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1101326 tn?1421682634 Suicidally depressed, admitted to psych hospital through ER
Avatar f tn 30am.
Avatar f tn Could not sleep last night as I was worried about not getting up and being late for my appt.
Avatar n tn t matter which one worked for me as everyone is different but if you are in a really dark place due to these very strong meds then one should consider a search for a very good psych *firing a psych is such a great feeling* and knowing it might take a month or longer to fit into a anti-d...
967168 tn?1477584489 They might also want to do an MRI, EMG/nerve conduction study, stress echo/exercise stress test/or cardiopulmonary stress test, or other tests depending on your symptoms and what tests are available at the facility. Best, Heiferly.
645800 tn?1466860955 I had my appointment with my PC today at the VA and picked up the progress notes from my Neuro Psych Testing that was done 1 month ago. I found it a very interesting read and contained some thoughts that may help others here. It will be in the final section that may be of interest to others in handling some of the problems we tend to face. But first a word from our sponsor The Wildlife Report..... I was surprised and delighted to see two deer on my trip along the Trace on my way to the VA.
1618236 tn?1408072214 I have this tingling throughout my body most of the time and recently I have been put on depression and anxiety medicine as I have severe anxiety/depression, but am wondering could hypothyroidism be the cause of my anxiety and depression problems as I am seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist for the psych . I am just concerned if it is caused by hypothyroidism or do I indeed have a psych problem besides the hypothyroid?
Avatar n tn Now depending on the psych - you may get relief until you balance out with meds - but in my situation the psych I had was not authorized to prescribe meds and so he chalked all my problems up to mentally anquish (sp) like - bad marriage - hateful memories of my past and stress. Funny........... thinking back I heard more of HIS life crises during my sessions then what I felt I was telling about myself. Don't make judgement on me - but it was a useless treatment for me.
1618236 tn?1408072214 I just received my test results on my TSH which went from 6.74 to 8.66 and my T3 went from 2.9 down to 1.31 and T4 went from 1.27 to 1.31. I am currently on levothyroxine 25 mcg. I have this tingling throughout my body most of the time and recently have been put on depression and anxiety medicine, but am wondering could hypothyroidism be the cause of my anxiety and depression problems as I am seeing a psychiatrist for the psych .
Avatar f tn // Hope this helps you understand what the testing is like.
Avatar m tn background infos: I am bipolar 2 with the majority of my problems being depression rather than hypomania. I have been on lithium for 4 months now. It's been working really nicely for the most part. Except for the fact that I just had a 2 month long depression spike that really f**ked with my life. When I went in to talk with a psych about it (I go to a clinic where you rarely see the same person twice), she upped my lithium to 1200.
148588 tn?1465778809 Some patients are reluctant to take SSRIs and if some type of test can show whether someone is more or less prone to depression, better decisions can be made about who actually can benefit from these drugs.
Avatar n tn I am being treated for panic attacks, anxiety and depression these last two years, though I have suffered for 10. A few months back, my g.p. added a TSH test to my CBC. It came back 5.8. He said, however, it was not that high, and that I should not be concerned. I decided to research its meaning anyway and discovered that hypothyroidism (even subclinical) can cause these and other symptoms. I don't kmow why I had not been tested ages ago when I complained to another g.
Avatar m tn Asking what diagnosis would compel a psych doctor to put someone with depression anxiety and ptsd syndrome and that young lady never seen psych ever in her life in denial of this side of the track or she has any psych problems ..Oh no you don't I would say and just attribute my out of character and odd behavior sometimes and speedy ever changing speech to diet<...
751951 tn?1406632863 ll sit you down first and do an evaluation - why you think you need a neuro-psych, etc. The test itself will take up to eight hours. Mine was six, with a break in the middle. It's a full-on test - whatever is wrong with you, they'll find it!
Avatar n tn I had gastric bypass surgery over 6 years ago....l have been having problems with depression, due to loss of energy, every time I eat I get tired and sick to my stomach...I have no motivation to do anything...I have chronic pain all the time...every where. I'm at the end of my rope...attempted suicide a couple of times...I've lost over 115 lbs. and have problems with hypoglycemia and increased heart rate mostly, beside of the stomach upset after each meal.
Avatar n tn Hi there - I was on a med for anxiety when DH and I wanted to start trying last year, and my psych told me it was best to go off and if pg, nature would take care of me. Well, she was right. For the most part, even with hormones raging, I have not had a bout of real freak-out anxiety this entire pg (even with a couple losses in the family during this time).
Avatar f tn t have any expertise of it. you should follow up with your GI he will then test you further to determine if you do definitely have it or he will talk to your psych. doc, the older treatments are not good with those with a history of depression but some of the new trials do not use interferon. I wouldn't worry about doing treatment until I knew more info about the stage of your liver damage. by the way ALL hepC is contracted blood to blood there is NO other way to get it.
Avatar n tn I need to know from you guys if you notice any of the possible psych side effects? Increased depression, increased anxiety or irritability, insomnia, suicide attempts? In the past 2 years, I have three suicide attempts by patients on this drug with no previous or very mild psych histories... Give me the low down on the mood stuff and what if any meds have been helpful.
Avatar m tn i have been taking psych medicines since oct 2008,got 50%improvement. But suddenly in every alternate day my anxiety and depression worsen and with new type of problem then i tried/taught myself then they go question is that even after taking Psych medicine does it happen or once u r on medicine then there should be no depression and no anxiety at all.