.74 to 8.66 and my T3 went from 2.9 down to 1.31 and T4 went from 1.27 to 1.31. I am currently on levothyroxine 25 mcg. I have this tingling throughout my body most of the time and recently have been put on depression and anxiety medicine, but am wondering could hypothyroidism be the cause of my anxiety and depression problems as I am seeing a psychiatrist for the psych .
Avatar f tn both are normally not given together because of central nervous sytem depression.
Avatar f tn Just checked it out and to be honest all of the links are to paid sites and the person running it does not appear to be a clicinian. Why I prefer "Depression Central" is that it is facilitated by a mood disorders specialist (albeit one I have no connection with) and the articles are clinically accurate but consumer friendly. Everything on the site you mentioned to my knowledge appears to be clinically accurate but a good percentage of it leads to sites that are merely advertisements.
Avatar f tn // Hope this helps you understand what the testing is like.
Avatar n tn She is somewhat active and does try to keep her weight down but at each psych. visit she has gained more weight.
Avatar m tn background infos: I am bipolar 2 with the majority of my problems being depression rather than hypomania. I have been on lithium for 4 months now. It's been working really nicely for the most part. Except for the fact that I just had a 2 month long depression spike that really f**ked with my life. When I went in to talk with a psych about it (I go to a clinic where you rarely see the same person twice), she upped my lithium to 1200.
Avatar n tn to detect neurologic conditions via quantitative assessment of neurocognitive abilities, to address differential diagnosis between psychogenic and neurogenic symptoms, to delineate the neurocognitive effects of central nervous system disorders, to monitor the recovery or progression of central nervous system disorders.